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  March 2017 Grand Champion Audio Tournament

Troubleshooter <Copers>
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Bars III.
By: YC
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Posted By: Phi - 2017-03-18

I liked the flow and the way u rode the beat...I can see someone playing this at the gym while exercising cause it has that hype factor u know...I am going to dime it...Good stuff
Posted By: Xercius - 2017-03-18

My bad forgot to rate it
Posted By: Xercius - 2017-03-18

Quality of ur delivery is tight. Mixing skills through the roof also geez bro some real heat rite here. I smell a track competition on its way.
Posted By: Nocky - 2017-03-18

Fire from you again fam.
Posted By: Bape - 2017-03-19

Good stuff
Posted By: Enfinite - 2017-03-19

I gave a better breakdown in the thread you posted, but once again lit project with some dope lyrics
Posted By: Babylon - 2017-03-20

good flow and mic presence , some bars are squeezed in but i know double time can be a bitch
Posted By: John J - 2017-03-20

sick flow, rode the beat nice. dope
Posted By: Eroded Senses - 2017-03-24

haha yo this fire. You actually sound dope on a beat and hella comfortable. Pretty much doing whatever you want on this joint and made it sound Crisp Good shit
Posted By: Punk - 2017-05-11

yer YC got that fire!
Posted By: Nocky - 2017-05-13

John J: 10
Phi: 10
Enfinite: 10
Punk: 10
Nocky: 10
Xercius: 10
Bape: 10
Eroded Senses: 10
Babylon: 9

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