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  2. Audio Battle Glitches PLEASE READ
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  6. Two Glitches I've Noticed
  7. Text Battle Archives?
  8. Ideas?
  9. Testing something.
  10. Is something goin on with the Track section? I can't upload.
  11. How do i get Exclusive?
  12. Cypher Glitch
  13. Track Glitch
  14. Credit Glitch??
  15. Complaint: I Requested A Rap Battle With The Wrong Person (Would Like To Reset)
  16. Problem Adding Tracks
  17. [Under Review] Mobile Chat
  18. cypher wont load
  19. What bugs is on lets beef?
  20. I can't see all my battles I've uploaded today
  21. Can't change my name back to Nickle, or to any other name.
  22. [Under Review] It won't let me accept text battles
  24. Won't lemme log into my multi
  25. Did I win or no?
  26. Chatroom
  27. 'Latest battles open for votes' page
  28. There's an error in this site
  29. Punctuation on this site
  30. my recordddd
  31. scheme audio recorder
  32. [SOLVED] Emcee item purchase bug is now fixed.
  33. Can y’all please fix
  34. Skin tones?
  35. Recording issues
  36. Completed ranked battle but not appearing in Spring Rankings.
  37. [Under Review] I got kicked out of my own crew
  38. Can i get my trophy?
  39. KdotCarter
  40. Lockhart tainting my battles
  41. Lost Credits
  42. Removed Vote in Battle
  43. Cant send mail to other members...
  44. Problem Sending Battles
  45. lockhart cheated
  46. Forum Not Letting Me Post
  47. fix this
  48. Change crew name
  49. Unable to audio battle