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  Summer Championship 2024
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Flako Boom vs DeadTRI
Style: Written Blind Drop
6 Votes 4.75 stars4.75 stars4.75 stars4.75 stars4.75 stars

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Membership Requirements: In order to become a member of, you must meet the following requirements: The User must provide accurate information when registering at, User's Username and Password are personal and not transferable, User may not use another user's account. is not liable for any loss or damages caused by any disclosure, either intentional or by accident, of user's Password. User reserves the right to cancel membership at any time.

Multi Accounts [Self Voting & Battling]: You are allowed to sign up and use one or more accounts. Note however that ALL moderators know that you have registered two or more accounts and their names. So, if you are caught voting in open battles you have on account A with account B or vice versa you WILL be banned. Battling yourself is not acceptable either.

Plagiarism: does not tolerate any sort of plagiarism of any kind, you will be banned immediately. With thousands of members listening to our Battles daily, you will be exposed if you are using someone else’s lyrics.

Recycling: Users are not allowed to recycle bars they have used in a previous battle, be it one that has closed or not. There is no limit to this, so recycling an entire verse or just a single bar will be equally as punishable. If a user has sent a verse privately to another user, and wishes to re-use that verse for whatever reason before it has been replied to, the user MUST have the original battle deleted before it is reused. This can be achieved by pming a mod / admin with the battle link, requesting its deletion. This will ONLY be granted, if the battle is not yet open (ie: the opponent has not yet replied). Users are ONLY allowed to recycle verses from other sites (ie. facebook, another battle site etc etc) IF they provide proof to a site moderator, that the moderator deems acceptable. Users must ask for a mods permission BEFORE reusing lines from another website. If the user deems the moderators decision unfair, they may escalate their request to a site admin, who's decision will be final. The other method of recycling, cross-format recycling is not allowed either. In simple terms, this means a user may NOT use a verse he has posted as a text battle, and re-use it in an audio battle, or vice versa.

Biting: Everyone that signs up is expected to write his own material and evolve as a writer/rapper as a member of our community. Using someone else's material will result into a lengthy ban. Whether someone bites whole verses from famous artists & LB users, one line or even a concept the punishment will be the same. If the concept, line is not word for word copy pasted and sounds similar, then the staff will review the situation and act accordingly as having the same ideas with someone else is never impossible. When someone is caught biting in addition to being banned an autowin will be awarded to his opponent.

Advertising Battles via Private Message: PMing or IMing users to promote your battles is not acceptable. Posting a link to your battle or hitting up someone saying 'Drop a fair vote here' are two actions equally punishable. The only people that are allowed to be Private Messaged for votes are site Moderators and Administrators (Those with GREEN & RED names). If you wish to get a member of the Fair Voting Club to vote on your battle then post the link in their allocated threads. The FVC is NOT to be private messaged for votes. To promote your battle you should post up a thread containing the battle link in the Text & Audio Lounges. If you are Private Messaged by any user for votes you are expected to report to staff. If you don't do that you might also receive an infraction for partaking. You are allowed to private message people with links to CYPHERS or TRACKS you've posted and you need feedback on.

Spamming/Advertising Other Sites & Swaying: If you spam then you will be banned. If you're also caught advertising other websites through letsbeef then you will also receive an infraction. Swaying is when you expose flaws in one's verse that can influence potential voters opinions while the battle is still open for votes.

Private Information: Exposing users personal information i.e. Facebook photos, name etc. is not condoned or recommended by If this happens and the party involved doesn't wish to have their info posted on LB., Administration will remove it and give the other party a warning. If that party continues to post personal information , it may result in a permanent ban from the site. The only information that can be used is information that the user has shared himself in the past.

Battle Penalization: We will no longer be going back to the beginning of records to penalize, change or alter users battles. Users can only be penalized for battles as far back as 1 year. The same goes for users who wish to have their battles looked at for hate votes etc.. You have 1 year to bring the situation to us. After that we will not be accepting them.

Pornographic/Violent Sigs: Our users access this website from various environments such as their work place, library and their houses (some of them have children). For this reason we will not condone any pornographic sigs or images that display excess violence . Images of that sort are prohibited for very obvious reasons.

Racism: Racism will be a bannable offense only in extreme cases. This means that if someone drops a racist comment and you complain about it no ban will occur. This decision was made because alot of people abused this policy and used it as an excuse to get someone they don't like banned. The main reason however is that this a battle website where anything goes. Bare in mind that we don't condone racism but the internet isn't a place for the easily offended, much less a rap battle website where the aim of the game is to offend & threaten through the use of creative writing and more importantly, free speech.

Uploading Tracks & Creating Crews for non exclusive members.: The benefits of uploading tracks and creating crews are for exclusive members only and if a user would like those benefits they should purchase an exclusive subscription which come at a very reasonable price. If you post a track for a non-exclusive user you will be asked to take it down. You may be subject to infraction for posting content or creating crews for users other than yourself. Obviously collaboration tracks that you are part of are permitted.

Banning: Users can be banned at any time without warning if they do any of the following: Vote Fraud, Any sort of Cheating, Racial Slurs, Any forms of Harrasment, Multiple Accounts, Plagiarism, Spam Members or the Forums,  or anything else that breaks or violates the terms and conditions of

Vote Fraud: Vote fraud includes any of the following arrangements

  • Any arrangements of exchange votes in Battles.
  • Voting for friends or Crew Members
  • Hate Votes, voting against members you do not want to see win, even if their verse was better.
  • Voting with multiple accounts


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