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By: RhymeSmoke
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This made laugh. Would have expected something harder hitting with the amount of time you put into it though, anyway props... 

Posted By: Óðinn - 2023-04-07

😆... You must be hurt. 100% FACTS throughout..dont get harder than that! Specially ya verse...I broke down 3 years a 

And usin parts out of my other diss tracks for hook...☠️...

Goodlooks tho...🙄

Posted By: RhymeSmoke - 2023-04-08


Posted By: Barzooka - 2023-04-08

This was nice to listen to. Smoke had bars and lines.. is lot much to follow the beef..but this was more entertaining than the game dissing had me laughing with diss.. nobody is fkn with you in audio at this time of lb era

Posted By: Flako Boom - 2023-04-21

Oh and Odin...This took an hour to whip up.. So yeah "amount of time" Bodies even worse...I dont like the end tho..Might have to remix this. 

Posted By: RhymeSmoke - 2023-04-23

An hour lol... Bro you where ghost for weeks writing this jargin up... 

Posted By: Óðinn - 2023-04-24

Cmon son..the rhymes? I wasn't even talkin about that. Shit is too ez bro. I whip shit up shit up quick like Julia Childs bro. Thats the easiest part. The recording and putting all the tracks together is the tougher part but thats what took about an hour. It obviously aint mixed or nothing. But real quick all on the phone...But I see you lookin...Keep on the lookout for the reup too..

Posted By: RhymeSmoke - 2023-04-24

And none of it typed out or written down! Get yall game up!!

Posted By: RhymeSmoke - 2023-04-24

Memory Game Michael Jordan!!!

Posted By: RhymeSmoke - 2023-04-24

i found this highly entertaining . the beat was very suitable for the style and u were creative with its arrangement 

Posted By: DeadTRI - 2023-04-24

Fire track you aired out everything on site

Posted By: Flako Boom - 2023-05-29

Flako Boom: 10
DeadTRI: 10
Óðinn: 8

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