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Irritant (Warning Shots) NY HIMMEL DISS.
By: DeadTRI
106 Listens
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BO!! BO!! BO!!....Spittin star! Rofl @ the crunch sound..This is fire fam..🔥🔥🔥💯

Posted By: RhymeSmoke - 2023-02-20

Ripped that beat son!

Posted By: RhymeSmoke - 2023-02-20

These fassy boys dont know!

Posted By: RhymeSmoke - 2023-02-20

Kill 'em

Posted By: Barzooka - 2023-02-21

super slept on... joint is fuego...

Posted By: RhymeSmoke - 2023-02-21

This was nice, fam. I fuck with it. Super flow heavy, was nice, man... props. Shit was different. 

Posted By: Óðinn - 2023-02-21

Yo, this shit was fire. That flow was silky. Let's go

Posted By: Village Idiot - 2023-02-22

Real nice drop bro. Grimey 

Posted By: Masked-Reaper - 2023-02-22

expected nothing less, you gotta get your ass into a studio or something some day man. not giving a 10 for the recording clarity is all, else loved the grimey flow all the way.

Posted By: The Saaxxx Baba - 2023-03-01

nice drop detra. You always spit to dope ass beats with ya style. Ya could it  

Posted By: Flako Boom - 2023-03-03

Bro I can rap I just don't have the right voice but you left me speechless with this fire dude

Posted By: Lil bruce - 2023-08-09

buck buck buck buck! easy 10 spot.

Posted By: RhetoriK - 2023-10-30

RhymeSmoke: 10
RhetoriK: 10
Flako Boom: 10
Lil bruce: 10
Masked-Reaper: 9
The Saaxxx Baba: 9
Village Idiot: 9
Óðinn: 8

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