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  Basic Text Tournament #15

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  Length: 32 Lines

"My grandma passed away"

Coldstorms Dad

Coldstorms Dad


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Very relatable, moving, inspirational, truly. Barely, grave that pulls noose sees. Live brave! Be bold, dude!
Rated: 10

Posted on: 2017-05-27 18:39:35 Private Message Uniplural

I fucks with it bruh good drop
Rated: 10

Posted on: 2017-05-27 19:50:27 Private Message YC

R.i.p granny
Rated: 7

Posted on: 2017-05-27 20:03:25 Private Message RAPpintor

Moving piece. I can relate, as I've recently lost my grandma too.
Rated: 10

Posted on: 2017-05-28 15:28:34 Private Message Cel

Sorry to hear man, God bless
Rated: 10

Posted on: 2017-05-29 15:10:59 Private Message Curfew

R.I.P to your grandma bro. no condolence in the world can bring someone back, thats the tough part about death. keep ya head up
Rated: 10

Posted on: 2017-05-31 07:17:01 Private Message Bnas

Rated: 10

Posted on: 2017-06-15 12:08:17 Private Message STARBOY

Damnn that's deep

Posted on: 2017-06-16 23:07:20 Private Message coldstorm


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