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  2023 Grand Championship
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Dredd Tha Lead vs Flow Vanity
Style: Written
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Dredd Tha Lead vs Flow Vanity
Style: Written
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CCeee vs YuckWTF
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Dredd Tha Lead vs yungcheef
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Dredd Tha Lead vs YuckWTF
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Platinum Pis... vs Lightshower
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Basic Audio Tournament #21
Length: 90 Seconds · Retries: No · Beat: A cappella (No Beat) · Produced By: * A cappella or Custom

Skitt_Blazin (14%) Lost
Untouchables Champion
Concept Champion
Live Battler
Discord Battler
Ranked #-- This Month (#-- All Time)
8.57/10 stars8.57/10 stars8.57/10 stars8.57/10 stars8.57/10 stars8.57/10 stars8.57/10 stars8.57/10 stars8.57/10 stars8.57/10 stars
Reppin: Paterson, New Jersey, United States
Seul is on FIRE! 30+ wins in a row!Seul is on FIRE! 30+ wins in a row!Seul is on FIRE! 30+ wins in a row!Seul (86%) Won
Ranked #-- This Month (#-- All Time)
7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars
Reppin: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


Voting has ended for this battle (battle finished on 2019-06-12 00:07:36).


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Watch me kill & SMASH THIS GARBAGE Marked "Under A Stone..." broke ribs & face CRACKED WIT HARD KICKS “Dropped A Round-House On Him” like PATRICK STARS CRIB!!/

Or, "Make Him Soar" cause i'm LETHAL... THE DEAGLE SHELLS-HIT leavin' mo' "Blows To His Head" than EVIL KENEVILS HELMET!!/

So tell me, you thuggin? I'll kill ya bitch when I go VISIT HER UNANNOUNCED & show ya how to “Keep It Gutter” since i'm “around the perIMETER OF YA HOUSE”!!!!/

This what happens when SHE'S ALONE, FAM all I had to do was “Sneak Through a Bitch Window” like TEENAGE ROMANCE!!!!/.

You rat bastard as you claim to pull TRE’S to BUCK & SQUEEZE the homies'll tie up ya bitch, have her RAPED & FUCKIN SCREAM she'll be found w/ "more kids inside the tubes" than a "DAY at CHUCK E CHEESE"!! 

& you can hardly fucking rhyme, so as you YAP -AN LET OFF SOME SMOKE?? Think, the last time you “Hit a Good A, B - A, B” was TAPPIN XBOX REMOTES!/

Listen to how a rappers suPPOSED TO SOUND I'm all about making the cake rise... an I don't know mean the kind you bake till it's GOLDEN BROWN I HOLD IT DOWN cause i'm FOCUSED NOW while you gotta 'whip more beat up' than a Street Fighter BONUS ROUND!!/

So If you really think you winning this? Homie thats a plan YOU SHOULD ABORT cause a “Skits Run Time” is USUALLY SHORT!!/

Posted on: 2019-06-12 00:08:56 Private Message Seul

I listen to both 6 times I like more Seul punches I notice you slow up ya delivery while sayin ya punches like the EVIL KENEVIL HELMET it's very noticeable SKIT BLAZIN that legion of doom scheme was fucking crazy HULK and ANIMAL is my childhood anyways you had a better delivery but not many hits imo...Both of Y'ALL'S verses were nice

But I'm leaning towards Seul I think it could go either way more of preference thing I just prefer Seuls verse mgvr Seul by the tinest of margins

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2019-06-12 01:42:59 Private Message NeighborHood Bully

Great showing from both, Skitt flow/delivery was on point, pray before meal bar was hard and I fucked w/ the rhyme schemes, overall a real dope verse good to see the legends coming back. Seul went ham too, a lot of quoatbles, opener had me laughin, the delivery was real aggressive and your flow was consistent throughout, dope verse. Crazy battle, both dropped fire verses. After a few listens I feel Seul took it w/ a few more harder hitting lines not taking away anything from Skitt tho could go either way, good shit fellas hope this don't get slept on.

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2019-06-12 04:57:29 Private Message Kompz

Skitt blazin vs another Canadian bitch - the champion of champions resume Amazin as shit- I’m at his door think Thor hit em with a titaniun brick and put this “seul in the sky” like William Shakespeare did! That’s a quote from Willy seul not begotten so “play right” or this actor will get casted and fastly forgotten! Boom boom boom housekeeping I’m cleaning the room- paint his face spike his neck I call it legion of doom! For actin animal this hawk will back stab him in the end “What A Rush” I get from seeing soul leave his body in front of his family and friends! (Wwe Tag Team) I been eating good never sold my soul for a deal, I count my blessings soul “ bow” that’s me praying before my meal! We are not alike seuls a fictional tale you got that slim shady flow, i got that Bitch  “I Sold My Soul to hell”! Snitch I’ll hurt you flip and murk you big rounds to his ear that’s mickeys circle Epcot a leg shot see goofy birthed you and get your beak shot off seul have your mouth looking like the truth commercial- Let this tech explore your mother mind kinda find her soul my gun like my dick it finds a bitch and takes over with a mind of its own! ~You Canadian fAggot I’ll be inflaming your casket filling it with piss and shit from all the people that you cheated with tactics~. Call the grim reaper soul wont escape from the fabrics - light the casket on fire then walk on souls ashes in a morticianist fashion!

Skitt Blazin

Posted on: 2019-06-12 09:26:06 Private Message Skitt_Blazin

Skitt_Blazin was hot as hell with his execution, but was lacking in terms of punches imo. His hits weren't really BAD but they weren't as good as the clean and complicated bars that Seul was bringing to the table. And when you throw in the fact that I liked Seul's delivery even more than Skitt's already excellent delivery, it's pretty obvious that I have Seul winning this. Great shit from both but I've got my winner. Fair's in.

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2019-06-12 13:30:33 Private Message Shodan

Evil Twin
Midwest Monsta

I enjoyed this shit. I like both these true spitters here. I honestly can say that battle was really close, but one edged it slightly better imo with less constant name drops over and over and slightly more creative and harder hitting punchlines. I'm giving out two dimes. A high ten and a low ten. Not sure how this pans out voting in this manner, but the high ten goes to my winner. Good luck

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2019-06-12 18:22:48 Private Message Evil Twin


Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2019-06-12 20:44:00 Private Message HVK

Great showing fellas! This is the battle of the round. Both had good performance but one excelled here and that was Skitt. First off the Seul impersonation to open was hilarious but your drop was great love the more direct approach and the name flips were solid william shakespeare line was botb imo but you had some real dope shit in there nice way to make your return to the GC. Seul i think you under estimated your opponent here outside of the small name flip at the end it sounded like a random verse and its not like i can even say that it was so fire that it didnt need to be direct cuz it wasnt. Im surprised cuz this is not your usual self. Punches were light compared to Skitt best line from you was the helmet line thought that was cool. Its never hate and i know what you are capable of so its no love lost props & MUCH RESPECT to both for giving the site a dope battle to listen to i got Skitt over Seul Fairs in💯

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2019-06-12 21:35:15 Private Message ALL-BORO

Thought both came with it. I got Skitt on the slightly better delivery and Seul on the better bars. This could go either way. Also thought my winner was more creative with bars overall, he also had more punches thrown. 

Best bars from both

Botb in my opinion goes to Seul

"you can hardly fucking rhyme, so as you YAP -AN LET OFF SOME SMOKE?? Think, the last time you “Hit a Good A, B - A, B” was TAPPIN XBOX REMOTES!/"

Nicely done.

That opening set of bars was the highlights from skitt.

The whole mickey/goofy concept was funny, and you closed off pretty good. 

Overall my winner here wanted this battle more. Fair is in...

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2019-06-13 10:03:28 Private Message Rai

Joe MuGGz
Live Battler

Awww man its good to be back.. This was closer than I thought it would b.. IMO I see this as delivery vs pen... GB fellas. Welcome back 2 Skitt

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2019-06-13 17:10:27 Private Message Joe MuGGz

Definitely a dope battle, shout out to everyone who came through and voted on this 1. I had to knock the ring rust off but glad i did.

Good shit Seul!

P.S I hate XBox, Im a PS4 kinda guy!

Posted on: 2019-06-13 17:49:09 Private Message Skitt_Blazin

Scheme Champion
Concept Champion
Rookie Champion
One Bar Champion
Tag Team Champion

Cool showdown. I had Seul taking it with a few harder lines and more punches. Skitt was a bit more entertaining onthe mic a bit of variety but overall Seul stayed close enough delivery wise for his bars to make up the gap.

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2019-06-13 20:14:34 Private Message Edgeworth

delivery won this....u gotta convince me u nice...good work both on the bars

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2019-06-13 20:31:35 Private Message Stotty Pimpin


LB Historian

PHEW! This was SUPER CLOSE, SKITT's delivery was tight-n-concise but he had some BARSSS throughout his drop, heavy set here, daps on coming back and competiting with these young kids. Seul's style was more laid back but his written game was flawless, felt like you could've finished stronger despite me liking the finisher. Audio-wise both were good, just a difference in styles here, delivery/flow/mic presense were pretty much neck-2-neck here. Felt like Seul took this with a slightly more complex verse but SKITT could've taken this another day. Fair's in fellas, hot battle here.

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2019-06-14 03:53:50 Private Message Student



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