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  Custom Beat Tourney 2017 (Continued)

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MM Diss (The ruler).
By: M-Rock
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I cant go AFTER THOUGHT for tryin to recruit me, but I seen how yall roll and cryin doesnt suit me. Murda Musik adds a lotta bums to the equation, hip hop isnt (safe) around their summed (combination). I'll dissect GRIZZ til nothin but his vagina remains, I dont really feel like flippin all fuckin five of his names. Me and VENUMB are opposite - he doesnt have a spine, while he designs graphics Im graphic by design. Tryin to photoshop my dick out his sisters mouth, between a rock and a hard place tryin to slither out. Wouldnt listen to FREEZE if he had a badge and a gun, his bars arent well thought out(thawed out) I feel bad for son. I'll use SCHEMATIX to fill a ditch, you lil bitch, I could never (picture) my (swag) havin a (killswitch). Dont act like you DONO I son(our topic) champs wit one chance, they cryin in the chatbox typin dumb rants. But my verse treated yours like a floormat, send me 60 I'll shit on you in a different format. X.K(malgus) next up for a dose of that syrum, best part about your bars is I dont have to hear em. When it comes to me - many said "Hey, cats the best," One left hook body shot the K match the X. Fuck a rookie thats AMBITIOUS I blam vicious, say you "married to the game"(status) then go and do the damn dishes. Prolly married to 50 first, that shitty verse, and that tantrum you threw when he denied you that pretty purse...led to SPLITsville my shits ill it always has been and is still I spit crill I told the clique "Chill its a quick kill, One by one ginsu slash Im hungry enough to dig through the trash." Ayo WIG please swallow ya pride, and attest that one M.Rock drop might could cause a landslide. I bodied half the crew so GOODs already GRIEvin, only response Im gettin outta him is heavy breathin. Fuckin square your picture alone is plenty reason, for doubt when you writin about some semi squeezin. KAM's SPEECH cant reach this plane, his win percentage parallel to the portion of this blaze thats contained. It'll be gruesome video footage if we spar, theyll hafta fix (kam)s spinal (cord) in the (E.R). JIMMY DEANs mediocre - that shit gets me nauseous, he must think he loggin on to lets beef sausage. From now on ya whole camp better speak cautious, this fires catapulted next time I'll breach the fortress. TANA said "take a back seat"? An invitation to her semen swallowing headquarters? thats sweet. Im a battle pro, wanna grapple hoe?, heres how that'll go, I'll horse kick ya donkey lookin ass in your camel toe. She said we a bunch of "irrelevants"? why she frontin, man the ROW hasnt been relevant since ninety somethin. He'll need more skill or a bigger oar to paddle wit, who really wanna see a rowboat against a battleship? Row's(rose) response might make me sound the horns, but it cant damage the man that wear the crown of (thorns.) pause, I (see LAWs) oblivious to the (clause), that bein one dimensionals one of the fatal flaws. Law, yer a bitch sue me, tekken six groupie, Im above em but Segal dont appear in this movie. More like the return of Bruce, now the Murda troops gotta stand down like sleepin bats just to earn a truce. Im bout to rile up the ragin bulls and turn em loose...
Posted By: M-Rock - 2013-09-11

Shittttt this is mad dopeee lmaoo at the tana and venumb lina hahaha.
Posted By: Phoenix - 2013-09-11

goddaaaam yo this diss is something serious. the tana line was funny as shit lol and schematix line was dope as well. i mean this feud is on the elevatin everyday like damn yall goin at it. good shit homie..
Posted By: Moni - 2013-09-11

Bodied them!
Posted By: NOBLE - 2013-09-11

this was heavy
Posted By: Stotty Pimpin - 2013-09-11

Ha this fool Murdered Murder! AC Shit/ Chloro Fam
Posted By: ET the Refugee - 2013-09-11

This shit was crack....Smooth as butter my dude
Posted By: Manhattan - 2013-09-11

Pure dopeness really
Posted By: Manhattan - 2013-09-11

The heat.. it's it's unbearable..
Posted By: Obey - 2013-09-11

FUCK!!!!!!! God Damn. . . . .This shit was fucking piff. Killed the flow, killed the bars killed the name flips. KILLED MM. EZ AC GANG!!
Posted By: Letum - 2013-09-11

Dope diss
Posted By: Mr-Felon - 2013-09-11

Posted By: ~Tipz~ - 2013-09-11

please elighten me why you are in Ac's.
Posted By: Row - 2013-09-11

10.good shit.....
Posted By: RELLE - 2013-09-11

Lmao get the fuck out of here Row
Posted By: Manhattan - 2013-09-11

wow nice shit dude.. 10 ez stay up.. respect
Posted By: D3FIANCE - 2013-09-12

that tana line sealed it for me..this is the best diss by far out the beef..freezy's drop being a close second if it wouldve been longer..but this joint has hiphop leaking out its pores
Posted By: Marty-McFly - 2013-09-12

fuck a murdah, you already dustin their spine for prints.
Posted By: ILLoKWENT - 2013-09-12

Sick. Dank diss track. 'Nuff Said. RESPECT 2 M-Rock.
Posted By: FreeK - 2013-09-12

very very dope diss!!!!!im impressed
Posted By: Boss-MC - 2013-09-12

Gonna be real I was really feeling this. I felt like you lost steam in some places though and just threw some shit together for nothing, but some of the concept were NICE. Feeling the freezy diss angle. Definitely some nice stuff. Switching the flow up would have been cool, felt a bit boring in places too. Fairs in though, don't hate just being real.
Posted By: IV - 2013-09-13

dope work
Posted By: dbang - 2013-09-13

Only just listened to this. Dopest track I've heard on here for a long time, very well done!
Posted By: Finished here - 2013-09-26

This is still one of my favorite tracks from you M Rock
Posted By: Denton - 2015-02-04

I literally just heard this. I respect MM but this was crack.
Posted By: Kold Murkz - 2015-02-21

ayeeeee this some fire! goodlooks!
Posted By: 127839764 - 2017-05-05

Sick track Really feeling the beat and Rhymes you Really went out Attacking you're Opponent True Hip~Hop
Posted By: Proctologist - 2017-08-26

Burned him!!!
Posted By: SinCredible - 2018-01-04

Stotty Pimpin: 10
FreeK: 10
Phoenix: 10
127839764: 10
Moni: 10
Marty-McFly: 10
Obey: 10
Row: 10
ET the Refugee: 10
Proctologist: 10
Letum: 10
Denton: 10
Boss-MC: 10
dbang: 10
Mr-Felon: 10
~Tipz~: 10
Finished here: 10
Manhattan: 10
Kold Murkz: 10
IV: 8

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