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Dissing you? luck drought .
By: John J
65 Listens
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yo emo tho
Posted By: Phil Banks - 2012-07-28

i see why u put this back out........................and babe u are nasty fuck em right?????????
Posted By: JohnJsGirl - 2012-07-28

Faggot emo.
Posted By: Phoenix - 2012-07-28

lmao haters, wheres my real hiphop heads ,,,,,hollas
Posted By: John J - 2012-07-28

nothing wrong with emo rap, kanye is a multi plat artist for just that lol...and once in a generation production. tight shit john.
Posted By: Danger Rich - 2012-07-28

my man rich is hip hop.... wake up lb... tick, banks, and c anit ya dudes
Posted By: John J - 2012-07-28

This is sick man....fuck all the haters if they can't be real they all know this is dope and cannot deny it so if the hate on it just know u doing summin right man...WorldWide Shit
Posted By: IllesTMarX - 2012-07-28

lol @ his girl giving him internet support.... here ya go john say im hip hop now plz
Posted By: Phil Banks - 2012-07-28

before the term "emo" came along..i used to call these tracks " real talk tracks" .... they still have a place in the rap world imo... good shit..this one seems official homie...dime
Posted By: BENSON THA GREAT - 2012-07-28

i can see if ticket, phil, or just c hates on u..because of beef reasons..but these other kids playing follow the leader just to grasp onto some nuts for protection or trying to gain there FUCKIN RIDICULOUS!!!!HAHAHAHHAHA LB NUTJOCKIN AT ITS FINEST..STOP IT lol
Posted By: BENSON THA GREAT - 2012-07-28

dope beat-i like your mic presence on this joint..bars was dope..i cnat see emo in hiphop-it just dont spell hiphop.but j in my ears this was dope..10..
Posted By: RELLE - 2012-07-29

hahaha emo. what the hell these dudes listenin to. sounds like you jus droppin it down homie.. keep up the pressure.. sooner or lata these hataz will perish.
Posted By: WHITZ - 2012-07-29

im done playing with u banks. just drop it.. your a good emcee,,,but i did what i had to do.. lets keep it moving from here. peace.
Posted By: John J - 2012-07-29

good shit, keep dropping more
Posted By: -Viipa - 2012-07-29

nice shit dude and fuck haters, like I alwayss say, u only got haters when you doing somethin good :D
Posted By: Venomoussss - 2012-07-29

ok if you gonna white flag ill spare ya life fag :) until next time
Posted By: Phil Banks - 2012-07-29

suck it eazy^
Posted By: John J - 2012-07-29

nice shit homie .. keep grindin J // 10
Posted By: ZEE_DA_OUTLAW - 2012-07-29

wtf emo? this real track shit, imo emo is a depressed goth, not in hiphop unless u actually start cryin on a track!! this just had feeling.....nice
Posted By: Boss-MC - 2012-07-29

Posted By: Anonymity - 2012-07-29

J one thing tho......stop gettin ur girl to vote on ur shit dude, its embarrassing "i love you babe ur the greatest" let her tell u that at home, not as basically a multi account with xo's in it!! hahaahah she clearly doesnt fuck with this site, and noone here really cares what she has 2 say (no disrespect) but it is kinda bad!ahahahaha
Posted By: Boss-MC - 2012-07-29

I see they got u back into lights out mode lol. What dissing n getting dissed does to ya. Fuck whoever created the emo rap slogan. Emo rap lol. All gothed out with white makeup and eyeliner rapping lol.
Posted By: KFLu - 2012-07-29

^^boss lmao.
Posted By: KFLu - 2012-07-29

2nd listen my dude...this shit hella good man....hook to verses....killed it allday John
Posted By: IllesTMarX - 2012-07-29

lmao@ boss.. she'll kick my ass if i tell her stay off, lmfao
Posted By: John J - 2012-07-30

yea that would be yelawolf Kful, lmao
Posted By: John J - 2012-07-30

Tbh this wasnt bad at all.Some people do get the ''emo'' term confused a bit more than normal.Like if i was to write a track based off my life in the past 6 months katz would consider it ''emo'' and all i could do is tell em they wouldnt be able to stand they ground if they walked a mile in my shoes.all bs aside john this was dope,This is your track game your not really a punchline artist more about writing tracks like this keep grinding
Posted By: Murderous Swag - 2012-07-30

dimes.. this is emo? nah.. this is hip hop.. faggots saying shits emo... you clearly are too young, or stupid to know what the fuck hip hop is. what you listened to right here is what " hip hop " was all about. sadly its not about that anymore. but there are still kats that put it down like it should be. J, you merked it.. this shit is dope as fuck... take that from me.. thats why u got REAL hip hop heads telling you its dope. dont stress bout the dummies comparing you to drake. be happy you dont impress fans like him... they aint bout hip hop. BANG!!!!
Posted By: PLP_omh - 2012-07-31

i rate, hmmm 10
Posted By: -Viipa - 2012-08-02

KFLu: 10
Venomoussss: 10
Phil Banks: 10
Anonymity: 10
JohnJsGirl: 10
IllesTMarX: 10
Boss-MC: 10
-Viipa: 10
Danger Rich: 10
PLP_omh: 10
Murderous Swag: 9

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