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Troll Slayer (Punk Diss) - Pugz.
By: Pugz
74 Listens
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Bars were heavy..Bleu reference would've hit home lol. This is truly how a diss track should be made. Funny concepts linked w/ Constant personals. i can only say that i wish it was a bit longer. Dope track
Posted By: Insuppressible - 2015-02-17

No fillers.. no Hooks.. ALL BARS
Posted By: Pugz - 2015-02-17

KAAEEEEEEEEEE shit #turnit #Killanythingandeverything #flexin #easy #100
Posted By: TEKPESOS - 2015-02-17

THis was Tight i Respect the return Fire! coulda been longer i agree with that stay up
Posted By: Doc T - 2015-02-17

Pugz out-trolling the trolls, lol... I ain't gon lie though, ya flow was little off in spots. So I had to deduct some rating points...
Posted By: ELOH STACKz - 2015-02-18

woooo u went in on yung boi....turned it up a notch here , good shiii puggy s/murda
Posted By: Stotty Pimpin - 2015-02-18

Hahaha.. Fuego!
Posted By: Joe MuGGz - 2015-02-18

tha flow was on/offish. i will say tha bars from ur end were much more entertaining. tha beat was bonkers, energy n vibe all yelled BATTLE TRACK. this was a sit down. G'job, but for tha shakiness in flow im handin this a 9.
Posted By: GRizzEAT - 2015-02-19

Aww man I think as a diss track goes this was the heavier of the two. Pugz was on the attack on this one! Our own resident Dr Dre right there! As a piece if good to listen ti rap music I think Punk got ya though as there was a bit of polish needed on this but as a whole....dope ish. More beefs like this would be dope.
Posted By: Saxx - 2015-02-19

Felt like the flow fell off at points but overall it was pretty on point for a diss track. Strictly from a texting background myself I felt like the bars could've been a little better, punches heavier, etc. but it was nice, you can't really teach flow, you either have it or you don't and that was nice. Real rate in, I'll listen to Punk's now. This is a definitely a good look activity-wise.
Posted By: Student - 2015-02-19

Thought this was good
Posted By: Proctologist - 2015-02-23

Nice drop Pugz
Posted By: Bnas - 2015-02-23

Beat was nasty, Snare Rolls all day. Flow was good and content was there :D Good Track mang
Posted By: Denton - 2015-02-24

Insuppressible: 10
Denton: 10
Stotty Pimpin: 10
Saxx: 9
Proctologist: 9
Bnas: 9
Joe MuGGz: 9
GRizzEAT: 9
Doc T: 9
Student: 7

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