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  March 2017 Grand Champion Audio Tournament

BurnTheArsonist <Rebellion>
3.78/5 stars3.78/5 stars3.78/5 stars3.78/5 stars3.78/5 stars
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By: Nocky
38 Listens
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Always love that Nocky flow. Every time I hear you go in, I get that hair on the back of my neck standin up feelin I got the first time you sniped one of my newb battles. OsO, you got some dope lines. Much more technical style, but the 2 sound good together. Gotta have a full spectrum E-40/B-Legit, Pimp C/Bun B. And you guys got it. Anyway, dope.
Posted By: Blunt Rapper - 2017-03-04

easy 10 just because of how weak lbs track game is, which this is dope either way but just especially compared to most tracks here. Which I why I think some of you guys should diss some fucks you dislike, would be funny & create activity lol. Other than that only feedback is maybe pepper in some more impactful wp or metaphor ish ya know just to add some umph to the verses? The fluidity and structure you guys brought alone makes it easily listenable & enjoyable but i feel like that would make it just hard as fuck.
Posted By: babylon - 2017-03-04

This beat is sick, I love what was done with that sample and the vocal hook. Lyrics were slightly above average but nothing awesome. Flow was real nice all around, which gave it a real quality.
Posted By: Dirty Work - 2017-03-04

Posted By: BLU3FLAME - 2017-03-05

Posted By: BLU3FLAME - 2017-03-05

Woah, prob the most interesting track on lets beef. Very dope man keep it up! fire
Posted By: Bosses - 2017-03-06

Nice beat and delivery
Posted By: X - 2017-03-07

1st verse Nocky liking the sample, digging the rhymes in there and theres a few good punches strewn in there...your flow and presence was on point... 2nd verse OsO, similar to the first one, just someone from NA instead of AUS lol...I enjoyed boths flow and this was a good listen with replay value. 2nd listen through...Im hearing more pnches from Nocky and the mltis are standing out more this time, really good stuff man. The same again...hearing more I didnt hear on first listen...1st listen I had this at a 9, but I actually bmped it to a 10 after 2nd listen respect to both.
Posted By: NostradaVus - 2017-03-07

Beats sick. Both flows are crazy, first verse was slightly better on the flow. Some of the bars stood out to me, enjoyed it, keep doing what you guys do
Posted By: JoshB - 2017-03-07

What X'..Said'..Real shid dawg..respond on my material fam
Posted By: Profite - 2017-03-10

sick wit it... both u guys
Posted By: GaryFatG - 2017-03-12

good shit bro! sucks you did the track with the biter oso though
Posted By: BurnTheArsonist - 2017-03-13

Fucking fire!
Posted By: Cekspree - 2017-03-26

This was dope. Beats sick af. Y'all went in.
Posted By: Lyve SCIENCE - 2017-03-30

good work
Posted By: crazyharry - 2017-04-19

X: 10
GaryFatG: 10
Bosses: 10
babylon: 10
NostradaVus: 10
Lyve SCIENCE: 10
Profite: 10
Cekspree: 10
crazyharry: 10
Dirty Work: 9
Blunt Rapper: 9
BurnTheArsonist: 9
JoshB: 8

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