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Q2791113Q2791113 is on FIRE! 10+ wins in a row!Q2791113 is on FIRE! 10+ wins in a row! vs Yungdaggerkid
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
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Q2791113Q2791113 is on FIRE! 10+ wins in a row!Q2791113 is on FIRE! 10+ wins in a row! vs J-Brew
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
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mikedabeast vs JR3DDY
Style: Freestyle
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um... SHOW OFF's in the building sonnn ahah
Posted By: V3numb - 2012-04-14

Shots Fired!
Posted By: NOBLE - 2012-04-14

loool damn... yeah this shit was tight o shiiiiit the autotune was the best part.... that shit made me laugh that whole convo hahaha 10'd
Posted By: Phil Banks - 2012-04-14

nice shot... some alright bars... that autotune shit was wack... but hey its a warning shot... dime cuz im liking the beef on the trackside now
Posted By: BENSON THA GREAT - 2012-04-14

Autotuned Shit hurt my ears
Posted By: Mr-Felon - 2012-04-14

ah this was tight and the autotune made me laugh tho good diss track
Posted By: SWAGG LOONEY - 2012-04-14

i got the expo on that autotune yeah hahaha now its funny to me ..i get it... good shit
Posted By: BENSON THA GREAT - 2012-04-14

10's.. Show-Offs.. takin no prisoners..
Posted By: BvckHvndz - 2012-04-14

showin OFF.....dope drp
Posted By: Blocc Durty - 2012-04-14

lol the autotune part was funny, some solid shots in there, swag was nice, flow was cool, nice lil jabs thrown. deff a warnin shot, return fire soon as the mics in.
Posted By: Erupt - 2012-04-14

Rupt's scared.
Posted By: BLNK - 2012-04-14

nevaaa thatttttt
Posted By: Erupt - 2012-04-14

I like the track its dope but it fuckin drives me crazy that you don't punch in properly and every other bar I have to hear you cut back in... other than that it was cool bro.
Posted By: Ticket - 2012-04-14

why come at a text emcee swavy?...lmfao@ erupt dropping feedback on his disstrack
Posted By: Fredo Lombardi - 2012-04-14

dopeeeee.. Autotute shit was nice
Posted By: Al Kapone - 2012-04-14

Flow and delivery str8 fire. I hope to hear his reply soon.
Posted By: Wonder Gurl - 2012-04-14

Ticket summed up the critques i had, the beat and flow was type nice.
Posted By: Revan - 2012-04-14

Ticket summed up the critques i had, the beat and flow was type nice.
Posted By: Revan - 2012-04-14

swag so smoove bitches piss on dey selves..... lol...swag's got a way of makin even simple bars sound worked out... it was a beat I could hear you usin and you killed that shit homie!
Posted By: Crack Money - 2012-04-14

haha Fuck Erupt lmfao... good shit SWAVY...
Posted By: 2FUEL - 2012-04-14

nicely done..
Posted By: SIXX-SHOTT - 2012-04-15

Posted By: SIXX-SHOTT - 2012-04-15

This was ill good ish bruh
Posted By: D3FIANCE - 2012-04-15

the rapn part was sikk
Posted By: dbang - 2012-04-16

Son u killed this, track was crack. Beat was fire, flow was on point & some sick lines. 10lol autotune part was funny
Posted By: $ha-Money - 2012-04-16

shit was fire the auto tune was just to long but you went in
Posted By: Riku Bobbie - 2012-04-17

HaHa that was some nice shit. Ya mic presence is damn near impeccable. Minus the auto-tune this was solid simply put.
Posted By: Strangleder - 2012-04-21

Posted By: Strangleder - 2012-04-21

This shit was heavy, flow was beastly...Autotune was funny as fuck, couldn't make out all of it tho, was still a nice diss...Good shit
Posted By: Mayneak - 2012-04-22

Lol I enjoy listenin to Swavy's tracks the most. Shit was mad nice, tight flow and punches were dope. Good shit Swav
Posted By: SoupErb - 2012-04-23

thought i rated? donnno where my comment went, 10
Posted By: Stotty Pimpin - 2012-04-26

geaaa i was diggin this meng.. we should hop a banga one of these dayz meng..
Posted By: WHITZ - 2012-04-28

solid bars, dope beat, flow was crazy..ez dime.
Posted By: Lyve SCIENCE - 2012-04-30

This is fuckkin dope, beat goes perfect to the flow. SHOWOFF!
Posted By: Original Ghost - 2012-05-13

Posted By: Mindless - 2012-05-20

I'm back for bit ha ha just found my password came back to check what tha fuck going on 10'z
Posted By: IllesTMarX - 2018-01-30

Mindless: 10
BvckHvndz: 10
Al Kapone: 10
Original Ghost: 10
SoupErb: 10
Blocc Durty: 10
Riku Bobbie: 10
$ha-Money: 10
Stotty Pimpin: 10
dbang: 10
Wonder Gurl: 10
2FUEL: 10
Phil Banks: 10
V3numb: 10
IllesTMarX: 10
Erupt: 9
Mayneak: 9
Strangleder: 9
Ticket: 9
Fredo Lombardi: 9
Revan: 9

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