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ALL-BOROALL-BORO is on FIRE! 5+ wins in a row! vs Alzie
Style: Freestyle
2 Votes 3.375 stars3.375 stars3.375 stars3.375 stars3.375 stars
ContagiousZ vs leemur
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
2 Votes 2.4166666666667 stars2.4166666666667 stars2.4166666666667 stars2.4166666666667 stars2.4166666666667 stars
ContagiousZ vs RicanRican is on FIRE! 5+ wins in a row!
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
4 Votes 3.25 stars3.25 stars3.25 stars3.25 stars3.25 stars
CasperTheOne vs BarzookaBarzooka is on FIRE! 5+ wins in a row!
Style: Freestyle Blind Drop
4 Votes 2.6875 stars2.6875 stars2.6875 stars2.6875 stars2.6875 stars
Dracula Fink vs CasperTheOne
Style: Freestyle
3 Votes 2.8333333333333 stars2.8333333333333 stars2.8333333333333 stars2.8333333333333 stars2.8333333333333 stars
ContagiousZ vs BarzookaBarzooka is on FIRE! 5+ wins in a row!
Style: Freestyle
2 Votes 2.375 stars2.375 stars2.375 stars2.375 stars2.375 stars

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Style: Written Length: 60 Seconds · Retries: Yes · Beat: Acapella (or custom) · Produced By: Letsbeef

ALL-BOROALL-BORO is on FIRE! 5+ wins in a row! (100%) WINNER
Ranked 5 of 142,451 This Month (#72 All Time)
8.72/10 stars8.72/10 stars8.72/10 stars8.72/10 stars8.72/10 stars8.72/10 stars8.72/10 stars8.72/10 stars8.72/10 stars8.72/10 stars
Crew: The Sore Winners
Reppin: Bronx, New York, United States
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ContagiousZ (0%)
Ranked 13 of 142,451 This Month (#1653 All Time)
6.37/10 stars6.37/10 stars6.37/10 stars6.37/10 stars6.37/10 stars6.37/10 stars6.37/10 stars6.37/10 stars6.37/10 stars6.37/10 stars
Crew: None
Reppin: World, World, World
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Battle started: March 18th at 12:44
Challenger joined: March 18th at 16:55

Voting has ended for this battle (battle finished on 2019-03-18 16:55:50).


Grand Champion
Winter Text Champion
2x Concept Champion
2x Scheme Champion
Custom Beat Champion
Tag Team Champion

One-sided. Boro didn't have that "chip on his shoulder" delivery, he had that "I own you" style delivery for this one, whereas Contagious was weak in all areas and didn't even try to ride a beat of any kind. Next time try not snipe a Hall of Famer well above your level, I guess.

Posted on: 2019-03-19 19:48:01 Private Message Rieper



Good shit Z gl

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Posted on: 2019-03-18 17:02:42 Private Message ALL-BORO

Yeah I haven't listened to yours yet, but im familiar with your stuff, and prolly wouldnt had accepted after listening so.......imma listen now, gl 2 u as well

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Posted on: 2019-03-18 17:57:42 Private Message ContagiousZ

Damn it, custom beat, my only worry when i went atcha blind, hopefully voters dont hold it against me too much

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Posted on: 2019-03-18 18:00:54 Private Message ContagiousZ

Gotta give this one to all boro, both brought it, but I felt like he has the better flow. Good battle fv.

Voted: ALL-BORO: 9 / ContagiousZ: 7
Posted on: 2019-03-18 19:27:00 Private Message TP aka Porker

frfr gb fv

Voted: ALL-BORO: 8 / ContagiousZ: 7
Posted on: 2019-03-19 22:09:51 Private Message Dracula Fink

Thank you for the advice Rieper, I guess we both got beat by a better opponent, too bad i didnt have a bunch of Rewards to put in pretty colors with my name, then I could use my "better than you all" rep. to take a stabb at someone for telling the truth about a battle i should lose, but wont because of the pull i have, unfortunately i can respect peoples honest feedback, because i want to improve my craft ALWAYS. I dont rhyme to have others worship me, nor do give a fuck about prizes, trophies, or anything else that says "i'm better than you all" before i say a word........I respect Hip Hop too much to let dudes that give the culture a "hollywood" feel....i am sorry that youre not always gonna get your way, equality for all doesnt mean after you...and I believe LB.COM his attempting to keep it hip hop and to the root of our cause, so for the second time today imma give you my opionated aqdvice.....DON'T BE A SORE LOSER, YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT LETSBEEF.COM better than that, and in doing so REPRESENT HIP HOP, stop acting like a RAPPER....this ain't hollywood, fakeness and deception isn't things are done in HIP HOP.......thank you for just jazzing with me , I know you was just toying around.....if your boys always agree with you, they are NOT YOUR FRIENDS, I am more of a friend..................Z_The Truth will set us Free............Truth Bringers Lg.279-3

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Posted on: 2019-03-19 23:54:56 Private Message ContagiousZ

'Presidential Energy' hot off the TOP LIKE ITS SOLAR RAYS, Send POPS TO THE GOLDEN AGE w/SHOTS TO THE MOTOR CAID! He'll ROT IN THE LOWEST GRAVE Ya POSTURE BELOW THE GRADE, All 'out of place' like I'm POPPIN YA SHOULDER BLADE! No 'room to rest' these ROCKETS AH GO TO SPACE, shittin on ya toilet water DROPS TIL MA COLON BREAK! Nothin you spit 'bubble up' POP W/THE SODA TASTE, 'Pull strings ta drug em' ROCK N ROLL IN THE BASS! If it's 'beef on my PLATE' I'M SCRAPIN THE DISHES, & whut he 'cheffin is bitch' that's RACHEL RAY IN THE KITCHEN! The K'LL SPRAY THRU YA LINENS It's no DEBATED DECISION, 'Focus the rage' to 'open ya FACE' N SCRAPE W/INCISIONS! I don't 'favor the chickens' Boro RIP HEARTS APART cuz ya 'style wudn be kicking' w/ MIXED MARTIAL ARTS! How a FISH SPAR WIT A SHARK 'clip in' DISCHARGE AT A MARK, 'Tide spinin ya top' wen the RINSE CYCLE INVOLVED!

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Posted on: 2019-03-20 20:06:11 Private Message ALL-BORO


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