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  Custom Beat Tourney 2017 (Continued)

ToniC 801 <BODY>
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Exhibit A.
By: M-Rock
156 Listens
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Dope shit Rock......... One of the best when it comes to making diss tracks on here.. Beef seemed real personal
Posted By: Erupt - 2015-04-13

this is dope. love the aggressive delivery, chorus is nice, and track is clean
Posted By: Missy - 2015-04-15

thought there were a few slip ups but i could be wrong. either way it was a body
Posted By: Moni - 2015-04-15

M-Rock is that dude. This track was greazyyyyy. Dope shit. Hands down one of...if not the best diss track maker ever on LB. 10 ez
Posted By: Manhattan - 2015-04-16

lol if these personals aren't made up this dude deserve it nice 1
Posted By: Phil Banks - 2015-04-16

Can't make this shit up. Crazy thing is it could've been even worse
Posted By: M-Rock - 2015-04-16

This is fucking dope. Your delivery is all kinds of nice!
Posted By: ice-9 - 2015-08-25

you need more plays Homie - Ima make you famous once my YOUTUBE video hits lol - like the Big L loop
Posted By: Nspired - 2015-09-27

Nice track fam!
Posted By: NOBLE - 2015-10-02

This is pretty slick M-Rock. Dope shit, well put together.
Posted By: 2FUEL - 2015-10-04

this goes hard bruh
Posted By: oSo Slick - 2015-10-07

Damn... this shit crazy..
Posted By: HandWrapz - 2016-03-17

Grrezy track check out the showdown koty Kolter diss from 2015 just dropped it on here
Posted By: C Gilly666 - 2017-05-21
Posted By: C Gilly666 - 2017-05-21

Another Banger..dope beats and Rhymes and Smooth Demented Delivery..
Posted By: Proctologist - 2017-08-26

2FUEL: 10
Nspired: 10
C Gilly666: 10
HandWrapz: 10
Proctologist: 10
oSo Slick: 10
Moni: 10
Phil Banks: 10
Manhattan: 10
Erupt: 10
Missy: 10
ice-9: 10

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