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HOF- Feat. Punk .
By: Erupt
105 Listens
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Jheeeze. You man deserved that hall of fame. Honestly one of the best tracks on this site. Cannot be flawed at all. Very few songs on this site I would bump irl, this would be one of them. Nice work, deffo dimed.
Posted By: Bape - 2017-07-24

Posted By: Row - 2017-07-24

i literally have no words to describe this. dope af
Posted By: Row - 2017-07-24

we dem boyz
Posted By: Punk - 2017-07-24

HoF tier shit here. Dope lyrics, dope mixing, dope everything really.
Posted By: Shodan - 2017-07-24

*grabs staright pipe*... this some crack though
Posted By: Mind Fuck - 2017-07-24

Oh shit, this is quality bro! I've actually only heard like 2 or 3 of tracks from each of you, and they were dope, but not like this. Both went in with real head noddin flow to a slow beat. I fucks with this one a lot. It'll be hard for me not to dime this one... Aw fuck it, it's a dime
Posted By: Dirty Work - 2017-07-24

Was pretty impressed with some of the puns and shit go in in on this. Flow was smooth. You guys did your thing. Nice shit. Dime time.
Posted By: Aggo - 2017-07-24

Fuck that vote button all chillin off to the side.
Posted By: Aggo - 2017-07-24

Ya'll got one..Real talk..da beats a banger, flows on point, the hook catchy..I can see this gettin air time on da radio..keep at it!
Posted By: Brickrepper - 2017-07-24

A perfect demonstration of why you guys were inducted.
Posted By: Mindless - 2017-07-24

Posted By: Kspeed - 2017-07-24

Good track, good quality, good flows, both mc's go good together on this one, Erupt i always think your tracks are dope especially that one called live this one lol... Punk normally raps kinda fast, here on this beat he had to slow it down a bit, nothing wrong with it but normally when i hear punk rap his going faster, dope overall. Agree with Bleu the beat is trippy and dope. Good stuff guys 10z.
Posted By: Supsie - 2017-07-25

Always fucked with both you dudes. Shits dope -Salute and congrats to both
Posted By: Letum - 2017-07-25

Let me start of by saying congratulations. You both deserved it no question about it. Quality here was dope..Rupt was effortless on the track, had a swagger in his voice that screams im HOF you are scum. Chorus was simple but super effective. Punk came in to finish off the track like only he knows how to do it. What else...o yea 10
Posted By: OSKAR - 2017-07-25

Damn track of the year right here...all-around dope shit from both of y'all, HOF quality
Posted By: JFE - 2017-07-25

Just solid flow, mixing, lyrics, everything here is top-notch
Posted By: JFE - 2017-07-25

What can I say that hasn't already been said !!! Shits crack !!!! Say no more HALL OF FAME !!!!
Posted By: X-Calibur - 2017-07-25

Co-signing what Mindless said. Props guys.
Posted By: Finished here - 2017-07-25

Posted By: RULE - 2017-07-25

GAWD DAMN. Beat was sick, real "Silent Hill" type, that twang was hard. Verses were on point, so many concepts you gotta re-listen a few times to get it all, iLL track here fellas, HoF worthy fasho
Posted By: Student - 2017-07-25

Hottest track I've heard on Letsbeef in awhile
Posted By: Mr-Felon - 2017-07-25

Posted By: Tha Czar - 2017-07-25

Trap beat sick as fuck
Posted By: Denton - 2017-07-30

Dayum this was dooooope
Posted By: KG - 2018-09-28

Im a G... OAT.. damn that was fireee.
Posted By: Erk - 2018-09-29

Fogot to vote
Posted By: Erk - 2018-09-29

liked how you came, and just did what you had dun in this track.,
Posted By: hallow - 2018-10-11

Mindless: 10
Row: 10
Supsie: 10
Brickrepper: 10
Bape: 10
Kspeed: 10
JFE: 10
KG: 10
Tha Czar: 10
Letum: 10
Student: 10
X-Calibur: 10
Denton: 10
Mr-Felon: 10
RULE: 10
Dirty Work: 10
Mind Fuck: 10
Finished here: 10
Punk: 10
Erk: 10
hallow: 1

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