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  Cypher Beat Tournament 2023
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Prof Ra vs yungcheef
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Basic Audio Tournament 18
Length: 120 Seconds · Retries: No · Beat: A cappella (No Beat) · Produced By: * A cappella or Custom

Seul (67%) Won
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7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars7.41/10 stars
Reppin: Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
The Ghost of Freak (33%) Lost
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7.09/10 stars7.09/10 stars7.09/10 stars7.09/10 stars7.09/10 stars7.09/10 stars7.09/10 stars7.09/10 stars7.09/10 stars7.09/10 stars
Reppin: Texas, United States


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One Bar Champion
Tag Team Champion

AC’s till ya praise bees! (??)

Posted on: 2018-06-22 18:33:37 Private Message Edgeworth

As a reasonable request for Seul & myself. Please wait to vote until after lyrics and expo are posted for both of us! Thx yall!

Posted on: 2018-06-24 18:04:56 Private Message The Ghost of Freak

On LetsBeef these Textees TRAINED YA ALL WRONG KID, because you beCAME A BIG SNOB WHEN everything you’ve penned has been a reach since ya eleVATED ALOT THEN CLAIMED TO HAVE GOD SCRIPTS, but couldn't see Freek's peak if ya SCALED TO THE TOP CLIFF. He's a FAKE AND THIS FRAUD IS LAME AND DISHONEST, agreed that he'd keep the faith and WAIT TIL I BROUGHT GIFTS, but then pained turned to some yung bull shit to worship thats BREAKING A PROMISE, denied my commandments, so his imPATIENCE WILL COST HIM when I provide him these sinai(cyanide) tablets, he wont be alive to  TAKE ON THIS PROFIT (Prophet).  And we all know your insecurity makes you choose to  STAY IN THE CLOSET, such a jewel (jew will) see ya HANGING WITH LOCK, ITS (Lockets), like you should expect that neck less (necklace) or start BREAKING HIM OFF QUICK, so you can open up a bit and just admit your GAY ON SOME KNOB TWISTS! Even In a pool match, you couldn't, MAKE A SPLASH, AWESOME, in fact you'd bounce off the rail, cuz you WAY OUT OF POCKET, trying to emmulate an ace in this GAMES NOT AN OPTION, so don even say ya eights CRAZY AS HEARTS (Hart’s) IS,  kissing kings, cuz your FACE IN HIS ARSE N’ (Arson), if he's on fire, this FLAME GETS RETARDED but id bet he'll still get burned on his turn without PLAYING A CARD HAND. Let me transLATE THAT LAST PART, HIS favorite flavor to savor is the TASTE OF A FART AND your text buds will kvetch cuz there no setup, so let me throw some QUOTATION MARKS IN, when I say “FUCK YOU”,   “excuse moi”, PARDON MY FRENCH! See You'll (Seul) be a lone wolf trying REAL BAD TO FIT IN,  but piss off us big dogs, and will be FLASHING THEM SIGS,  not some CHEAP ANIME GIFS when we pop gats, cuz THIS (CAN IS) A BITCH, then these clause scratched rip THIS BRAT LIMB FROM LIMB, cuz he is just like remus in that ANCIENT ROMAN MYTH that’ll cost A (costa) LAT N (Latin) HIS RIBS, gotcha thinkin bout aDAM IN GENESIS, like he really gotta run round THE PACK DUDE GETTIN, THE CHANCE TO WITNESS his cyclical end and feel that loop is (Lupus) not just A RASH ON HIS SKIN! Now its ironic your marked in this TRAJEDY SINCE the fable is fatal and i wont be able (Abel) to be my brothers keeper and HAND YOU THE WIN just because i was getting familiar, its (familiaris), not cuz I wanna be this MAN’S BESTEST FRIEND! So I’m glad history repeats itself, cuz we dont have go back to the time when the whole site thought THAT YOU WERE DEAD!

Expo: Dear Audience, *1. The first scheme is about Moses, a prophet (hence profit) bringing the ten commandment tablets down from Mt. Sanai (hence cyanide tablets wordplay) to find the soon-to-be Jewish people had broken their promise to wait for him to bring the gift of Gods words, and found they were worshipping a golden calf idol (Turnbulls)....also PaiNn is Seul’s old account. *2. Calling someone a jewel is saying they are precious, in this case sarcastically, but also word play for myself as this jew will (cuz I’m Jewish FYI ;) ). The jewel is hanging from lock its (lockets) referencing his relationship with Lockhart and then later referring to a lock hanging on a door when i suggests he breaks him off quick and admits he is gay. 3. In the game of pool the rail is the side of the table, so he’s missing the shot if he’s way out of pocket, but also depicts him trying to jump in a pool and bouncing off a pool rail (lol). There is also something called pocket aces in card games like blackjack and poker. Eights refers to an 8 bar battle in text and also crazy 8’s is a card game as well as Hearts (which also is referencing Lockhart). Arse means ass and the wordplay is self explanatory. When you retard a flame you put it out, but flame also refers to a gay person. 3* Text side has become neurotic with expecting set ups with quotation marks. Pardon my French leads to the next set of punches as... *4. See you’ll (Seul) is French for “alone” (a lone). French is a Latin based language historically, Latin being the language of early Italy/Rome. Seul’s sig is an Anime Gif. A lat is the Latissimus dorsi muscle (also a Latin biology fancy) that connects your limbs to the side of your body, near your ribs, hence ripped limb from limb. “Costa” is Latin for rib/side and Adam had a rib taken from him as part of the creation of Eve in Genesis as the Biblical Hebrew/Jewish origin of man story that was later translated to Greek and Latin (early Roman Catholic/Eastern Orthodox), then Adam and Eve fell (the Fall) from Eden and fucked and had kids.... throwback to the ancient Roman myth of the origination of Rome as founded by two brothers who were raised by a she-wolf (clearly interpreted as the natural wild/Garden of Eden then casting themselves out into the world of humans as happened in the Fall), Remus got killed by his brother Romulus when arguing over who was favored by the Gods, , similar to when Cain (who is marked for his sin) killed Abel, the sons of Adam and Eve in Genesis, in which Cain responded to God “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Clearly the Etruscans/early Italians were influence by the Hebrew Genesis story due to the history of cultural exchange, hence history repeating itself. ( I also have a lot of Italian genetics... hence the personal interest in the history and languages.) “Dawg” is a brotherly term, and domesticated dogs (which came with origin of man and sedentary society/culture) are descendants from wolves. Canis Lupis Familiaris is the Latin zoological name for dogs, which are also know as man’s best friend. Lupus ( Lupus erythematosus, another Latin term) is also a group of autoimmune diseases that often have symptoms that flare up cyclically and is generally most notably observed as a red skin rash, although it attacks several body systems, read more here *5. The whole site thought Seul/Painn was dead, so if history repeats itself.... Also, I thought I would have a quick audio expo at the end, because its common to bring things back like Conceited does in battles to explain wordplay. Battling is a form of HipHop, which as a genre was originally used to present philosophical concepts to the larger community and expand peoples minds, so #GetSchooled ;) Love, FreeK!

Posted on: 2018-06-24 22:19:41 Private Message The Ghost of Freak


- XXXTentacion, breakout song is called "Look At Me!" and he has/had a 17 tatted on his head. Glock 17 is a type of glock.

- He spits fast as fuck, and hates that the site is text over audio.

- Cappadonna is a Wu-Tang member, that's largely seen as more of an extra and not part of the original crew.

- He's been on the site for a long time, and has no real titles (orange/blue). & He gave Bleu his only L on his account.


If its Beef?-Hes-Deceased once I BUCK -ITS SIMPLE! Shots'll leave "Freek-In-A-Sheet" like a "FUCKIN' NYMPHO!" Lets go, he was quick to STOP SPEAKING but its TOO LATE FAM, have ya god damn "TOP LEAKING" like the "KOOL AID MAN!" Leave em shook'n-b, he won't even "Look-At-Me!" Rob Him if he thinks that LITTLE NECKLESS FAT! w/a Glock-"17 On His Head" like TRIPLE X's TAT! Who's the fastest, Bone Thugz or Twista? Neither, no one can spit QUICKER THAN FREEK @ "500 Words Per Second" - his drop showsss its more than just a "FIGURE OF SPEECH!" Sheesh, I'll drive-by w/ five-guys an have shots LANDIN STRAIGHT TO HIS MOUTH an have "Red Sprayed Across The Whip" like CANDY PAINT IN THE SOUTH! His attitude towards the site, regarding text-guys? Shiet, reminds me of his sex-life, Could have RiRi naked as she GROPES DICK AN STUFF oh boy even if she HOPED IT WAS UP you still wouldn't hit it, apparently, you "DON'T GIVE A FUCK"!! Joined AC's as an in-tern but we "wanted somethin' of value" in return, grabbed his bitch an got to STUFFIN, SHES BOUND AN STRESSED told her to think "pearl necklaces" - since our balls are UP AN AROUND HER NECK!! and I ain't DUMB -THIS LIARS NO BIGGER THREAT when we "Meet on the street? He don't got no smoke..." like when BUMS INQUIRE FOR CIGARETTES! I'll come w/ a fuckin' ski MASK, NO HONOR actin' like Pacino turn you to a Wu-Tang extra, when I "CAP-A-DON, A" problem it'll be bro -you think I'm joking right? The pussy FIGHTS LIKE A HOPLESS DYKE, I'll even let you pick the preFERRED SITE AND HOPE IT MIGHT change the outcome, no titles, but how-come? when ya "Step To The Stage?" You just choke like FIRST NIGHTS AT OPEN MICS!! You beat Bleu, so now your "#1" huh? Nah, imma go LIQUIFY his EXISTENCE, when I throw him in a Cement Mixer -an really "soLIDIFY ya POSITION!" so NOTHIN can start rePLACIN YA DOOM! Bullet'll enter his "Temple, Enlighten Ya Head" like our SUN WHEN it hits one FACE OF THE MOON!

GL, Freek.

Posted on: 2018-06-24 22:19:49 Private Message Seul

Oh yeah Kissing Kings are the king card in the deck that has a king facing each direction... one face near the butt of the other... hence kissing butt.

Posted on: 2018-06-24 22:48:06 Private Message The Ghost of Freak

oh yeah *clause/claws scratched... dang so much expo... sorry yall

Posted on: 2018-06-24 23:27:54 Private Message The Ghost of Freak

Very tough decision here.  All comes down to preference.

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2018-06-25 09:04:05 Private Message Anonymity

back for this soon, yo!

Posted on: 2018-06-25 11:00:28 Private Message KG The Prince

suel bars were kit kats....

freek; you can be a good read teller....

suel had some better punchline....

fyi there should be a draw vote!?!

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2018-06-25 12:21:51 Private Message Kali kid

One had a better pen game, with smarter wordplays/puns and stronger concepts. I also felt he had a better presence and swagger on the mic. Overall, all the stronger aspects to help their punches to land heavier. My loser seemed more rushed and it was hard to follow their content, this is never good for a listener as going back to play stuff reduces the impact. Good luck to the winner and nice battle. 

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2018-06-25 13:52:45 Private Message Bape

ACs leave ya brains leaked

Posted on: 2018-06-25 14:49:26 Private Message Aggo

Pretty equally matched in my opinion.... both had some stunners. Mic cadence is critical..nothing super sharp but not bad either.. I could see this going either way... good luck to both of you. 

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2018-06-25 16:32:50 Private Message Relentless420


Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2018-06-25 16:35:06 Private Message HVK

no offence to both of my g's but i think both your voices are not battle ready ! but the lyrics are dope as fuck on both sides ! freeK kinda signs like a character from south park, gotta go with seul for a more impactful vocal tone, this was close ! but freeK voice made me cringe ! sorry bro no hate

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2018-06-25 19:00:03 Private Message Rap Father

Evil Twin
Midwest Monsta

some straght up fire from both no doubt about that. both had 10s coming but I had to make my choice on who won by delivery and mic presence. I feel punchlines and concepts were an equal match, but style wise ...Seul pulled the over all W. great battle and much respect fellas! .evil

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2018-06-25 22:37:40 Private Message Evil Twin

Damn nice matchup. I got seul with the smoother flow, punches, and personals. Freek is wicked though.

Voted: Yes (Hidden)
Posted on: 2018-06-26 08:04:27 Private Message Helsing



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