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Pound Cake Remix.
By: K$Love
75 Listens
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K$Love...wattup maaannnn..... Thought I'd never see this name again
Posted By: KFLu - 2013-12-03

Yea fam. I'm back on the music tip. After all this time I just couldn't leave it alone...
Posted By: K$Love - 2013-12-04

damn its a ghost. this tracks butter smooth. ya tone and flow are bang on the money with a lot of sincerity in there. its like you just hit play n zoned out. best track i heard in a good while. good to see you back
Posted By: Indianapolis Jones - 2013-12-06

good shit man..quality work all love to work with you, hit me
Posted By: FreezyCT - 2013-12-06

Smooth shit all around.
Posted By: Phroxen - 2013-12-06

Dope track....Really was butter
Posted By: Manhattan - 2013-12-06

I can't front, son bodied this: "Straight outta Cleveland, Chiahoga the county/ Since LeBron left it's like the city had crowned me/ & I never spent a Dolla on the kick game/ Cuz I'd rather spend it like Rick James/ Catch me in kitchen 4 in the morning like Ving Rhames/..." Lol, Guns & Buttah my nigga. Ill drop
Posted By: ELOH STACKz - 2013-12-06

wouldn't have checked if it wasn't for just c posting it, this shit was fire. from now on im giving every new name i see a chance(even tho u said ur an old head).. shit was clean with a good sound.
Posted By: FiNAL WoRD - 2013-12-06

it was pretty damn good spesh for LB tbh, it wasnt Great tho, still gs
Posted By: V3numb - 2013-12-07

Good lookin for the love. Feels good to be back on top after being gone for so long. Look for more stuff coming soon...
Posted By: K$Love - 2013-12-07

I can fuck with this
Posted By: Haz - 2013-12-08

One of the easiest 10's I've given.
Posted By: Babylon - 2013-12-12

your officially in my top 5 trackmakers on the internet right now. i love this track
Posted By: NatsHubby - 2014-04-11

Posted By: crazyharry - 2017-04-19

KFLu: 10
NatsHubby: 10
Indianapolis Jones: 10
Phroxen: 10
Manhattan: 10
FiNAL WoRD: 10
V3numb: 10
crazyharry: 10
Haz: 9

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