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Gucci Gang Remix (Jay-dub).
By: Jay-Dub
170 Listens
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Dubs bodied this shit . As always . Bars for days !!!! Distinct shit !!!! 2018 is come back season , let’s go !!!
Posted By: Haz - 2018-07-12

Oh and the quality is Fucking Grade A.
Posted By: Haz - 2018-07-12

Sick flow delivery and kyrics were on points. Im interested in hearing a full on song
Posted By: Alzie - 2018-07-12

Posted By: KG - 2018-07-12

Saw this posted on my twitter timeline so i had to come through and show my support. 61 plays in one day! The homie Dubz is single-handedly responsible for reviving the track section on Letsbeef. Dope flow, confidence level is through the roof!
Posted By: SIXX-SHOTT - 2018-07-12

Posted By: D3FIANCE - 2018-07-13

Reminds me of Joyner Lucas' remix, pretty dope bro, nice one
Posted By: Bape - 2018-07-13

Posted By: Amos - 2018-07-14

Fucked up my vote
Posted By: Amos - 2018-07-14

this made me jizz hard!
Posted By: Jizz Ammo - 2018-07-14

Killed it. Best shit I've heard on this site. Keep it up.
Posted By: Mikayl - 2018-07-17

How this shit only got 127 plays and only 11 comments 🤔 this shit is flames 🔥
Posted By: Haz - 2018-07-19

yes sir I fux wit the J-Dub. dope track brother!!!
Posted By: Evil Twin - 2018-07-31

good flows, lets keep at it
Posted By: JthaFresh - 2018-08-03

Bape: 10
Haz: 10
Mikayl: 10
KG: 10
JthaFresh: 9
Evil Twin: 9
Amos: 8
Jizz Ammo: 0

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