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Part 1 - The Delusion of Grandeur (Diss).
By: Brutally Honest
137 Listens
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Let's get to the bottom of why this beef started first....I'm sorry we chose not to have you in the crew... It's an internet crew, it's ok...we just know how you flip flop all the time....just like you are right now....Don't worry, I'll take you back to your beautiful depression real soon.
Posted By: Brutally Honest - 2009-08-07

Flow is on Point, Bars Hard, BH Hot Diss Track.10
Posted By: LunaticK - 2009-08-07

uh-oh, i know that quote cant pinpoint it tho. whoa first couple of barz are the truth for sure. deep inside ya borders like a mexican son. i know peeps will say oh this isnt hard enough. but if ths wa chess bh woulda already one. his disses are more real, better sound, and smarter. atro lets the emotion get the best of him, and cant focus prolly becuase hes ran outta lithium makin those three other disses. another head shot ding ding-10 pointss
Posted By: Heavythoughtz - 2009-08-07

dug up a real fitting intro for this...lol.... wooahhh... somebody let me out of hear... like that little bridge thang..sounded nice...second part went hard...please confess again...damn this is gonna be hard one to top... 100 ez
Posted By: BENSON THA GREAT - 2009-08-07

*watches Bh dust his Trophy shelf off for another*.
Posted By: Dexter3 - 2009-08-07

welcome to your nightmare. haunting. state what you state but it will never amount to weight. this is amazing omfg last diss was game set match. you just through the tennis racket at his head and thats no hate atrophy but fuck man
Posted By: Sinseer - 2009-08-07

Let me go get my pop corn .. brb
Posted By: Just C - 2009-08-07

i was never a rich kid, never from the sticks kid, small city, some parts rich live, but just like anywhere else it is mixed with.. poverty,brick kids on the block like shit skids.. stumbling from bar to bar.. you was who you was, you are who you are...nice rebuttle on the rich kid angle..the whole track ill.. you was who you was so i slam you again...i could allnight.skits was quality too..you hit him right between the eyes lol....in a shitty mood maturity back to kiddy school,...very real sounding, simple and very fucking effective..100 100
Posted By: Just C - 2009-08-07

nope, the beef started because of this. http://www.letsbeef.com/forums/proddetail.php?prod=45774-Atrophys-524. And Marx attacked me out of nowhere. I even sent him a letter trying to find out what was up, mofucker drops a diss. regardless, it started this, and I kinda wanted it anyway:)
Posted By: RelentlessMC - 2009-08-07

that skit was utter bullshit. you should know it's not how you fall, it's how pick yourself up. just because it's a clip from a movie doesn't mean all shit, that skit is bullshit. Ever heard of the term evolution? Only losers such as yourself stay the same. 2nd clip was good, but that applies to you. Anyway this is wayyy off target. i think i got round 1, but that's my mere opinion. Round 2 comin up.
Posted By: RelentlessMC - 2009-08-08

hahahaha....wow. 10
Posted By: Ticket - 2009-08-08

Why can't some people just concede to defeat? I mean, its very obvious to everyone. Seriously, why do I even ask that question.
Posted By: Ticket - 2009-08-08

o tick because i don't feel i was defeated. any idiot can tell my song had better flow structure and lyrics, maybe not as much "substance" because bhonest(unlike me) hasn't divulged any information to the mouth of the public(Heavythoughtz)but i expected better. Atrophied II beat this one easy. chemist and tick, get off bhonest's jock. lmao.
Posted By: RelentlessMC - 2009-08-08

round one was an even match for me....but round 2...I kind of had this feeling as soon as I heard the quotes from the beginning...and the feeling was right bh definitely got this one...you flipped alot of his lines and also somehow found a way to make his past relevant to the present...I was for the first time impressed by your English skills....this is a definite dime...although I heavily disagree with the idea that a man cannot change....but I agree that your past is always and will always be with you....you are always the solid object and your past is but a shadow....so when people are in the dark about you they assume that you've always been the way you are (perfect) but once the light of exposure is shined on you the shadow is revealed and you are now human....if you don't know what sad feels like you can never appreciate happy....man has always had the ablity to change...I'm sure even you have B
Posted By: King Kronos - 2009-08-08

Good interpretation kronos. The point is...no matter how much Atrophy thinks his skills have progressed...He is still easily manipulated....If he doesn't think he's losing a beef...why does he delete his track and repost it AFTER I post mine....he's not in control of himself....he will forever hang from my marionette.
Posted By: Brutally Honest - 2009-08-08

anyone who disagrees with atrophy is on my jock haha. I love it.
Posted By: Brutally Honest - 2009-08-08

no bhonest, because it was bumped off the list and i want to give people a chance to see and hear it. Is that too irrational for you? And they are both on your dick(2 of a few), why deny the obvious? your idiocy is showing again.
Posted By: RelentlessMC - 2009-08-08

Yea I see that aswell @ bhonest.
Posted By: King Kronos - 2009-08-08

Dimez ez on this, especially executed with an abstract beat. I don't know the history of beef between both of you so I can't comment like many can but to me it comes down what style someone likes better. B's delivery is flawless, rhymes are deep, spoken clearly and to the point. Polished. Atrophy's is more raw. Vicious, witty, and woven tightly together with multiple rhymes in each bar. I can appreciate both, I think you are both good at what you do. No hate to you Atrophy but I have to give B the edge so far simply because his level of greatness within his tracks is slightly higher than yours at this point. It could change easily though, absurd motivation will make people rise to incredible ranks. Enjoying the match so far fellas
Posted By: Gramdacious - 2009-08-08

this shit was kinda like a Stephen King Novel ,,, fuck your diss tracks could be real tracks to dope 10
Posted By: Z RACK - 2009-08-08

There is only one word to describe this...........ouch!!!!!!
Posted By: Diesel S - 2009-08-08

Track is pretty good..but your using a VERY immature formula for dissing...Peeps cant change???...r u dumb man???..Recovering Addicts???....Welfare Bums who change wen a kid is coming???....Abusive parents who seek tha help????...peeps defo can change..and anyone who doesnt believe that has to be one of the dumbest peeps in the world.....str8 up...."Families are always rising and falling in america"...why no quotes like this BH...they r true, effective ..and were said by real dignitaries and respectable historical influences, not scrypted into a movie....it seems ik you seem to ignore reality whenever it benefits you...but then judge others when they ddo it....kind of immature if you ask ne....regardless heres your dime.....
Posted By: Interp - 2009-08-08

interp....*sigh*...the point isn't that people can't change. The point is that he hasn't. I haven't even gone after him in either of these disses...All this diss did was explain that he's the same overly emotional lame who will diss someone over anything cause he's so self concious....there are different forms of intelligence...read the comments and see who's acting more mature.
Posted By: Brutally Honest - 2009-08-08

interp....*sigh*...the point isn't that people can't change. The point is that he hasn't. I haven't even gone after him in either of these disses...All this diss did was explain that he's the same overly emotional lame who will diss someone over anything cause he's so self concious....there are different forms of intelligence...read the comments and see who's acting more mature.
Posted By: Brutally Honest - 2009-08-08

but BH...your the 1 who went out ya way to start it with him...you cant judge someone just because they respond to YOUR actions, thats VERY..VERY Bitchlike...thats sum annoying girlfriend shit...startin a fight and then bein like "He's upset..judge him"...very immature...no h8..im not involved in this beef...im just going off what im seeing..and in this one...YOU STARTED IT..the whole highroad approach should NOT be pulled by you....just looks weak....neway lik i said good track...just stop acting like your better than someone when you act the exact same way....Holla
Posted By: Interp - 2009-08-08

he dissed me twice before i even responded??? I started it?? He dissed me cause I commented on Marx's diss and bc we didn't let him in our crew...
Posted By: Brutally Honest - 2009-08-08

he dissed you because of the manner in which you commented..i read it...there was no reason for you to talk as much sauce as you did and not expect a responce.... sumone tells you your tracks are worth a 9 and you lash out at them lik a 13 yr old wth her first period...now..im not seeing the difference with one exception...you snap on peeps cuz they give feedback..(and we all know you cant take negative feedback)....he got upset cuz you talked shit on him when there was no reason for it.....so..yeah..outside view...ur a lil girl.....but still nice track tho ...:)
Posted By: Interp - 2009-08-08

as a matter of fact now that I think about it he's dissed me on multiple occassions before were I didn't respond within the last couple months...when he almost left the site again and tried to have some parting shots...kid takes this shit way too seriously...he really wants this one. haha.
Posted By: Brutally Honest - 2009-08-08

Look at me another BH "dick ryder!!" lol flat out Atrophy is a fag.....I responded to your stupid lil letter remember?? I said LB is bored lets get it poppin and I even got at u on msn and you wouldn't respond. I posted a year old diss "Atrophy's Issues" (which you never responded to back then hmm) just because it went with your track "My Issues" anyway what ever tiny bit of respect I held for you A is completely diminished. You will never get the upper hand on BH. He actually makes real music that people really feel. I think alot of ur lines come of corny and forever will. So I'm bored with this beef its just a repeat, and I'm positive it will produce the same outcome. Either way BH stole my glory. okay listenin now......
Posted By: Marx - 2009-08-08

I just thought that Marx really pinned him on that track...and i was HAMMERED, but yea I was a little harsh, I'll agree with you on that. I can't drink and come on this site, I'm TOO honest. But if I'm a 'Little Girl' than you can tell all your friends how you got lyrically smashed by a little girl several times. Not trying to start shit, just saying. Aight, I gotta work.
Posted By: Brutally Honest - 2009-08-08

See the thing is BH is just like controlling Atrophy like a pawn on a subliminal level. In Atrophy's mind he has already lost. Atrophy doesn't even care if he wins he just wants BH to accept him. lol this shit is a 10
Posted By: Marx - 2009-08-08

LMFAO......all you hit me with was shit you thought would effect me...but in reality had no effect...if youd like to get the beef goin again...im always down my manic depresed friend.....see theres one thing you forget B....you in no way effected me with anything you ..EVER said....u made me laugh...lol....you were like my little puppet at a time wen i was bored(fuck you Bh...Dance monkey Dance..lol..Get it)...neway ill let you keep beieving your better than anyone...just know that even peeps i see on this board giving you mass props, hell even peeps in your own crew that iv talked to, say u cant take critisizm...that once anyone isagree's ith you..you just HAVE to mak a point...example right here...my comment was critisizm, now if you could take critisizm you would have ignored it..as sOOOOOO many people ignore the fairly critical comments from you almost constantly.......i mean....here we are conversing about how you dont complain , bitch or whine when peeps disagree with or dont like you..!!!!!!!!!!....am i the only one putting 2 and 2 together here????
Posted By: Interp - 2009-08-08

Posted By: Interp - 2009-08-08

This is a nice a diss!!! I am entertained.
Posted By: Willy Grubz - 2009-08-08

haahaaa yip good work b
Posted By: dbang - 2009-08-09

track = 9 interps comments = 10 !!!! lmfao
Posted By: XPOSIN - 2009-08-09

BH you completely smashed me on Marx's track for absolutely no reason when I've showed you nothing but respect. Marx as well also had absolutely no reason to come at me with a diss just because I put up a song called "My Issues". @Marx - You never hit me up online or with a PM either, don't lie. @BH - Too honest when drunk? Then that must mean you really think of me as some pathetic underling which even though I know is what you want people to believe, it is far from the truth. All you can go by is past referencing and....that's basically null and void at this point. I don't need to explain how low you must feel in your life to be drinking all the time and leaving lame comments like that on www.letsbeef.com(seems like you do that a lot these days), but you started this and I'm finishing . Like I said on the lass diss I just dropped, I don't care who "wins", stay outta my way and I'll stay outta yours. Remember I respect you just as much as you respect me(do the math). Nuff said. Also, MacG told me I'd be a top MC in Foundation, but because of your hatred(as well as anyone that rides your dick) you've managed to convince a number people that I'm some kinda of freak. hahaha. "You can fool some of the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but all of the people all the time." - Abraham Lincoln. 1.
Posted By: RelentlessMC - 2009-08-10

last line*- not all of the people all of the time.
Posted By: RelentlessMC - 2009-08-10

Shit Dope.. .10
Posted By: 2sli6_TickTawk - 2009-09-05

I loved it
Posted By: ladozer503 - 2015-05-18

I loved it
Posted By: ladozer503 - 2015-05-18

Listened a couple times the Intro Wack good song when I want some sleep - then verse comes in - hope you didn't spend to much time and money on it cuz it's aight the 17 plays you got was 4 from me a reminder on how I don't want to sound or write . Next track I do I will show you how it's done and what is a hit this is a side b song . Haha good shit homie
Posted By: Nspired - 2015-05-20

Willy Grubz: 10
Ticket: 10
Dexter3: 10
Sinseer: 10
King Kronos: 10
2sli6_TickTawk: 10
ladozer503: 10
Heavythoughtz: 10
Z RACK: 10
LunaticK: 10
Gramdacious: 10
Diesel S: 10
dbang: 10
Interp: 10
Marx: 0
Just C: 0
RelentlessMC: 0

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