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Skilly da Kidd vs KDOTCARTER
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LetsBeef Wouldn't Let Me Post A Battle!!.
By: IllesTMarX
181 Listens
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shit was good cuzz......dimed..
Posted By: dbang - 2011-03-02

still sick wit it marx .. i see ya mayne .. nice free
Posted By: ZEE_DA_OUTLAW - 2011-03-02

hot track
Posted By: The Fair One - 2011-03-03

Nice Flow. Good Freestyle.
Posted By: LunaticK - 2011-03-03

hot shit good freestyle
Posted By: sick vicious - 2011-03-04

hhaa ill shit marx... 10z FOUNDATION
Posted By: Swinny - 2011-03-04

well done marx...good track
Posted By: Tek Notez - 2011-03-04

Great Freestyle and Nice Diliver. DIMED!
Posted By: OGTookMySoul - 2011-03-04

Dope shit yo !
Posted By: spinathin - 2011-03-04

Posted By: ICY-HURR - 2011-03-04

co sign luna; ill ish marx.. ish came hype; pufpuff pass a dime bag ; keep grindin
Posted By: -Marz- - 2011-03-04

holy shit dogg thats fireeeee god dam ur really doing ur thang dogg dont stop u got mad skills but iv known that for a few years now uv gotten better as time went on nice spit fv innn
Posted By: IRUNKIPPSLANE - 2011-03-04

Fuck i like your free flow it matched this beat like you was twins haha . nice drop fam.. confidence is key you could hear it..
Posted By: MAD_SKILLZ - 2011-03-04

lol dope shit my dude
Posted By: Diesel S - 2011-03-04

damn bro illy shit no doubt
Posted By: LBTRAGIK - 2011-03-04

damn this is sick for a freestyle flow/delivery was fucking nice n suited the beat well. gotta be a dime
Posted By: MYST - 2011-03-04

always coming ill on the freestyles fam. Keep grinding...flow is mad nice. 10z ez
Posted By: Wonder Gurl - 2011-03-04

Ayo This Was Ill... Mad Respect Dawg U Killed It Straight Fire
Posted By: MadVerbs - 2011-03-04

nice liked it, dimed freestyle with that flow too
Posted By: A-Rey - 2011-03-04

Dope son
Posted By: Venomous X - 2011-03-04

gooodshitt man respect for ya !!
Posted By: Fewster MC - 2011-03-04

that was pretty good dude! good to see people are still on this site
Posted By: RPG Escobar - 2011-03-04

Shit nice .... freestyle too. ez shit ... stay Grinding
Posted By: Dessaline - 2011-03-04

Good Freestyle Dude
Posted By: Lizman - 2011-03-04

good shit
Posted By: truealboking - 2011-03-04

Hell yea man.. this was sick for a freestyle.. I used to like to do freestyle tracks... think i might bring some of those back.. really good shit man.. nice ass flow.. nice lines.. impressed! peace
Posted By: TRE of WAR - 2011-03-04

It was dope for a freestyle yo.
Posted By: LOQ - 2011-03-04

Imma Throw a 9 u started to slow down a bit but its all good respect homie
Posted By: CSKiLLz - 2011-03-04

Posted By: Jdot So-Well - 2011-03-04

nice man.. very nice... gt a question for u: hw do ya make the beat bro.. ? anyway... 10/10
Posted By: hiruna - 2011-03-04

Posted By: King Nino - 2011-03-04

What writtens you listening too?
Posted By: Just C - 2011-03-05

This was a good freestyle. Kept up momentum well. Props.
Posted By: Revan - 2011-03-05

hellllllllllllllll yea nigga tht shit was good as fuck
Posted By: Masta_Buddha - 2011-03-05

^^lmfaoooo at Just C Fuck Yu To Man If That Dumb Comment Means What I Think It Means...Like I Said Yu Are One Of My Biggest H8taz Eva Since Yu Came On This Site Step Back ..Even Yu Have No Choice To Admit Im Improving At A Very Fast Pace So Look Out ..2011 Is Mine Multiple Albulms..Going To Work This Year..
Posted By: IllesTMarX - 2011-03-05

Posted By: GLACIUS - 2011-03-05

Dope free fam, u still got it lol keep spittin that fire as always homie, dimed out 10
Posted By: JB Styles - 2011-03-05

Your on fire keep it up Fam
Posted By: Call company08 - 2011-03-05

He knows I dont like his music but he still comes creeping to me for plays. Join the movement against Delusional Ass Sore Spammers...Appropirately Abbreviated M.A.D.A.S.S...
Posted By: Just C - 2011-03-05

Love the beat an the flow keep it up bro- flow is dope
Posted By: dmullz - 2011-03-05

*DIME* This is a sick freestyle!!! Good shit I was bumpin it for a sec LOL "YNS" MoFozz
Posted By: YNS- - 2011-03-05

nice freestyle but not a good track but still worth a 9.
Posted By: |Ah|ReNA| - 2011-03-05

nice free
Posted By: Lil Solian - 2011-03-05

Nice track, dude.
Posted By: Emphaysez - 2011-03-05

hot shit
Posted By: SARCASM - 2011-03-05

I was feeling it just like our battle nothing but respect my dude... h8 it or luv on some game shit....
Posted By: marzmurph - 2011-03-05

the flow and delivery is nice diggen the mixing and all only thing I think should go is the reverb in the intro overall though this is pretty solid drop bro keep posting
Posted By: METH_BARZ - 2011-03-05

pretty sick for a freestyle, sum good concepts, well constructed flo, and lyrics that worked, ....sounded steady homie..... nice job....
Posted By: Interp - 2011-03-07

Thats smoove.
Posted By: REPETE - 2011-03-07

Dope gs
Posted By: knothere - 2011-03-07

oh yeah i remember hearding this yesterday, dope freein fam.
Posted By: RULE - 2011-03-07

nice flow on that free dog. props and much respect.
Posted By: Catharsis - 2011-03-07

yo sick flo, sick beat, sick lyrics.. ur nice with the frees mang
Posted By: Waxximus - 2011-03-07

Haha, nice original topic to spit under
Posted By: DooX - 2011-03-07

lol yo this was nice
Posted By: Tha Dog - 2011-03-07

Posted By: IllesTMarX - 2011-03-07

Posted By: Nicky Warz - 2011-03-08

good spit
Posted By: Reggie Hammons - 2011-03-08

hot drop this track was fresh
Posted By: kronic freeflow - 2011-03-08

dam son no hesitation on dat free
Posted By: Shaun Brawlins - 2011-03-27

respect, tight free game no doubt
Posted By: Rhymenosaurus - 2012-02-25

knothere: 10
LOQ: 10
DooX: 10
A-Rey: 10
|Ah|ReNA|: 10
Call company08: 10
Tek Notez: 10
Revan: 10
MadVerbs: 10
YNS-: 10
The Fair One: 10
MYST: 10
OGTookMySoul: 10
Jdot So-Well: 10
TRE of WAR: 10
Diesel S: 10
Swinny: 10
-Marz-: 10
Tha Dog: 10
LunaticK: 10
hiruna: 10
sick vicious: 10
Lizman: 10
dmullz: 10
JB Styles: 10
Wonder Gurl: 10
Interp: 10
Dessaline: 10
dbang: 10
Masta_Buddha: 10
marzmurph: 9
Rhymenosaurus: 9
RPG Escobar: 9
Catharsis: 9
Nicky Warz: 9
Waxximus: 9
CSKiLLz: 9
Venomous X: 9
Lil Solian: 9
Fewster MC: 8
spinathin: 8
Shaun Brawlins: 8
Reggie Hammons: 8
kronic freeflow: 0
Just C: 0
Emphaysez: 0
truealboking: 0

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