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Reppin: Santa Rosa, California, United States

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Reppin:Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq

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Had To Hurt Em feat. Real Talk.
By: Illimit
582 Listens
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Damn son I wonder what I should Rate dis ????
Posted By: Real Talk - 2007-04-11

:eek:.......Illy + REAL TALK= 10
Posted By: EllAhmEnO - 2007-04-11

10 eZ wAt MoRe CaN i SaY {M.F.D} IS IN DA BUILDING
Posted By: True Story - 2007-04-11

oh my fucking bad..why cant you get more people on this shit...man this shit hotter then i thought ahaha..keep spitting both of yall....good shit
Posted By: Warren Peece - 2007-04-11

Posted By: Daddd - 2007-04-11

Real Talks swag finally hit crazy level when he released ''Im Fly''. Illy blasted through that obstacle with this track. I cant front and if anybody does thier fuckin haters and deserve a fuckin dry one. This bound ta hit number 1 and be there for a lil minute. 10zzzzzzzzzz
Posted By: Askari - 2007-04-12

damm, pure fire 10
Posted By: Stotty Pimpin - 2007-04-12

FUCK..... i loved the beat.....illimit was crazy..... it was music to the ears featuring real talk 10 ez...... theres no excuse for anyone to give this track a 9........ its nothing but 10
Posted By: Dissplay - 2007-04-12

I see yall niggas just had ta hurt em huh, lol........man track was on point.....Could tell some time went inta this.....Verses were on point.....Both of yall was on ya storytellin mode......10 ez fam.....Get @ cha' boi man, Serious.
Posted By: Meta4 - 2007-04-12

I been waitin for this track to come up on Letsbeef ....boffa ya'll did ya'll thing, 10 from me.
Posted By: _shaz - 2007-04-12

damn ya didnt have to hurt em that bad...lol...ya brought ya heat for this one was feeling ya storytellin and metaphors...nice shit...keep em cumin...10
Posted By: K-nine - 2007-04-12

Thats tight fool
Posted By: kursive - 2007-04-12

Lyrically killed by both but it was kind of hard to hear yall the beat was to loud oe aomwthin but 10s from both
Posted By: RoothLess - 2007-04-13

niice shiiit keep it uppp
Posted By: lil-TJ - 2007-04-13

wut else is there to say jus pure fire..10
Posted By: K Rizzy - 2007-04-13

Awesome as hell!
Posted By: King J - 2007-04-13

damn this a tight song yall sounded good keep it up ima half to give this a 10 Ez 1
Posted By: SiCc WayZ - 2007-04-13

shiitttt it rite to be TOP ~10~ omg amazin lyrics
Posted By: Ice-Fingerz - 2007-04-14

Posted By: Ice-Fingerz - 2007-04-14

thats wuts up...hawd ass shyt righ there...10 eezy
Posted By: swich one - 2007-04-14

Posted By: OLDE ENGLISH - 2007-04-14

That Shit Was Hott Ass Hell
Posted By: lilthug57 - 2007-04-14

Posted By: King8bawl - 2007-04-14

Sum hott shit fam- real shit...... we should get down on a collab - pm me
Posted By: Paraphernalia - 2007-04-14

LOL Damn It Seems Weird Sounded Yall On Tracks....But Anyways I Wish You Would've Picked A Differnt Beat But It Was Still 10...Hella Nice Lyrics.....1
Posted By: Killamike - 2007-04-15

Posted By: JAYMAC - 2007-04-15

LOL u guys is killin it..
Posted By: OLDE ENGLISH - 2007-04-15

its a ten
Posted By: 2sick_2ill - 2007-04-15

Dat shit was blazin...10z Ez
Posted By: TwIn BaNgAz - 2007-04-16

Posted By: Sport City - 2007-04-17

woof woof ya killed dat shyt men
Posted By: Pjay Ezy - 2007-04-18

This shit is some of the top I've heard in a while...Impressive.
Posted By: Teek - 2007-04-19

haha who hate rated? it was at #1, then all of a sudden one day it was #8 while all the votes APPEAR to be 10s.......oh well thanx for tha props and big up to RT for droppin that Fire ova the beat.
Posted By: Illimit - 2007-04-19

thats tight ass work yall... get at me...
Posted By: SoulFood - 2007-04-19

hot loccs fo fho
Posted By: Dank Smoke - 2007-04-19

Dope drop to Ill & Real Talk keep that shit pumpin fams, PEACE K>D, 10....
Posted By: BIG DICE - 2007-04-20

damn what i choose
Posted By: bunnyrabbit - 2007-04-20

Posted By: Illimit - 2007-04-20

how it go from 160 plays this month to 130??? haha
Posted By: Illimit - 2007-04-20

Hot shit, twin 10's :D haha
Posted By: Pr0blem - 2007-04-23

Wow....this was nice
Posted By: Apes - 2007-04-27

illys an ass!! lol. this shit is hot i had to check it out again...haha this some shit i'd be jammin in my ipod. if i dont make it (which i WILL) you guys SHOULD lol..fucking hottt also tight hook
Posted By: Warren Peece - 2007-05-10

how come i was able to rate again?? this is my 3rd time
Posted By: Warren Peece - 2007-05-10

Posted By: Illimit - 2007-05-14

Who gives a fuck, I'll rate dis bitch again too, lol ....... Tight work Illy, da next track gon be SERIOUS !! Real Talk ........ :high: ....
Posted By: Real Talk - 2007-05-16

yea why not.?
Posted By: Illimit - 2007-05-22

sum hot shit right here, as if anybody can't already tell.
Posted By: Sidekick - 2007-05-25

Yall Kilt it i gave a 10 You know I dont hate Rate
Posted By: Mani Mula - 2007-06-03

I've heard this alot, and never gave it a rating,lol...Well here it is..10
Posted By: Jay Da Great - 2007-06-03

I woulda gave the shit a 12 if I could of.
Posted By: LEFT FIELD - 2007-06-09

i put 10 before the track came on cuz i new it was gon be fire......and i was right
Posted By: Emmanuel J - 2007-06-13

this shit is a fuckin monstrosity!!!! yall niggas sick like cancer patients dayumn!!! 10zz all around
Posted By: DaBArZToXiC - 2007-06-14

Posted By: LEGITBALLA - 2007-06-16

10 all day, thats that shit right there, i wanna download this shit
Posted By: Street-famouS - 2007-06-20

needs more punches but a 10 anywayz
Posted By: NiXWoN - 2007-06-23

10 straight up
Posted By: Tha Barber - 2007-06-28

Hahaha at Real Talk... Definately is a 10 though man!
Posted By: Multiple Madness - 2007-06-30

10 All Day Hot Shit
Posted By: InfamousES - 2007-06-30

wow/i wud download this song n listen 2 it everyday on the bus 2 school lol/anywayz 10 obviously n keep up the nice work
Posted By: GarageBanned - 2007-07-01

this tennnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
Posted By: _DiceCubes - 2007-07-02

probably the best track i herd on letsbeef....id bump that shit in my car dude haha
Posted By: freshoutheoven - 2007-07-05

easy 10.....easy
Posted By: Skoal Dippin - 2007-07-08

see, THIS is an emcee cypher right here, i'd go on about wat ithink, but it dont matter, i see ya,illy,talk, good shit, and keep it up
Posted By: IAmGrafik - 2007-07-12

lol, had to listen to it again,lol and looks liek i can vote again too :D lol
Posted By: IAmGrafik - 2007-07-12

Posted By: Willy Grubz - 2007-07-17

yep- 10
Posted By: MacG - 2007-07-17

Posted By: Legal G - 2007-07-18

FUCKIN DAMN!!!!!!! 10000000000000000!!!
Posted By: BoRN-SwaGG - 2007-08-10

fuckin hot shit ez 10
Posted By: UNKNOWN ARTIST - 2007-08-16

hot shit...props to both :) lol!! ~10~
Posted By: Miss Inevitable - 2007-10-25

sick ass track for sure here dam, beat is knockin like a mofucka 10 no doubt man
Posted By: Stotty Pimpin - 2007-12-05

I agree w/ everyone.. this was amazing.. yall both have one of the best spits on this site.. both bring fire!! 10 ez
Posted By: TRE of WAR - 2008-01-15

amazing quality.....sick song
Posted By: Brutally Honest - 2008-01-18

had to rate it again..10z...hot song-both came wit swag n lyricism....beat wuz tight n so wuz the hook
Posted By: GarageBanned - 2008-02-26

Posted By: TSEKtor - 2008-03-10

I love my music
Posted By: Illimit - 2008-04-29

holly shit ..... i forgot about dis ..... damn!!!! this track just seems to get better ..... u need ta send me a copy of this illy..... ya other tracks are hot .... but you sound better here imo ...that coupled with talks verse, the beat and the hook..... knocks this off the scale..... i'd rate this higher than a 10 if i could ... real talk (no pun intended)
Posted By: UNKNOWN ARTIST - 2008-05-02

Luv you!
Posted By: Dat Wifee - 2008-05-02

This is one of the hottest songs on LB easily...I want this track on my iPod lmao....
Posted By: remarK - 2008-05-10

oh yea 10!! haha..
Posted By: remarK - 2008-05-10

Posted By: Hydenrike - 2008-05-22

Posted By: EonFist5 - 2008-06-13

nice track
Posted By: King John - 2008-07-02

Posted By: Druid - 2008-07-03

Posted By: treyselbe - 2009-03-17

treyselbe: 10
TwIn BaNgAz: 10
swich one: 10
Apes: 10
King8bawl: 10
2sick_2ill: 10
Legal G: 10
Pr0blem: 10
Multiple Madness: 10
EllAhmEnO: 10
K-nine: 10
True Story: 10
IAmGrafik: 10
InfamousES: 10
King J: 10
Paraphernalia: 10
Pjay Ezy: 10
Dat Wifee: 10
Brutally Honest: 10
remarK: 10
Miss Inevitable: 10
Skoal Dippin: 10
_DiceCubes: 10
Tha Barber: 10
Sidekick: 10
GarageBanned: 10
Street-famouS: 10
TRE of WAR: 10
freshoutheoven: 10
bunnyrabbit: 10
DaBArZToXiC: 10
Warren Peece: 10
MacG: 10
RoothLess: 10
Mani Mula: 10
Stotty Pimpin: 10
Emmanuel J: 10
Daddd: 10
K Rizzy: 10
Real Talk: 10
_shaz: 10
lilthug57: 10
SiCc WayZ: 10
NiXWoN: 10
Askari: 10
Willy Grubz: 10
Sport City: 10
Meta4: 10
Jay Da Great: 10
lil-TJ: 10
Teek: 10
Dissplay: 10
King John: 8
Dank Smoke: 5
SoulFood: 5
TSEKtor: 1
Druid: 1
EonFist5: 1
Hydenrike: 1
kursive: 0
Ice-Fingerz: 0

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