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  Custom Beat Tourney 2017 (Continued)

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MIA Paper Planes- Feat. Ablative.
By: PalmOnMyClappa
182 Listens
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u needa be signed bra.. lmao
Posted By: KB RHYMEZ - 2008-10-30

Posted By: Heavythoughtz - 2008-10-30

yo...hit me up for a collabo real...i'll work wit you...all day long..Deuce's.....BaNg BaNg Recordsô
Posted By: Lethal Logics - 2008-10-30

yesss, im down wit dis beat, dipset had da only good version 2 it, n Bun B'zs 16, thank u, n tank u 4 remindin me 2 dL dis instrumental 2 spit 2, hot mixx 10, betta cough up sum cha-ching 4 a callbo, no i.o.u's n cupons discounts in dis bitch,
Posted By: Rufless Villain - 2008-11-19

shitt is fire kidd
Posted By: Baby Suspect - 2008-11-26

Man that flow is amazing. 10 no doubt
Posted By: AmmoLoaded - 2010-09-10

Posted By: SinCredible - 2017-12-29

Posted By: hallow - 2018-01-18

Lethal Logics: 10
Heavythoughtz: 10
Baby Suspect: 10
Rufless Villain: 10
AmmoLoaded: 10
SinCredible: 10
hallow: 9

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