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What is the Cypher section?

The Cypher is a section that is not for points or rankings, but where Emcees can come and drop something and get feedback. It is also a section where you can choose topics and work on collaborations with other emcees.

Can Basic Members use the Cypher section?

Yes - all Emcees can use the cypher section regardless of their status.

How do I Join a Cypher?

If you want to join an open cypher, you can go to the “Cypher” page and click on the open cypher, from where you can choose to accept the cypher and proceed with the recording.

If an Emcee has asked you to join a private cypher, then you will get a private message with a link to the cypher. You can access the battle challenges from both the “My Cypher” and “My Mailbox” links in the menu. Once you click the link in the private message, you can choose to accept or decline the cypher invitation.

How do I start a Cypher?

To start a cypher, go to the cypher section and click Start a cypher. You are able to choose from the following settings: An one man solo drop, or either a open or private multiple Emcee cypher. You are also able to choose the beat, the number of retries, length and the Cypher Topic.

What is the Limit of Emcees in one Cypher?

You can have up to nine emcees in a multiple person cypher, or just yourself for the solo drops.

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