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STREET TALK vs Reptaur
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
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RelentlessMC vs Reptaur
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
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Audacity8787 vs Bnas
Style: Freestyle
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Audacity8787 vs Reptaur
Style: Freestyle
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Audacity8787 vs lynwood shame
Style: Freestyle
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Audacity8787 vs lynwood shame
Style: Freestyle
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Doin It.
By: Real Talk
196 Listens
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you sound like Sheek louch and dem but this was ill to 10 and I know what you talkin abvout people getting 10s and shit i dont give people no rate only the people dats really hot peace
Posted By: BLACKNUCKLEZ323 - 2009-09-07

Now this beat brings back memories... sound more like styles then louch..but thats just me.. you allready know..10..
Posted By: Just C - 2009-09-07

HAHAHH, some great lines in this one. u went in. throwback beat and shit hahaah dope
Posted By: Heavythoughtz - 2009-09-07

wow this was filled with nice lines hahahah, dope
Posted By: Sinseer - 2009-09-07

U killin it... Spittin flamez like when Scorpion took his mask off.... Blazin... I made a Year Of The Pig mixtape in 07 and never dropped it either... Maybe I should post up my unreleased too..... I been rappin for 7 years and I've been working on an album since the beginning.... I always scrap them shits... Lol! We emcees, constantly evolve mayne..... This shit is so ill... Real don't sound like Sheek, more like Styles but better..... Real Talk got skills for days... Always had.... This joint still holds true in 09... Definite 10!
Posted By: Saint Chris - 2009-09-07

Lyrics are crack
Posted By: HuNTiT - 2009-09-07

you already knooooooooow. more ironic then dr phil in a straight jacket. haha your out of your goddamn mind
Posted By: Jason - 2009-09-07

yeah g this was mean cuzz real talk
Posted By: dbang - 2009-09-07

Nice Track Fam "Get busy like sean paul"-Now thats a throwback.
Posted By: Van - 2009-09-07

yo this is fire...ripped that shit...ima come back to this...swag was crazy
Posted By: RhymeSmoke - 2009-09-07

ill have her DOING IT like SHE WAS RAISED OUT IN BROOKLYN...had to throw that 1 in aye? lol.. she'll hold tight 3 hours she'll screech louder then d-bo bike hahahahaha..this track is way too nice for lets beef...need to be signed...
Posted By: Just C - 2009-09-07

If shorty ask for some Timbs ima give her the boot BANG!!... Your not in the hood dont lie when you spit / Credit cards the only time you slide in the strip.... I could quote all day..Theres not & emcee on lets beef with as much replay value as Real Talk..
Posted By: Just C - 2009-09-08

you need ta drop a mixtape my dude....make sure im on one of those tracks...i got a brother from jerzy that's nasty wit it....i think you 2 would mesh 2 gether well....
Posted By: MIKE-MAC - 2009-09-08

ill ass style......fuckin dope lyrics.......dime
Posted By: Diesel S - 2009-09-09

i loved this when u first released this your the first person on this website (and over alot of peeps in real life) i would actually pay money for your mixtape im fuckin addicted to your swagger lmao drop a fuckin mixtape already
Posted By: NiXWoN - 2009-09-16

My fave LB track period.
Posted By: RULE - 2009-11-05

dat shit crazy. real nice nice work brotha. 10 ez
Posted By: STERIC - 2010-04-14

Old school cool J this was aight I see there is a lot of dick riders on this site - 10 - really on the real bro this was a solid 8 I Aint going to gas you up - noh8 elevate the next 1
Posted By: Nspired - 2015-07-14

Jason: 10
Heavythoughtz: 10
RULE: 10
NiXWoN: 10
Just C: 10
Saint Chris: 10
RhymeSmoke: 10
Van: 10
Diesel S: 10
dbang: 10
Sinseer: 10
HuNTiT: 9
Nspired: 8

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