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  Scheme Tournament #3
JR3DDY vs Young Schmitty
Style: Written
2 Votes 3.125 stars3.125 stars3.125 stars3.125 stars3.125 stars
lynwood shame vs D3FIANCE
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
1 Vote 3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars
Hyperfxrm vs lynwood shame
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
1 Vote 2.25 stars2.25 stars2.25 stars2.25 stars2.25 stars
DLimit vs Aye
Style: Freestyle
0 Votes No Rating YetNo Rating YetNo Rating YetNo Rating YetNo Rating Yet
Pumpyhyper vs Aye
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
1 Vote 2.75 stars2.75 stars2.75 stars2.75 stars2.75 stars
lynwood shame vs J-Brew
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
2 Votes 5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars
DLimit vs lynwood shame
Style: Freestyle
1 Vote 3.25 stars3.25 stars3.25 stars3.25 stars3.25 stars
DLimit vs lynwood shame
Style: Freestyle
1 Vote 3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars
DLimit vs D3FIANCE
Style: Freestyle
2 Votes 3.25 stars3.25 stars3.25 stars3.25 stars3.25 stars
DLimit vs ToniC 801
Style: Freestyle
2 Votes 3.25 stars3.25 stars3.25 stars3.25 stars3.25 stars

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How are battles decided?
Our battles use a unique system called Vote Power (vp). Rather than just have battles decided by who has the most votes each users vote counts towards a certain amount of points. Depending on the users history with voting their Vote Power may be worth more or less than the standard two that everyone starts with. The fair votes club member, for instance may have a vote power of three or four while someone who has been caught voting against someone just because they don't like them or low rating or anything like that may have a vote power of one or even zero. This helps keep our battles fair as it takes away from those would would vote unfairly and gives priority to those who give honest, fair and descriptive votes.

What are Audio Battles?

Audio battles are the most popular and common type of battle on All users need is a microphone to battle in our Audio Section. There is an Exclusive, Basic and Unranked section for Audio.

What is the Basic League?

The basic league is a league where anyone can battle. Battles go towards the Basic points and rankings, and top Emcees can qualify for prizes.

What are the Different Areas/Sections to battle?

The three ways to battle on LetsBeef are Audio, Text and Video.

What is the Exclusive League?

The Exclusive league is the premier league on Only Exclusive members can battle and vote in this league. Battles in the Exclusive League can help you qualify for tournaments and cash prizes.

How do I Join a Freestyle Battle?

If you want to join a open challenge, you can go to the “Battles” page and click on an open Battle, from their you can choose to accept the battle and proceed to the recorder.

If an Emcee has challenged you to a private beef, then you will get a private message with a link to the battle. You can access the battle challenges from both the “My Battles” and “My Inbox” links in the menu. Once you click the link in the private message, you can choose to accept the battle and from there you will proceed to the recorder.

How Long are Battles Open for?

Battles are open for 3 days once both verses are submitted.

How many Credits do I start with?

New members start with fifteen credits. That is enough credit to start or join five battles.

How do I Start a Freestyle Battle?

To start a battle, hover your mouse over “Battles” page and click “Start a (Audio, Text, Video) Battle.” You are then able to choose your settings. The settings include battle length, whether or not there is retires, beat for the battle, and whether it is an open challenge, or a private battle to a certain Emcee. After choosing your setting you can choose “Start the Battle” and begin using the recorder. When you are finished click "Submit Battle".

How do Points work?

Points are awarded to Emcees if they win a battle in either the basic or Exclusive leagues. Battles in the Unranked Section do not count for points or towards rankings. Points are based on skill level of Emcee and Opponent as well as the overall quality of the battle.

What are Text Battles?

Text battles are where lyricists can show their writing skills against each other. Battles are judged on different criteria such as wordplay, punch lines, flow and vocabulary. There is an Exclusive, Basic and Unranked Section for Text just like for Audio.

What is the Unranked Section?

The unranked section is a battle arena where you can battle other Emcees without battling for points or ranking.

What are Video Battles and who can use them?

Video Battles are where Emcees can see and hear each other using a webcam. There is only an Exclusive Section for Video battles, and your video battles will go towards the Exclusive video rankings.

What are Credits and the Credit System?

Credits are used to battle on It will cost you three credits to start or join a battle. You are able to get credits by voting on a battle. For each battle you vote on, you will receive one credit. You can also get credits by voting on cyphers and tracks.

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