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  2023 Grand Championship
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Brusky7 vs DeadTRIDeadTRI is on FIRE! 5+ wins in a row!
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FATALITY (Fatal Cashflo Diss).
213 Listens
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crazy. a lot of bars. and flow on point. dime fs. i doubt you'll get a response.. he gonna try n ignore that lol

Posted By: Way Lyve - 2021-12-12

Flow on this was crack bro. Dimes all day. Salute. 

Posted By: Letum - 2021-12-12

Can't really criticize this... the whole shit was fire.

Posted By: Phroxen - 2021-12-12

damn the prod was tight Boro , swag was seriously cookin u killed that ish 

Posted By: DeadTRI - 2021-12-13

This is clean w some good content, I'm fuckin w it. Good work Boro, I see you.

Posted By: Levi Locke - 2021-12-13

Really nice..sounds like a true rap song. Good.

Posted By: Rite2BearArmz - 2021-12-13

Flow is butter brother. Bars nice, this is fire, fam. Production is nice too. Props. Dime piece all day.

Posted By: Óðinn - 2021-12-13

Get it baby

Posted By: Barzooka - 2021-12-17

I see why dude didn't show always drop fire ass verses..

Posted By: Flako Boom - 2021-12-18

Dude. Murder. Straight fucking 🔥 

Posted By: Rai - 2022-01-08

damn man thats hot

Posted By: pink pimp - 2022-01-26

sure you didnt take lessons from eminem bro???

Posted By: Young Hypn0 - 2022-03-11

Boro is the greatest to ever spit on a beat in LB History. That's an undisputed fact.

Posted By: Lockhart - 2022-04-22

On point 🫡 ☝️

Posted By: Slypro - 2022-12-05

get it good

Posted By: Ninenines - 2023-01-05

Óðinn: 10
Levi Locke: 10
Lockhart: 10
pink pimp: 10
Rai: 10
Barzooka: 10
Young Hypn0: 10
Phroxen: 10
DeadTRI: 10
Letum: 10
Flako Boom: 10
Way Lyve: 10
Slypro: 10
Rite2BearArmz: 9
Ninenines: 6

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