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Phoebe Jeffrey (RhymeSmoke diss again).
By: Village Idiot
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Here we go again, da cry baby that now fakin he be spittin cold n rapid fire

I'm an abusive dad, I'm smackin babies, make their teeth fall off n wedgie diapers

But it's over, you suck n no wonder you lost ya cool as ya lost ya pacifier

Dis finna be different, no flippin or similes wid it, 

no agressive spittin, I speak n you listen

No technical rap just actual facts, so Villagea kick it:

Soon as a loss coming, we know Rhyme quick with a rant

That shit a fact now n I'm not repeatin in man

But what's alarmin is the amount of your sickenin texts

Lines n lines of incoherence just filling da threads

Fearin rejection so pure hate drippin in chats

No one around you to say: shit's not fixing ya health?

Like you all alone n you really just seekin a friend

Multiple cats brought attention to ya mental shit 

I gave you comprehensive dissection n said: get a shrink 

But all I see is you slackin n so I intervene 

Talk to Phoebe Jeffrey, a top therapist within Jersey 

according to Google. she treat plenty of things that hurtin

[]mood disorders to depression to schizo workings

She charge 260 a session, I think it's worth it

She consultin for free on phone, you take that son

You can even do it twice, n I'll explain that one: 

First ya regular voice, then call with your fake rap one

She treatin every age group you know

she do adults n preteens n youth you know  

She even do children homie so you good to go

now we makin progress so don't be stagnant dawg

She got a nice sofa, carpet on the patient floor 

Her number: 333-3174

A nice lady, just look at my pic homie Smoke (during the battle I had Phoebe's photo as my avatar)

n If you do like her when you speak on da phone

N wonna keep da sessions up, going on and on

We start a GoFundMe since da homie poor n broke

Tell her you hate LB, people who bust rap there

That you wave a goodbye but always come back here

That's dysfunctional dawg, I hope you got that clear

Speakin of kids n mental issues you should bring on Dead Tri wich you

Sit n whisper, whine together, Phoebe, she got plenty tissues

He can hold his hand as usual 

He use to lick his ass when da homie mad n people


Ayo, Tri you told me I deserved da win, you was honest

But you runnin ya mouth now, tryna look too important

No denyin it now cos I got the proof in the comments

if you feel a typa way just grab a tune n hop on it

Posted By: Village Idiot - 2023-05-12

This is one of ya best with your enucleation, you can understand most of it without reading your typed out verse...but the flow destroys what you're spittin.  was on point the first 8 bars then , most was waaay off . Especially when the beat drops out for the breakdown. 

Honestly i dont think you should battle on beat until you fix your flow.. and unfortunately your accent cant keep up with your words, because even tho this was way bette, still cant understand 20% of it with certain words at the end of your lines. I could point them out to you if you want. 

You should spit accapella in battles and slow it waaay down. Make your words crisp, because 100% I hear you tryin make it crisp. I sometimes will switch a word because it will almost form with another word and sound like gibrish. Words that end in vowels sometimes do that if there next to each other.

Do that and send me 16 bar accapella battle....or not. 

See nobody up here actually gives advice and keeps it real to hope see users get better....No hate. Keep spittin ..💯

Posted By: RhymeSmoke - 2023-05-12

Appreciate the advice 

Posted By: Village Idiot - 2023-05-14

RhymeSmoke: 7

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