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  Basic Text Tournament #15

Dr Evil <GoToSleep>
3.67/5 stars3.67/5 stars3.67/5 stars3.67/5 stars3.67/5 stars
Vote on this battle! Alzie vs Wurz

  Length: 16 Lines

Xwizit (20%)
Ranked 23 of 140,836 This Month (#899 All Time)
6.33/10 stars6.33/10 stars6.33/10 stars6.33/10 stars6.33/10 stars6.33/10 stars6.33/10 stars6.33/10 stars6.33/10 stars6.33/10 stars
Crew: G.O.A.T.
Reppin: Newark, New Jersey, United States
Bleu is on FIRE! 20+ wins in a row!Bleu (80%) WINNER
3x Grand Champion
Tag Team Champion
Scheme Champion

2x Custom Beat Champion
Ranked -- of 140,836 This Month (#1334 All Time)
7.86/10 stars7.86/10 stars7.86/10 stars7.86/10 stars7.86/10 stars7.86/10 stars7.86/10 stars7.86/10 stars7.86/10 stars7.86/10 stars
Crew: None
Reppin: Barbados




Battle started: February 12th 2017 at 20:40
Challenger joined: February 17th 2017 at 00:00

Voting has ended for this battle (battle finished on 2017-02-17 00:00:56).


Finished here


I feel like consistency got this. War started strong but got a little weaker as his verse went on. Bleu brought the heat throughout. Good battle guys. Posted on: 2017-02-17 04:37:16 Private Message Finished here



Ok this was dope i fuck wirh yah. But the middle man line ended the battle fv the fuck in gud.battle Voted: Xwizit: 8 / Bleu: 8
Posted on: 2017-02-17 01:03:43 Private Message ROCK PAPER DT

Im shocked! WAR came just about Flawless! And here i am thinking he was rusty. Hats Off. Nice battle Niggus! Voted: Xwizit: 8 / Bleu: 7
Posted on: 2017-02-17 01:08:16 Private Message A M E N

Thug Killaa


Warsand; I thought you over did it with nameplays and it got redundant after a few bars, I was digging the big hand/smackdown concept and the punch wasn't bad either. The Azula line was fire and your best bar. Other than that I felt that you could polish your wording in your build ups to the punch at times such as the bolt from bleu line. I appreciate the fact that you used personals. Some of them didn't translate into hard punches though. Bleu, I felt that you had the more creative ideas and the wording was on point too. The hot seat line and the old jersey lines were your best. I felt that you didn't limit your bars to just nameplay which gave you more room to fresher concepts. Dope battle, fair is in Voted: Xwizit: 7 / Bleu: 8
Posted on: 2017-02-17 01:16:53 Private Message Thug Killaa


Grand Champion

There were some ups and down with both verses. Warsand, I think some of the phrasing in your set ups became really redundant and repetitive at times. And that sort of hitch in readability seemed to really inhibit the impact of the punchlines they were used to set up. I also thought that some of the conceptual basis for the punchlines yo used, especially in the set ups, could have been taken in some much more creative direction. Something your opponent sort of addressed without addressing in his opener. Bleu, I think later in your verse, the shifting from one concept to another in regards to a long bar format style of reading became a bit awkward at times, because the shit between the initial concept and its proceeding concept lacked a stronger basis. A good example of this would be the bar saying: "Grit Your Teeth & Bear It, my MOVES FLING MOLARS.." With a stronger way to tie this line into itself, it could read almost as a second punchline leading into its following concept shift. But, because of the sort of bland transition this held you back some in that regard toward the end. That said, I think my winner had a smoother readability with an execution of some slightly stronger concepts and punchlines overall. Voted: Xwizit: 6 / Bleu: 7
Posted on: 2017-02-18 00:51:57 Private Message Rant

Jimmy Hoffa
Scheme Champion

Felt this was extremely close. One I feel had a few punches that didn't necessarily hit at all, but I feel he had some great turn of phrase punches that really brought some good impact. I also felt he did a great job of structuring his verse cleanly throughout the whole 16. Other I feel had great punches as well and his verse is always a clean read, however, I feel that some of his punches really lacked a proper build to them compared to what they should have been, meaning they only came across as jabs in comparison to heavy punches. Overall, this is very close, but I have one getting this by a hair based on consistency throughout the verse. I even switched my vote midway through because of how close it was. Fair is in. Voted: Xwizit: 7 / Bleu: 7
Posted on: 2017-02-18 01:33:35 Private Message Jimmy Hoffa


LBT King
Concept Champion

This was really, really close. I feel like Sand took a really good personal angle and had some harder hitting bars as a result. I really wish that every, single bar wasn't a nameplay cuz it wore a little thin by the end and lessened the impact of stuff that shoulda been more solid. Bleu brought his usual from a flow and execution standpoint. Idk if he had anything that hit as hard as Sand's hardest but he was more consistent as far as impact and creativity. Cinflip but after 3 times through I got a winner. Voted: Xwizit: 8 / Bleu: 8
Posted on: 2017-02-18 19:26:23 Private Message Esso

Very heavy shut fellas..... Honestly had to read a cpl times... Two damn near perfect verses in my book.. def. A lesson in proper text key'n for those of us on the come up... Honestly hard to vote to in no way can I say this was one sided or an easy vic. My vote his goes to who's verse I liked the most.. to Sand ..mad punches great personal plays.. dope read.. I won't say one they punches harder than the other I will jus say I related to one verse more judging from my own style of key'n .. great job.. y'all should def. Go at it again Voted: Xwizit: 9 / Bleu: 9
Posted on: 2017-02-19 00:54:24 Private Message Metatron

Concept Champion
Tag Team Champion

This battle was fire. I read 3 times before making my decision. One had nicer personals and the other had better overall punches. Both of you had smooth wording and great execution. Some dope double entendres from both. War had some nice name flips and bleu had some solid haymakers. Overall, I found ones verse more entertaining and had a few more bars that stuck out to me. Fairs dropped Voted: Xwizit: 8 / Bleu: 8
Posted on: 2017-02-19 12:36:44 Private Message Manhattan

Basic Member

Slightly more consistent and tighter imo. Both was actually dope Voted: Xwizit: 8 / Bleu: 8
Posted on: 2017-02-19 12:54:00 Private Message Sawyer

I'm giving the vote to War. Could go either way based off preference Voted: Xwizit: 9 / Bleu: 9
Posted on: 2017-02-19 20:49:34 Private Message Dexter3


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