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Evil Twin
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By: Tain
82 Listens
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This shiii got me Fist Pumpin... Goooood shiii here famzo. Loved tha message.
Posted By: GRizzEAT - 2011-11-07

nice to see you doing something productive rather then harassing me
Posted By: -Jibberish - 2011-11-07

im torn between an 8 or a 9...you had parts that screamed 10! but there were a few forced lines and the overall quality...dont settle man, if something doesnt fit - fix it until it does...trust me when i tell you that you never want to be satisfied...i peeped one from you a while ago but this definitely trumps it! nice touch with the hook too...great job man - keep it up!
Posted By: FreezyCT - 2011-11-08

i loved it.....lyrics beat n all....too bad wasnt longer tho.....keepit up
Posted By: Blocc Durty - 2011-11-08

hot shit homie, keep doing ya thing
Posted By: Queen Ddizzle - 2011-11-08

Good shit Tain. 9
Posted By: Barz© - 2011-11-08

yo tain man that was tight dude, loved the versus think the cyhorus could have done with a bit more work myself but thats just my opinion, overall great tune man! PEACE
Posted By: d-rizzla - 2011-11-08

This dude flows.......Tain goes in...100
Posted By: Plushy - 2011-11-08

good shit tain, keep it up.
Posted By: Statix - 2011-11-09

dope man.. a part or 2 sounded forced but other than that real nice drop fam
Posted By: Lyve SCIENCE - 2011-11-09

good shit
Posted By: Menta Yakk - 2011-11-15

Good Shit Dimed
Posted By: D3FIANCE - 2011-12-09

Shit was nice dude, the flow was on point an the verses themselves were good. rating dropped.
Posted By: Nerd One - 2012-05-18

Posted By: -Catastrophe- - 2013-03-22

Queen Ddizzle: 10
d-rizzla: 9
Menta Yakk: 9
Blocc Durty: 9
-Catastrophe-: 9
-Jibberish: 9
Plushy: 9
Barz©: 9
GRizzEAT: 9
Nerd One: 9
FreezyCT: 8

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