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Scheme Tournament #3
Length: 60 Seconds · Retries: No · Beat: A cappella (No Beat) · Produced By: * A cappella or Custom

REMOVED (48%) Lost
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Reppin: Unknown
Seul is on FIRE! 30+ wins in a row!Seul is on FIRE! 30+ wins in a row!Seul is on FIRE! 30+ wins in a row!Seul (52%) Won
Ranked #-- This Month (#-- All Time)
7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars
Reppin: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


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The Class President

First of all a BIG CONGRATS to both of you for making it to the finals, good luck to both of you, couldn't ask for a better final.


Deadline to post: October 25th, Midnight PST

Posted on: 2018-10-22 17:10:44 Private Message Student

This is the first rap battle that I actually had to listen to more than twice before ultimately deciding upon the victor. Man, you guys are some savage fucking animals. I'm going have to choose the rapper who I felt had punchlines that were not only more personal, but more hard hitting as well. You both get a 10/10 however in my book. Amazing battle, FV.

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2018-10-28 09:20:37 Private Message B a r z o o k a


The Class President

This was too close for me to vote on but congrats to both, these were 10's, solid fucking verses. Congrats to whoever took this, y'all both deserve to win.

Posted on: 2018-10-29 17:48:53 Private Message Student


The Class President

Bleu vs. Seul

Posted on: 2020-05-17 22:07:37 Private Message Student




This Dude Bleu-Lazy, fuckin' “Fugazi...” so he needs someone ELSE BLESSIN' HIS TRAIN AH THOUGHT bites rhymes for some “High Quality Link Ups” but HIS NECKLACE AIN'T MADE OV' ROCKS!!! & Rai's always OBSESSIN ON HIS BASIC DROPS so if i “Make A Sworn Statement,” an' mention tha “Boys In Bleu?” It ain't A MESSAGE TA COMPLAIN TA' COPS!! Ghost stories... He “Tells Tall Tales” so I'll take his mouth -THEN PRESS IN THA BLADE AN' CHOP! Now Dumb-Guy “Tongue-Tied...” so i'm jus' “Cuttin' A Long Story Short” when MA WEAPON “FILLETS THE KNOT”!!! When he came through?? The Foo-Ready w/ “Dual-Dezzies” an TAUGHT LESSONS TO BLAZE THE SPOT! Then they Called-Ya-Name to the “Hall Of Fame?” It's DEPRESSIVE YA MADE A SPOT... cause this is jus' LB, only Time-Will-Tell that IRL? He “Wouldn't Make A-List w/Double D's” UNLESS HE'S A “FAMOUS THOT”!!!/. (A-List Celebs, B-List Celebs, Etc)2-0, so when they “Discuss The Greats?” like they ADRESSING THE REIGN OF PAC? I'll be the “Topic Of Conversation...” dat means: Dey EXPRESSIN, “MY NAME IS TOP”!! (Topic/Top Pick).

Posted on: 2018-10-26 02:00:28 Private Message Seul


EXPO: Fugazi is a slang term by italians used to describe fake jewelry. I am 2-0 on him, and he is considered one of the best on the site. He's mentioned ghosts/spirits in both of our last two battles.

Posted on: 2018-10-26 02:14:34 Private Message Seul

ayyyyyy. i really liked the postal code wordplay line as well as the cox wordplay line from Bleu. For Seul my fav line was the a-list double D's line. the jeapordy line from bleu and topic line from suel was mehhh to me tho cause its played out so didnt strike hard to me tbh other than that i enjoyed the listen. my vote is for the person with more better punches and execution overall.

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2018-10-26 03:53:34 Private Message Missing

Had to listen to this battle twice , too damn close. Bleu ' cable box until the end was fucking fire. Seul 'tung tied until famous thot' was some dope bars. You both winners but if I had to chose one. Fairs in no h8

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2018-10-26 23:44:57 Private Message Sogreat8



God this was close.. I went with the one I feel hit harder with his shots.. dope battle aha

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2018-10-27 11:16:07 Private Message Erk

Yeah yeah

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2018-10-27 17:20:30 Private Message AnalInvader

This one could go either way but I think Bleu went out of the box with some more creative shit here... Both started well and lost some steam towards the ending and had some misses... I didn't really feel Seul's 'FILLETS THE KNOT' punch and Bleu's 'Cox/cocks'... It came down to the closers here and imo Bleu just about took it

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2018-10-28 19:54:33 Private Message KG The Prince


Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2018-10-29 00:16:06 Private Message Havoc

Heavyweight Champion
Scheme Champion
Concept Champion
Rookie Champion
One Bar Champion
Tag Team Champion

I am gonna conceal on this one because I thought it was THAT close. I really couldn’t decide after so many listens. One was a bit better on the scheme and flow but one had more original content with bit better, well thought out concepts. Only one can be my winner though.

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2018-10-29 01:04:42 Private Message Edgeworth


Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2018-10-29 13:16:31 Private Message DripKing



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