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Dead Tree (LB tape verse - demo version).
By: DeadTRI
135 Listens
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Holy shit that hit hard

Im still shivering...

How does one rap so effortlessly? 

Posted By: HardCoreLionRoar - 2023-03-07

NGL you have a lot of potential. Keep at it man. I know that Inda just stumbled on this but was not disappointed. 

Posted By: RhetoriK - 2023-10-18

this is lil bruce but i got kicked from my old account for forgetting my password. dead tri is make supa fire tracks

Posted By: da spyda - 2023-10-23

Pretty cool. That's my type of vibe right day. 

Posted By: Frostbyte - 2023-11-22

Brroo'..This track go hardd , I like yo cadence, 10 ez

Posted By: Profite - 2024-03-07

Love the lyrics and your style.. def unique 

Posted By: CCeee - 2024-05-11

Swagged-Out!! Cadence is butter and beat choices are always insane. 

Posted By: Bav - 2024-05-11

Profite: 10
HardCoreLionRoar: 9
CCeee: 9
RhetoriK: 8
Frostbyte: 8
Bav: 8
Lil bruce: 8
da spyda: 8

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