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Top Section Deleted
Back In The Day.
By: Supsie
59 Listens
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Wow, that was incredible. Bro I loved it!!! Please make more music Supsie.
Posted By: 2 Gucci - 2018-11-16

Shit was dope, keep it up bro.
Posted By: D3FIANCE - 2018-11-16

Dope, didn’t know you’re from down UNDAAA (i think)
Posted By: Edgeworth - 2018-11-16

Nice delivery, bro. You carried a decent cadence and alliteration was nice. Accent wasn't an issue. Beat was nice and laid back and the flow matched well. Lyrics seemed to be on point. Nice scheme work and subject matter. Didn't even know you made music. Dimed.
Posted By: Brayne Ded - 2018-11-16

This was pretty good. Enjoyed the beat selection. Felt like you were a little rushed in the chorus and I have a personal dislike for flipping normal english around to make a rhyme work. "Together we all grew" instead of "we all grew together". But these are relatively minor issues and overall this was pretty well done. Good shit soops. Nice to hear about your loife.
Posted By: Aggo - 2018-11-16

Cool throw back on a track. I liked the beat too Sups. Not pro quality audio but its good for what it is brotha. Stay up on it.
Posted By: Mech - 2018-11-17

nice track supsie. it had a mellow/laid-back vibe. and your voice went well with it. i feel like the lyrical content had to be specific to make the track pop and it was perfect. 10's.
Posted By: Tuscan - 2018-11-18

Dude this shit's tight, rhymes and everything. From an Aussie to an Aussie, we've got the best accents.
Posted By: Nickle - 2018-11-19

good song bro, i feel the story line u expressing...its nice, i didnt know you were Australian, keep rapping bro.
Posted By: TheRomanVulture - 2018-11-19

not bad
Posted By: TheRomanVulture - 2018-11-19

Posted By: ToniC 801 - 2018-11-19

Goddamn this is fucking great, much respect to you man
Posted By: TheCrimsonPsych - 2018-11-19

Posted By: TheCrimsonPsych - 2018-11-19

Posted By: Authority King - 2018-11-22

Posted By: Authority King - 2018-11-22

Liked the entire concept, and thought you did well throughout. Painted a nice picture. Dimed.
Posted By: Seul - 2018-11-27

This was a really good effort. I felt you could've rode the beat a little better though, but I'll acknowledge it would be hard for anyone to ride this beat perfectly since the percussions are so sparse leaving less cues. Looking forward to hearing some more from you. Peace!
Posted By: NOBLE - 2018-11-27

Was fire man, I enjoyed it
Posted By: TYR - 2018-12-01

Like the old school beat. Nice choice there. You really kept the momentum going. Nice track soup
Posted By: Hopps - 2018-12-01

Posted By: Hopps - 2018-12-01

yea i listened to this track a few times, i didn't even realize i hadn't left a response. i love the throw back feel to this. the emotions and just taking a break from disses and battling. i dig it
Posted By: captain gutpunch - 2018-12-07

Yooooo that was Fukin fireeeeeeeeeee ur Australian or New Zealand accent really suited this
Posted By: lil Gooch - 2018-12-09

First off i loved the beat, my type of shit im using in my new EP.. flow was solid, missed in a few spots if im being nit picky, but the lyrics were 10's a ll around. Only thing stopping the dime was the quality, and few spotty moments in the flow but thats just me being me on a different level with the shits. lol... i love the vibe, just slow it down a lil and vibe a lil more with the beat. very nice listen tho g. keep it up.
Posted By: Erupt - 2018-12-10

Authority King: 10
Tuscan: 10
TYR: 10
Nickle: 10
Brayne Ded: 10
TheCrimsonPsych: 10
2 Gucci: 10
Seul: 10
Mech: 9
Aggo: 9
Erupt: 8
captain gutpunch: 8
ToniC 801: 7
TheRomanVulture: 0

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