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Flako Boom
Ranked #-- this Season
6.41/10 stars6.41/10 stars6.41/10 stars6.41/10 stars6.41/10 stars6.41/10 stars6.41/10 stars6.41/10 stars6.41/10 stars6.41/10 stars
Crew: None
Reppin: Sacramento, California, United States

Ranked #-- this Season
8.31/10 stars8.31/10 stars8.31/10 stars8.31/10 stars8.31/10 stars8.31/10 stars8.31/10 stars8.31/10 stars8.31/10 stars8.31/10 stars
Crew: KillersForHire.
Reppin:Andover, England, United Kingdom

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  Summer Championship 2024
Battle Feed
Flako Boom vs DeadTRI
Style: Written Blind Drop
6 Votes 4.75 stars4.75 stars4.75 stars4.75 stars4.75 stars

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What are Crews?

Crews is a section where you can start and join crews, freestyle battle other crews, as well as promote and represent your crew.

What Access do Crew Members get?

Crew members get special access to crew forums, where they can communicate with fellow crew members without anyone outside the crew seeing the messages.

What are Captains?

Captains are crew members who are given extra privileges from the leader. Captains have authority over the crew forums and are allowed to set up crew battles.

What are Crew Battles?

Crew battles are battles where Exclusive members in a crew can battle other crews in either a: 2 vs 2, 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4 or 5 vs 5 format. Leaders and captains can also do crew battles via MP3 by uploading a crew beef track.

What is a Crew Logo?

A crew logo is the symbol or emblem that represents your crew. It can be chosen by the leaders in the crew.

What are the Crew Rankings?

Crew rankings are a way to show you what the top crew is each month. Points are taken from the crew battles to determine which crew is on top. Top crews are eligible to qualify for monthly prizes.

Who and how can Start Crews?

Only Exclusive members can start crews. The starter of the crew is labeled the "founder" and is assigned as the leader of the crew. You can start crews by going to the “My Crews” page in the menu.

How is a Winner and Loser decided in Crew Battles?

The crew with the highest total amount of crew points in the battle is declared the winner.

How do Crew Battles work?

In crew battles, emcees are set up against each other in individual random matchups. There is a winner and loser in each individual battle. The crew with the highest point total overall wins the crew battle.

For MP3 uploaded Battles, users will vote on which entire crew battle is better as whole. The crew with more points is declared the winner.

What are Leaders?

Leaders are in charge of the crew they are in. They have control over starting crew battles, and have authority over the forum.

Are there Limits to how many people can be in a Crew?

You must have at least 2 people to create or keep a crew. However, there is no maximum limit to the number of people that can be in a crew.

Can there be more than one Leader?

Yes, Leaders can make other members leaders, and they will share leadership status.

Who can Participate and Join Crew Battles?

Only Exclusive members are able to participate in crew battles.

Who can Start a Crew Battle?

Only leaders and captains can start a crew battle.

Can leaders Transfer Leadership?

Yes, if a leader feels that they cannot continue to be the leaders and someone else will need to step up as a leader, then transferring is an option. Use it wisely, for once you have transferred leadership, there is no way to get it back unless the new leader does it.

Who can Join Crews?

All registered members are able to join crews, but you must receive an invitation to join a crew. If you have been invited to a crew you will receive a Private message in your mailbox. Go to “My Mailbox” to open and accept or deny the invite to the crew.

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