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  2020 Audio Scheme
Battle Feed
Lawd vs Plus1elf
Style: Freestyle
5 Votes 3.05 stars3.05 stars3.05 stars3.05 stars3.05 stars
Style: Freestyle
0 Votes No Rating YetNo Rating YetNo Rating YetNo Rating YetNo Rating Yet
Plus1elf vs Killa Boy
Style: Freestyle
1 Vote 3.25 stars3.25 stars3.25 stars3.25 stars3.25 stars
maxpoweraffjr vs Mizz AmmoMizz Ammo is on FIRE! 30+ wins in a row!Mizz Ammo is on FIRE! 30+ wins in a row!Mizz Ammo is on FIRE! 30+ wins in a row!
Style: Written
2 Votes 3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars
Plus1elf vs Lawd
Style: Freestyle
1 Vote 3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars
PeaceandLaug... vs FightsAndRap...
Style: Freestyle
2 Votes 3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars
KDOTCARTER vs RhymeSmoke
Style: Freestyle
2 Votes 3.875 stars3.875 stars3.875 stars3.875 stars3.875 stars
Grey 2nd beat vs FightsAndRap...
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
1 Vote 3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars3.5 stars
Flako Boom vs KDOTCARTER
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
2 Votes 3.125 stars3.125 stars3.125 stars3.125 stars3.125 stars

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2020 Audio Scheme
Length: 90 Seconds · Retries: No · Beat: A cappella (No Beat) · Produced By: * A cappella or Custom

Brickrepper (30%) Lost
Ranked #-- This Month (#-- All Time)
8/10 stars8/10 stars8/10 stars8/10 stars8/10 stars8/10 stars8/10 stars8/10 stars8/10 stars8/10 stars
Reppin: Richmond, Virginia, United States
Wu5ive (70%) Won
Ranked #-- This Month (#-- All Time)
7.39/10 stars7.39/10 stars7.39/10 stars7.39/10 stars7.39/10 stars7.39/10 stars7.39/10 stars7.39/10 stars7.39/10 stars7.39/10 stars
Reppin: Phillipines


Voting has ended for this battle (battle finished on 2020-11-23 19:12:00).



The All Father
Topical Champion
A Celtic Bard

Congratulations on making it to the semi-finals of the Audio Scheme Tourney. You verses are due on the 23rd of November at 11:59pm EST. A one time 24 hour extension can be granted if needed though this will hinder your voting time as the round shall still close on the 26th.


Your scheme is: GLITCH IN THE MATRIX.

Please post your scheme so it is public.

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2020-11-19 20:52:09 Private Message Odin

I'm Not A Mod
Hall Of Famer
Spring Champion

Summer Champion

ACs! lets go Wu!

Posted on: 2020-11-22 18:41:59 Private Message rowdy

Untouchables Champion
Live Battler
The Sensei
Discord Battler

I appreciate Brick taken the feedback and applying it to the round. I like the creativity from Wu with the sound effects with bringing something different. I thought this was actually a lot closer than I thought it would be. Im going 8-8 for my winner. In these tourneys you have to use every second and not leave any opportunity for the opponent. Good shit to both these dudes. I gotta go Brick for his consistency and the fact he takes the feedback every round and gets better. Good luck however this pans out!

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2020-11-23 20:33:51 Private Message Skitt_Blazin

The All Father
Topical Champion
A Celtic Bard

Both brought some decent bars here. Both had good bars here. One's were just delivered better and thus made more of an impact when they landed. Props to both, shit was fire for real. Best of luck to whoever goes through. 

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2020-11-24 03:41:28 Private Message Odin



"Glitch in the Matrix"

Posted on: 2020-11-21 16:09:33 Private Message Brickrepper

respect to all, Gl brick

Posted on: 2020-11-23 19:12:52 Private Message Wu5ive

Hall Of Famer
4x Grand Champion
2x Concept Champion
Custom Beat Champion
2x Scheme Champion
Summer Champion
2x Tag Team Champion

Fair Voters Club

Dope battle. Kinda edging it Wu5ive's way cause I preferred his delivery a bit more. Felt both were pretty fire pen wise and both had stand out lines and good scheming. Fair's in.

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2020-11-23 22:26:59 Private Message Locchart

Brick did a lot better than I thought he would and I was expecting Wu to decapitate him but I guess he just needs a head of steam to get going and now he's here. Props. Twitch when I lace it line- boom! Super clean verse and timing. Getting better.Wu has exceptional delivery and real quality entertainment. Thought some spots were dry and a few punches were surprisingly softer than most of his battles. Listened again. Played ya self like the only one with brick in they playlist. Funny. Middle the verse was the highpoint. funny how brick had the 9-5 day shift line and wu had the graveshift line. I got my winner on punches. Fairs up dudes good luck in the finals to the winner.

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2020-11-24 11:02:56 Private Message MecH

Double M in this bitch!!!

Posted on: 2020-11-24 12:55:45 Private Message 40killa

Brickrepper - Facelift bar was heat, wu catalogue/skippin the playlist was contentious lawl. The closing bar was strong and tied things together well. Good bars throughout and points for style. Wu5ive - Whole presentation is on point. Every part works and has a purpose from the opening Mizz Ammo angle though the "they don't call that shit a 'brick' if you make it" and all the way to "what's a brick to a mason?". High level performance here G.Stand out scheme battle ya'll, for real. I got Wu takin this solidly but not without a good fight. 

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2020-11-24 14:48:54 Private Message TRIPP5

I thought one had a few deeper punches and their material was a little more creative but overall both emcees deserve to move on and came with really strong material for this last round 

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2020-11-24 20:31:44 Private Message Corduroy

Cake mix... hahah..switchin to day shift..dope...skippin the playlist..dope..picking out asics lol. Dope drop bro...

wu..switched to the grave shift..hard..twitch on the pavement..grimey..shift to the pavement...wuuu...givin em raises...nice..

dope battle y'all fareal lovin this scheme. Alowed for sum dope concepts. Both were savages but one was more effective in proving his point tho his opponent did well at proving his i just felt one more believable if u feel me. Fv imo 

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2020-11-24 21:10:31 Private Message RhymeClops

Killa Boy
Rookie Champion

this one was close. i listened about 3 times brick flow was crazy he had that bounce and the bars tied together to make the whole round fire. Wu did what he does and brought the punches and if you know me you know im down with the punching and the flow was on point. fairs in (BARS)

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2020-11-25 22:33:03 Private Message Killa Boy

New glock too tik took and brick in the basement bars were BARZZZZ

The others was tight bars but they didn't really hit hard or really insulting 

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2020-11-25 23:06:57 Private Message Mizz Ammo

Ok, I've listened to this battle multiple times for the past couple of days...its unreal just how close this was...Fire battle, solid offerings from both...very consistent, personal and good punches. Some really good improvements to Bricks delivery, which was refreshing...also, Wu's cadence was pretty good. 

Fairs in gents, vote concealed...Happy Holidays 


Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2020-11-26 18:15:28 Private Message GodTheReptilian

Good shit fellas both stuck to the scheme well but Wu5ive was levels above his opponent he got alot more creative wit the actual scheme it self then the punches were just hittin different ..........."what's a brick to a mason"  Damn dope shit all the way thru............appreciate the listen im rollin wit Wu5ive on this due to an overall more complex drop with heavier punches and better creativity fairs in

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2020-11-26 21:39:07 Private Message ALL-BORO

fuck me this was one hell of match up it was like a 12 round slugfest condensed into 1 ..both came swingin doing marvellous work with the scheme i had u guys more or less tied with this stand off but my winner edged it with the delivery ...both 10's yo fire shit 

fv gl 

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2020-11-27 02:31:28 Private Message DETRI_MENTAL



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