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Lost N Found.
By: BizNasty
11 Listens
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if thats ur own audio production thats some real dope shit right there man!! infact holler at joe muggz for airing this on the LB radio man the flow was right there, so glad u kept it tight with a little of the grime and ol school flava man.very good drop!
Posted By: The Saaxxx Baba - 2019-07-05

Flames my man. Hook was catchy, whole track mellow and bouncy. Link me anytime u drop. 1/
Posted By: RULE - 2019-07-06

thank you for the feedback i appreciate it.
Posted By: BizNasty - 2019-07-07

Yeeeaaaa this is fireeee... I can ride to this.. dope mix n flo... salute
Posted By: Joe MuGGz - 2019-07-07

damn this shit bangs. lyrics nt my thing, but the flow, beat, hook, all fucking insane. one of my fav tracks on here lately. you slayed this
Posted By: n e r o - 2019-07-07

This dope bro. Never heard of your audio or tracks and won’t be the last time I hear it. Got a rap voice like me lol but the beat, hook and verse was fire. Song bangs defo.. I thought this site had no hope but I finally listen to a track and my guy came through. Les eat
Posted By: CakedOut - 2019-07-09

Its dope an nice flow, good sound quality n production with this one too, hooks nice and goes with it well, yeah you just went with the beat legitly, its a good track dude keep making em cause you got the skills.
Posted By: Supsie - 2019-07-09

get 'em!
Posted By: BeyondLunatic999 - 2019-07-09

This was really catchy, a great listen and very well-produced. The flow was sick, and the way that the lyrics, delivery and production fit together is something I really liked.
Posted By: Kiwi Peewee - 2019-07-09

Dope flow and hook, smooth delivery
Posted By: X - 2019-07-10

Damn this is the first I've heard of you and holy shit you're nice, bro. Dope ass flow and catchy hook, as well. Lyrics were pretty solid for sure but like guts said it ain't really my thing, either. Dope drop, though, fam. Dimed.
Posted By: Jimmy Hoffa - 2019-07-17

This is fire.
Posted By: Barzooka - 2019-07-17

Supsie: 10
The Saaxxx Baba: 10
Kiwi Peewee: 10
Jimmy Hoffa: 10
Barzooka: 10
BeyondLunatic999: 10
CakedOut: 10
RULE: 10
n e r o: 9
Joe MuGGz: 9
X: 9

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