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  Summer Championship 2024
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Skitt_Blazin vs RhymeSmoke
DeadTRI vs Ruje

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TruerTruer is on FIRE! 5+ wins in a row! vs Jatho Sups
Style: Written Blind Drop
2 Votes 4.75 stars4.75 stars4.75 stars4.75 stars4.75 stars

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Summer Championship 2024
Length: 120 Seconds · Retries: No · Beat: A cappella (No Beat) · Produced By: * A cappella or Custom

DeadTRI (55%) Won
Ranked #-- This Month (#-- All Time)
8.31/10 stars8.31/10 stars8.31/10 stars8.31/10 stars8.31/10 stars8.31/10 stars8.31/10 stars8.31/10 stars8.31/10 stars8.31/10 stars
Reppin: Andover, England, United Kingdom
Truer is on FIRE! 5+ wins in a row!Truer (45%) Lost
Ranked #-- This Month (#-- All Time)
9.68/10 stars9.68/10 stars9.68/10 stars9.68/10 stars9.68/10 stars9.68/10 stars9.68/10 stars9.68/10 stars9.68/10 stars9.68/10 stars
Reppin: Unknown


Voting has ended for this battle (battle finished on 2024-07-09 15:16:43).



Topical Champion
Tag Team Champion
A Celtic Bard

Welcome to the Summer Championship. You have until 11:59pm Est on the 9th to post your 2min a cappella bars. Best of luck to you both.

Posted on: 2024-07-06 05:03:32 Private Message Óðinn

Topical Champion
Tag Team Champion
A Celtic Bard


Posted on: 2024-07-08 09:53:02 Private Message Óðinn

He Hate Me

Fire battle gents.....Ive listened to this a lot and it came down to perference and in going with the punches that have me a chuckle...great battle guys ....cmon truer, i bet that hurr my man lol

Really this wasn't an easy choice to make 

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2024-07-12 16:25:29 Private Message Blocc




Posted on: 2024-07-08 17:23:10 Private Message Terrifier

yo lets raise a 'steak' on his game when i go THROUGH WITH A TRI SHARD.. get him.. SKEW WHEN I BE: VLAD he'll be 'first widda aid' when im 'burstin his name'.. then it's 'TRU &/in a E R'.. i'll get this body poppin quick, lock n click.. likes he's DOIN A STREET DANCE.. make'em GROOVE WIT 'DA FEET' ya see ma SHOE IS DA 'BEAT PART'..then partys over bro, ya partly comatose , when da 'club move' ..puttin YOU IN A 'DEEP TRANCE'.. dey know im SPITTIN THE SCHEMES DARKER.. he'll need some voddy n 'moon-shine' but he's SIPPIN ON PEACH LAGERS.. & i bet dude so fat? he's a got a million cheesburgers stuffed in a FRIDGE & HIS THREE LARDERS.. yo this CUNTS GROUCHY SOUNDIN.. when Tru on a mic? he's just a 'dirty scrub' .. like the ROUGH GROUND HE'S FOUND IN but after da SLUG MOUNTS? HE'S BOUNCIN.. Yo.. you can RAISE A FOUR? i'll SPLAY YA JAW i dont really need a gun to punch.. or blades n shit .. i aint major rich but i'll fade ya spit when this 'DANGER POOR/POUR' ! .. faggot bich.. you like ta STROKE YA CAMP.. GROPE YA CAPS , hopin that one day you'll be. CLOSE TA CHAMPS, but im ded is doin food , im fed on Tru n Ruje - both THROATS'LL SLASH then its GOAT KEBABS!! .. yo this 'shovel- FLOWZ' DA LAST thing he HEARD BEFORE HE'S ENTOMBED.. n this aint nuthin new ta Tri , dis HERB ALREADY BEEN PRUNED like the last battle , u was checkin the kicks but got SERVED WITH GORY SHIN WOUNDS.. how fkn Turd n Corny is You!? i'll jus FLUSH HIM IN THE RESTROOM, your entry here was awkward.. like u was COMIN FROM A TEST TUBE.. cos ya MOTHER COULDN'T BLESS YOU! yo what you trnya RUN-STRESSIN THESE DUD RAPS? i'll leave dis PUNK HEAVILY STUNNED , AND.. like 'serious/Sirius' .. i must be from a different sytem , cos here we see ma 'SON'S ENERGY: UNMATCHED!! i 'got bodies stacked on bodies' , n you know ma FLOW IS GONNA 'BUNDLE'.. i got schemes ta down this bloke , & when he 'peeks da mountain'- 'GOAT'? he's GOING ON A TUMBLE!! make a 'biscuit squeeze' then ya KNOW HE'S GONNA CRUMBLE.. yo South Park bars , how u sound like Ned Gerblansky but EXTRA ANGRY? n he'll lose an arm or two when MA-CHETTES ARE HANDY.. Tru in the next round? thats a 'fictional place' like if 'LA' was NEXT TA 'SHANGRI'

Posted on: 2024-07-09 15:16:09 Private Message DeadTRI

Vlad the impaler

E R / first aid 

club / dance / bludgeonscrubland is essentially 'rough ground'

Danger Rich / Danger Poor Sirius is another , bigger star like our sun in another galaxy ( suns energy unmatched ) Ned Gerbalnsky from South Park has an arm missing and speaks with an electronic voice box 

Shangri La is a fictional place described in a novel

Posted on: 2024-07-09 15:23:13 Private Message DeadTRI


Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2024-07-09 15:33:03 Private Message RhymeSmoke

Shout out to both you gettin the work done first for the round! Ths is def a prference battle, i thought the energy was equally matched and it came down to who had the better lines. Goodshit fellas def top tier battle.

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2024-07-09 17:27:23 Private Message Skitt_Blazin

I was not a fan of the acapella punch in's which caused a big energy change. calling out the posting of lyrics in the comments from truer was something that resonated with me. this is a very aggressive battle, ironically i think dead's would work as a text battle perhaps even better, theres a lot of focus on lining up each word which is inspired. this is audio though. when truer came on that aggressive, no way i thought he'd make it the entire two minutes without obvious punch in's, but he did which from a physical standpoint alone is very impressive. it was 90 secs before any type of recovery attempt and i thought he held it well. Fair vote as always, long form thoughts. best of luck to you both. 

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2024-07-09 19:52:37 Private Message Danger Rich

Dam Truer had that rasphy af flow different from his usual grimy style it's like he turnt it up, sounded like he went hard sucking on the dicks recently but it worked for him, even tho it kinda fell short in the middle. The dick throating hype voice game was on point. Dead Tru brang dope punches as usual Truer had some nice personals about his home town it's true deadtri is a loser irl. But U both done ur thing could go either way depending on ppls preference. 4-4 on da vote here .

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2024-07-10 00:55:25 Private Message Jatho Sups

This was a strange listen. Both had ups and downs but also had moments. My winner was just a bit smoother and had a few better punches.

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2024-07-11 01:50:56 Private Message Flako Boom

Feel on had some better wp and delivery here fv as always

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2024-07-11 07:23:42 Private Message NatUrIll1

Yeah..Truer got this. Not sure what happened DT..guess you ain't have time.

True ya shit was funny AF tho ..This was another good ass verse that I heard in a minute..💯 like the energy but woulda used without the death metal voice...

You definitely needed a lozenger after that..😆

Ricolaaaaaa! 🤣


Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2024-07-11 19:18:44 Private Message RhymeSmoke

Two completely different styles, interesting to vote on. Audio is far different than the text battle thing and I think this a perfect example of how.

Notice only DeadTRI posted his lyrics, and clearly, it is because the bars are more complex. Respect to the assembly, DeadTRI has some dope cypher style tracks that I really fuck with. However, some lines sounded weird when I hear it vocalized, and I'm sure other spectators feel the same way.

Truer went a bit overboard on the grittiness, the bar complexity was simpler, but the delivery is nonetheless clearer and punchier. Multies hit.

Both battlers got talent and have their own contributions to make to this platform, my vote is based on my favored overall presentation in the context of a battle.

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2024-07-11 22:39:28 Private Message ROAMING

Ice Bear

Dead got this with stronger punches n relevant personals, truer had interesting deliver, and personals were on lock here but the punches were lacking in comparison, felt he had less content overall as well, dope bout but one edges with impact

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2024-07-11 22:41:03 Private Message Ice Bear

I fuck with ones bars and style alil more it was battle rap style vs horror core style both tough but it came down to preference 

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2024-07-12 08:49:13 Private Message Phracture

Aight I listened to this on 3 different occasions and I finally came to a decision.. Both cats came in guns blazing but barfir bar one edged it, one of the problems I had was the yelling which is cool but sometimes one can o.d like in this case in certain areas it was alil cringy for real and I think TRUERS a beast but DeadTri seemed more poised and in control and had a groovy momentum where as True was just spitting with no particular rhythm which is cool but when it's a almost equal match the groovier one will stick in your head more. Both you guys vocals hitting conviction on point. Great clash.. On that note MAY THE BEST BARS PREVAIL!!

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2024-07-12 14:58:57 Private Message HuNgReeDy BeAsT

Dope battle 

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2024-07-13 00:07:05 Private Message dbang



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