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TIRED OF THE WAR! Feat Heavy & Elle .
By: TRE of WAR
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Posted By: Faceless Firm - 2008-03-21

^^lol^^ good track yall ... i aint giving you real feedback here (if i gave err1 feedback id have arthiritis in a week) but foreal ... get a pop filter tho heavy ... and elle u gettin better .... and tre like this style of ur tracks peace 10
Posted By: Faceless Firm - 2008-03-21

nice shit tre was on point yo heavythoughts no h8 but you need to put some more feeling in your voice at points instead of the same thing everytime lol no h8 just need to be able capture people lol goo lyrics though and elle you sound your talkin on the mic lol jp but yea nice shit 10 and tre take the llama cock out your mouth when you spit lol jp oh FUCK STDS Lmao jp
Posted By: ILL BLAZE - 2008-03-21

the flows on this track are crazy . . . tre never stops getting tighter and tighter . . . heavy impresses me every single time . . . elle was tight as hell . . . she spit some real ass shit.
Posted By: Willy Grubz - 2008-03-21

Posted By: $ha-Money - 2008-03-21

my students doing well.. lol glad to see u soak it up girl.. 10 for ya dudes.. and girls..
Posted By: John J - 2008-03-21

dam hit 9 by mistake.. sorry guys drunk
Posted By: John J - 2008-03-21

well for real Tre ya dont no how good and versatile you are Homie and I aint jus saying this cause u my Boss I'm jus being real u one of the reason's I rap and wanna get better .......Heavy Is a sick lyricist and I like what ya bring to STC but I gotta agree wit Ill Gaze on his comment ya need emotion in your flow its been something ive been trying to work on to. And Elle is a very good writer here raps actually paint a good mental pic when ya listen but u do have alot to work on Girl as far as Flow and I think if you had a better mic it could do ya some justice... WELL THAT'S MY OPINION BUT WHAT DO I KNOW IM JUS THAT RETARDED DUDE IN STC THAT CALLS EVERYONE A FAGGOT AND MAKE'S DISS TRACKS THAT KIDS HAVE TO LISTEN TO WITH THERE SPEAKERS ON OR THERE MOTHERS MIGHT SPANK THE SHIT OUTTA THEM ST FUCKIN C
Posted By: Z RACK - 2008-03-21

HAHAHAHA thanx for the break down Zrack.. exactly what I was asking for.. and the rest of you! I think that heavy is new to this.. and hes finding who he is.. less than a year ago when i got on here.. my tracks was HORRIBLE.. so the future looks GREAT for you heavy.. And Elle.. I think ur flow on this was MUCH better then ur previous ones.. as far as emotion.. your also still improving.. each track.. u can't ask more then that.. Appreciate it yall.. and thanx for jumping on the track !!
Posted By: TRE of WAR - 2008-03-21

elle.. let em know girl! hehe
Posted By: John J - 2008-03-21

all 3 verses were on point and the hook is tight...beat is sick nothing else left to say but 10
Posted By: Original Mac - 2008-03-21

good collab, nice lyrics and flow to both elle and tre, nice hook too
Posted By: Heavythoughtz - 2008-03-21

i heard this in the chatroom from ill blaze hot shit had my head bobbing blank blank's sister
Posted By: Tragedy - 2008-03-21

Elle but thats neither here nor there....naw all of u were nice..tre does keep getting better and better heavy thought was dope wit the flow also...elle tight too..she just need to mix better or get a better mic or whatever it is....but its dope...
Posted By: OLDE ENGLISH - 2008-03-21

nice fuckin track fam i was feeling this shit 10s from me
Posted By: joker8878 - 2008-03-21

nice song...tre definately gettin betta...remember who...haha..anywayz. elle gettin betta too. im listenin to the words though..quality is good..but i can block that out keep at it cuz ya shit was good canadian italian girl...heavy..neva really heard ya befo, ya straight, keep doing ya shit ight..yallz definately gettin betta...payce..and you aint tired of me...skeeterz
Posted By: Warren Peece - 2008-03-21

here it go yall.......tre you sound very good rode the beat pretty well......heavy your lyrics are off the chain but the only thing i ask is for you is to get the battle rap outta your system when your making a sounds like you rappin against somebody.....real shit.....your hot dont get me wrong fam.....and last elle your mic is your problem on this one...your lyrics are really nice but you didnt grab me with emotion and thats the truth.....a better mic and more feeling and she should be good to go! other then that i was feeling the song as a whole......1 hunnin
Posted By: TIPSY_SLIZZARD - 2008-03-21

Real nice...... ehh. I overanalyze, but Tre and Heavy were the lyricists here.. I try my best. Enjoy what you can.. I ain't finished just yet. Mic quality sucks, (for me obv.) it's been said. (10)
Posted By: Laurgon DeStroya - 2008-03-21

I did a little preview earlier...can't really add much to whats been said...I've seen a lot of growth from TRE from a gimmick to an artist...and i mean that in the nicest way possible. Verse was great...real mastery over the track. Heavy will follow suit....and i've heard heavy's shit when he focuses on a topic and its great...and elle and i have discussed this already...10 for content
Posted By: Str8sauserhyma - 2008-03-21

imma try back later the players not workin.....imma get bak with some feedbak
Posted By: twofase - 2008-03-21

sorry about the million comments my computer froze up when i was commentein i kept hittin the mouse bad.didnt know they all went thru.lmao
Posted By: twofase - 2008-03-21

shit 10 dope all i can say tre u ripped all 3 verse...........hell yeah.nah just fukin around................nah ya verse was ill tre............i feel the same way sometimes.sometimes i wanna give i c hill for awhile and come bak at it ready witha clear crisp mind..............second verse hott dude i dont know u but yeah u ripped it.nice track.........hook catchy too............the female on the 3rd verse came hott..............all 3 hott....keep droppin hits.twofase
Posted By: twofase - 2008-03-21

1st up tres garbage 2nd up heavy killed it 3rd up elle when u gonna strip for me on cam mercy has already u gotta keep up baby :]]] 8========>O lol fuck it...yea tres gettin better and better i like these real tracks better i can actually put shyt like this in my iPod and listen 2 it while tah other shyt be funny as hell but its liek a family guy episode give it some time and itll be funny again just not every time i jump in my car...heavy just take a fuckin clothes hanger and bend it into a circle and wrap a fuckin stocking around it and put it in front ur mic and bam u gotta pop filter haha peace dope shyt just wish it was longer it seemed short 2 me for some reason idk
Posted By: Ryzo ETP - 2008-03-21

lmao TRE BITCH ASS SOFTEN UP...haha 10..Elle was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy off beatttt
Posted By: JaeCreepZ - 2008-03-21

10 all day Tre dawg u keep spittin dat Flame Heavy man that was a sick Flow and Elle that was good but u need to work on yo flow
Posted By: Jay-Clipz - 2008-03-21

tre your lerics were on point it was hot, your style is unmatched.. heavy your lericans were hot, stay up..elle is doing her thing...maybe vocab could bring me in more...all was hot..great track..ten ez...skill here and no hate.. TRE TO BE HONEST YOUR FLOW WAS HOT,,,AND YOUR STYLE IS PERFECT...YOU DOING GREAT, I ANT JUST SAYHING THAT CUZ IM HITTIN YOUR SIS, ITS CUZ YOUR MY BEST BRO...HAHAHA JK...HOT SHIT FELLAS
Posted By: Downpoor - 2008-03-22

Posted By: Downpoor - 2008-03-22

This track is blazin hot. Tre did his thing on his verse and that hook is catchy as hell...Heavy Thoughts flow was hot..Elle held it down too..her vocs coulda been a lil louder tho. All dope lyrics top to bottom.
Posted By: EL BASTARD - 2008-03-22

Great Beat For This Track, Tre Did Justice With This Track Flow Was Steady And Rhymes Where Complex. Heavy, Great Flow, Complex Punchs And Flow Is Like A Babylon River. Elle, Good Flow, Great Complex Rhymes, And Needed Better Quality Of Microphone And You'd Of Gotten Better. Overall, Sick Track I Could See Myself Bumping This And I'm Sure Everyone Would Too. I Myself Am Tired Of The War 10+ To All 3 Great Job. Peace. -Maze
Posted By: TheStudent - 2008-04-03

Posted By: $ha-Money - 2008-04-09

crazy fuckin track mad respect to all three yall
Posted By: noKuouS - 2008-05-26

Posted By: -Marz- - 2009-08-15

felt the first an second verse more....the chick i could barely hear an she was kinda off...good beat...sweet concept...peace out it late!
Posted By: crazyman_420 - 2010-03-13

l0l haha this track tight .. .tired of tha war sheet was funny Goodish on tha 10
Posted By: 2sli6_TickTawk - 2010-05-28

Posted By: Boss-MC - 2012-09-18

joker8878: 10
Original Mac: 10
Heavythoughtz: 10
Warren Peece: 10
Tragedy: 10
2sli6_TickTawk: 10
Str8sauserhyma: 10
-Marz-: 10
$ha-Money: 10
Jay-Clipz: 10
TheStudent: 10
Laurgon DeStroya: 10
Ryzo ETP: 10
JaeCreepZ: 10
Willy Grubz: 10
noKuouS: 10
John J: 9
crazyman_420: 9
twofase: 0
Downpoor: 0
Faceless Firm: 0

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