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Bnas vs OG 187
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
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RhymeClops vs Skilly da Kidd
Style: Written Blind Drop
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03Killa03 vs DifferentChild
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
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Skilly da Kidd vs 03Killa03
Style: Written
2 Votes 3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars3 stars
Bnas vs OG 187
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
4 Votes 2.5 stars2.5 stars2.5 stars2.5 stars2.5 stars
Amikay vs Skilly da Kidd
Style: Freestyle
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Set The Record Straight.
By: Seul
41 Listens
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This is supeeeeeeeer dope. Production was on point, mellow but inviting. Only issue? A brother wants more minutes! Easy dime. 1/
Posted By: RULE - 2019-11-23

BEAT BANGING... Vocal production is DOPE!!. Loving this... on the reals. only "issue"... it's too short lmao... But dope
Posted By: 2FUEL - 2019-11-23

Gave my feedback already so you know what’s up. Still had to support this with a rate. Shits too 🔥🔥
Posted By: Rowdy Punk - 2019-11-23

shit is dope G, you have to drop a EP.
Posted By: Kompz - 2019-11-25

You need to apply some sort of hard-limiter to your vocals. They were quite loud for me even with headphone virtualization and loudness equalization enabled. Also I felt like the reverb was slightly overpowering. Your flow went so sick with that dope ass beat. You always rap with a very strong cadence that's hard to compete with and it rode the beat perfectly. The lyricism incorporated in this was very meaningful and yet went really hard with the track. The beat itself was really dope. Whatever the sample is it sounds awesome & I love how in certain parts that 808 just BOOMS! This was a great listen fo-sho. I would say remaster the vocals, perhaps extend this with more lyrics as it currently sounds like some sort of interlude, however, if this is the case then keep the length as is. I have a weird appreciation for short songs anyway as it gives me more time to bump to more of your tracks. Otherwise everything IMO was fucking fire homie.
Posted By: B a r z o o k a - 2019-12-01

Oooooooooh been a minute since I heard this shit! This is fire af. Production quality is ridiculously good. It definitely needs to be longer though haha DIMED.
Posted By: Lockhart - 2019-12-02

My man seul always got that propane son.
Posted By: TonganKidd - 2019-12-02

Bars and Flow on point shame it was so short 

Posted By: Phil Banks - 2020-02-16

2FUEL: 10
Rowdy Punk: 10
Kompz: 10
Lockhart: 10
TonganKidd: 10
Phil Banks: 10
RULE: 10
B a r z o o k a: 9

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