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Battle started: January 12th at 02:26
Challenger joined: January 12th at 12:47

Voting has ended for this battle (battle finished on 2019-01-12 12:47:38).

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Expo/Wordplay: Real/reel and Wall i/ Walleye.. Walleye is a fish.. Other shit is kinda comlex so ask for a expo after the battle drops.. 

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Posted on: 2019-01-12 02:33:57 Private Message Apollyon

Ima see if I can grab this. 

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Posted on: 2019-01-12 10:34:35 Private Message Vuitton

Any expos needed ask, before making dumb naive votes. 

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Posted on: 2019-01-12 13:09:15 Private Message Vuitton


Felt Vuitton had some out of the box shit here, but Phe set his ideas up better. He was smoother and more relevant. Vuitton had some dope shit but his wording could've been cleaner.


Phe's wording was smooth, and his setups were direct and quite creative. The multis rolled off the tongue and there wasn't any parts that I felt were choppy. Vuitton's ideas were more complex but his setups weren't as relevant and in some parts the wording was unnatural. BIT WEARY / IN THEORY / INQUIRIES didn't work and I don't think Phe is pronounced Fee since his name was Phenomenon before. 'This allusion' (this, ya losing) was forced.


Both had nice openers, but I felt Phe's 1st bar more cos it was smoother and quite creative. Vuitton's opener didn't land with a lotta sting, the last setup had some wierd wording. Phe had some dope shit in the middle, like the whole mansion bar but Avicci one didn't really land imo. Could've been set up better. Vuitton the Lexus whips shit could've been dope but the multis were quite stretched. The next bar was real nice, tho the setup was longwinded. I felt both closers fell flat, the setups could've been worded differently to bring more sting to the punches.

Overall, Phe gets this one with a smoother and more consistent verse, with less errors. Vuttion had a more hit/miss type verse due to the poor execution at times and against a verse like Phe's, it cost you. Nice battle tho guys.

Voted: Apollyon: 7 / Vuitton: 6
Posted on: 2019-01-12 14:09:13 Private Message KG The Prince

I thought the only way i got ever so slightly improve this could have been.'so quit WONDERING WHAT WE SEE when'even as a wizard you still couldn't bring a beat back'could have restructured the words to 'as a wiazard you still couldn't bring back a beat, see' and that could work well with the double sylable rhyme of AVI-CII. But hey i still gave it a 10. but both very close :)

Voted: Apollyon: 10 / Vuitton: 9
Posted on: 2019-01-12 15:48:33 Private Message Lilla

wow this was close, i like "tackling sicksicker scripts" dat was a hard ver, vuition i like da "placebo add ins" nice one right there, however da "im best wit writs"  was kinda self hyped verse but both did their thing here. fv no h8

Voted: Apollyon: 7 / Vuitton: 7
Posted on: 2019-01-12 23:35:54 Private Message RashDecision

alright alright alright both brought some cool stuff and both brought some dodgy shit. phe what is 'trampling quicker shit' ? weird wording. the throwing tantrums line waa basic but i liked it. cool lil one liner. conjuring avicii was also pretty cool cause it relates to real life shit. albeit not all that recent. also i liked the make out line cause ir came with a clean relevant setup. imo tho u were kinds all over the place with ur concepts.. it was almost like evrry line had its own concept when connecting 2 with the same concept may have made them hit harder. just my opinion.

vuitton u started with a super predictable line. U should use the opener to set thr tone for the entire verse. lacked the cajun also very simple. i do tthink the tax evasion nameplay was dope as well as the closer. both cool nameplays. u definitely closed the verse stronger than u opened it. Big L was another predictable one.  the this allusion wordplay was jist bad. it doesn't sound like this ya losing whatsoever... overrall i think phe gets this with a lil more creativity and less reaches. .better use of space considering he didn't come with any extremely simple stuff like vuittons opener. both had some good stuff but phe had less bad stuff. fairz in good battle boys. 

Voted: Apollyon: 6 / Vuitton: 5
Posted on: 2019-01-13 02:49:57 Private Message trippy

Could I grab an expo dude?

Voted: Apollyon: 7 / Vuitton: 5
Posted on: 2019-01-13 06:27:05 Private Message Nickle

This site is a joke honestly. RoadBlock your trash, send a verse. Tyrant you used a Thomas Edison line in ya last verse bro .. dont talk about anything predictable or played out when you do that. 

Comment Only
Posted on: 2019-01-13 09:18:14 Private Message Vuitton

This was really close. I enjoyed reading both 16s. Read them twice coz i couldnt decide. But heres my fair. Good battle 

Voted: Apollyon: 8 / Vuitton: 8
Posted on: 2019-01-13 15:58:01 Private Message Salford

Jimmy Hoffa
Grand Champion
Winter Text Champion
Concept Champion
Scheme Champion
Custom Beat Champion
Tag Team Champion

LBT Champion

Felt Phe was just sharper here with punches that connected better from start to finish. More consistent verse here, as well. Saw a few instances of reaching that weren't awful, but weren't good either (conjuring Avicii), but overall the verse was pretty decent. Vuitton you had some fairly decent ideas, but I feel like your execution of your punches let you down here, and by that I mean shit like your wordplay just wasn't very good at all at times (this ya losing doesn't sound like this allusion, so that wasn't very good), plus Phe/fee and anything to do with money is probably the most obvious nameplay you can think of for your opponent. The punches like the two I just mentioned cost you here.

Voted: Apollyon: 7 / Vuitton: 6
Posted on: 2019-01-13 17:54:28 Private Message Jimmy Hoffa

I haven't read the persuasive comment btw.


I took my time reading your verse, I mean it was alright but you could've expanded on so many concepts within it. Like you had really good concepts, but you poorly executed them. Work on expanding your punches to be included in the setup.

Also, when you said "quick to drop Phe(fee)" I think you should've said "quick to drop a fee (Phe)" and expanded more on the punch, being "tax evasion.

Overall you missed a lot of areas in terms of punches and setups. You also selfhyped in the second line, don't do that bro, that's what rookies do. Some rhymes felt like a stretch, as you had more "like" words than expanding on the setup to formulate the punch. 

In total it was an alright verse, just try to improve on what i've stated.


Good verse in total, a lot of old concepts were brought in but refreshed in a creative manner. E.g. "CONJURING AVICII" that line was pretty sick.

You expanded on the setups better than your opponent and your intro was really well throught out.

Felt like it wasn't your best one though, some rhymes felt weak but they were expanded on/covered by the punches that were effective.


Voted: Apollyon: 7 / Vuitton: 5
Posted on: 2019-01-13 22:53:05 Private Message Nickle

Fair is tossed

Voted: Apollyon: 6 / Vuitton: 7
Posted on: 2019-01-14 00:49:19 Private Message CSKiLLz

I felt that Phe put forth more effort than his opponent did as far as multis go for starters. Phe's multis if you spell out all the syllables actually work pretty well with each other and rhyme very good, although slightly awkward at some parts (BIT WEARY WIT RESTLESS SCRIPTS and IN THEORY, IM BEST WIT WRITS) but it still worked out fairly good. Vuitton's multis, IMO, were weaker than Phe's. 

I felt that some of Vuitton's lines were slightly stretched. Phe came in with heavier punchlines than his opponent did and he also formatted the structure of his verse better whereas his opponent's verse flowed too akwardly for me. 

For these reasons I believe Phe won the battle. FV

Voted: Apollyon: 9 / Vuitton: 6
Posted on: 2019-01-14 23:21:23 Private Message Barzooka


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