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Audacity8787 vs Bnas
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Audacity8787 vs lynwood shame
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Audacity8787 vs lynwood shame
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Get Up And Fight (Seul).
By: Stotty Pimpin
50 Listens
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Uh oh he in trouble. I don't know what possessed this man to drop this track but it's so heavy when it landed with all facts, now I would call that a banger. A #Distinct way to #ExposeTheNorth
Posted By: D.A B.L.O.C.K - 2019-07-16

"Seul by the way, i called Bleu he said give him his fuckin style back" LMFAO!!! This is fire bro totally unexpected SHOTS FIRED! Seul got his hands full here. Beat is Flames good shit uh oh he in trouble!
Posted By: ALL-BORO - 2019-07-16

Lets goooooo! Lets see what Seul comeback game is like. LB lit these days!!
Posted By: Joe MuGGz - 2019-07-16

Really drug out that intro but beat, flow, lyrics, hook, cadence, all nice dude. This was heavy. I fuck with it. Looking forward to hearing the reply.
Posted By: Will Sniff - 2019-07-16

Intro sounded like some harry potter shit which is gay, could of done without out.... You came out the gates swinging, taking heads off like Henry VIII. Always been a fan, so i've heard plenty of your music, you excelled on this one though doggy this some official head nod shit and i hold a high standard when it comes to bars. 9's for you pimp, this is official.
Posted By: Skilly da Kidd - 2019-07-16

10's all day.
Posted By: Skilly da Kidd - 2019-07-16

I liked the Child's Play intro, but I think it just went way too long. Maybe if it took half as much time, it would have been much more effective. Aside from that, I thought that both the delivery and the bars in here were on a very high level most of the time. However, many of the ideas were very stale. The "Seul/soul" idea is one that is so overdone it takes away from a punch; and the "seul leave your body" line is something I have seen multiple times almost word-for-word. That just made some of your bars feel quite stale. I really liked the hook and the production; and I thought the verse in the third minute was your best.
Posted By: Kiwi Peewee - 2019-07-16

sheesh... easy stotty these boys aint ready!!!
Posted By: Pugz - 2019-07-16

its chill, old school. kinda reminds of slugs style. I feel the hook could be more catchy imo.
Posted By: BizNasty - 2019-07-17

beat was eh, intro was shit, way too long, and bars were wack. as a song, it's just ok, maybe like a 6 or low 7, but as a diss, it's pathetic. weak bars dude.
Posted By: n e r o - 2019-07-17

Lmfaooooo what a hating faggot^
Posted By: Stotty Pimpin - 2019-07-17

Like everyone else, intro was way too long. I liked how you focused a lot of the verse on Seul, although at times they were a little bit simplistic in terms of the actual insult. Minus points for calling Soul a UK rapper instead of a Scottish rapper. Overall, it's a pretty solid track. No idea what Seul's track game is like but this will be a good challenge anyways.
Posted By: U n E t H i C a L - 2019-07-17

Hated the intro. Rest was great.
Posted By: Fiddy - 2019-07-17

This was dope the flow was nice, good shit.
Posted By: Kompz - 2019-07-17

Bro you need to chill that shit is straight fire lol Punches out the gate that went hard really enjoyed it. Had to give it another playthrough and even when listening more to the beat it gave me the same vibe the words did. Love it
Posted By: SJBlazin - 2019-07-17

Uh oh, he in was a great track, nice work here. I really enjoyed the energy of this drop, dope. Well composed lyrics, beat complimented the style. 10s downloaded
Posted By: God The Reptilian - 2019-07-18

Beef allover.10 Uh Oh hes in trouble.
Posted By: Mr-Felon - 2019-07-20

is it just me or he actually sounds like Royce Da 5'9 xD actually fire homie so damn dope
Posted By: 2o3a - 2019-07-22

stot put more time on this site than twitch streamers put in on fortnite LOL dope track cuz. You have elevated your skills since I was last on.. I was listening to some of our old tracks the other day.. we always killed it
Posted By: TRE of WAR - 2019-07-24

Coming up short it's like i'm double your height! I think 2 verses would have sufficed. #AlphaMode
Posted By: SIXX-SHOTT - 2019-07-28

Stotty dropping fire like always. Does this mean a come back on LB ? Lol
Posted By: ~YuNg~ - 2019-08-12

Pugz: 10
Kompz: 10
~YuNg~: 10
SJBlazin: 10
God The Reptilian: 10
U n E t H i C a L: 10
Mr-Felon: 10
TRE of WAR: 10
Joe MuGGz: 10
D.A B.L.O.C.K: 10
Fiddy: 9
Kiwi Peewee: 9
2o3a: 9
Will Sniff: 9
Skilly da Kidd: 9
BizNasty: 8
n e r o: 5

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