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  Basic Audio Tournament #21
Audacity8787 vs Bnas
Style: Written Blind Drop
2 Votes 4.25 stars4.25 stars4.25 stars4.25 stars4.25 stars
STREET TALK vs Reptaur
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
2 Votes 2.875 stars2.875 stars2.875 stars2.875 stars2.875 stars
RelentlessMC vs Reptaur
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
1 Vote 5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars5 stars
Audacity8787 vs Bnas
Style: Freestyle
2 Votes 4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars4 stars
Audacity8787 vs Reptaur
Style: Freestyle
1 Vote 3.25 stars3.25 stars3.25 stars3.25 stars3.25 stars
Audacity8787 vs lynwood shame
Style: Freestyle
2 Votes 3.625 stars3.625 stars3.625 stars3.625 stars3.625 stars

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Top Section Deleted
Shodan The Wackest .
By: Supsie
30 Listens
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Great diss supsie this was fire don't know what caused this attack but it was relentless sound quality is crisp love that beat and your flow was on point some good lines in there as well I doubt there will be a response he can't hang wit you Dimed
Posted By: ALL-BORO - 2019-08-06

He won’t respond. ReTr0 Shit!
Posted By: Punk - 2019-08-07

Lol dimed, shodan takes another L smh
Posted By: CakedOut - 2019-08-07

This made me laugh. I liked it. Lol.
Posted By: Wretched - 2019-08-07

glad to see some beef still cracking off around here, nice ish my guy.
Posted By: Babylon - 2019-08-07

Hahaha never gets old Good flow and timing bro
Posted By: MecH - 2019-08-07

Got my rate deleted that's sad. Your LB tracks aren't gonna take you anywhere in life might as well take a realistic rating
Posted By: Azul El Chivo - 2019-08-09

Your flow is always on point, Superguy! I really enjoyed the beat and the production was flawless. Nice one!
Posted By: NOBLE - 2019-08-10

Telling his life story? Lol. Dope beef, good to see some new ish popping off. Bring LB back! Dimes!
Posted By: ~YuNg~ - 2019-08-12

Good work bro. Beat was hard, flow on point. Definitely gave him the business like inheritance
Posted By: Fiddy - 2019-08-13

~YuNg~: 10
Babylon: 10
CakedOut: 10
Punk: 10
MecH: 10
Fiddy: 10
Wretched: 10

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