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  Basic Audio Tournament #21
Audacity8787 vs Bnas
Style: Freestyle
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Audacity8787 vs Reptaur
Style: Freestyle
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Audacity8787 vs lynwood shame
Style: Freestyle
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Audacity8787 vs lynwood shame
Style: Freestyle
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Money Callin.
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i was feeling this joint...shit had hella swagg-qulaity was par..good shit..
Posted By: RELLE - 2013-01-10

Thanks my G... Definitely one of my favorite joints
Posted By: ELOH STACKz - 2013-01-10

Ya went in.... def got a dope delivery bruh....not my favorite subject of a rap song... but i can respect the effort n shit... you def got skill bruh keep it up wanna see some fast shit from ya
Posted By: Phil Banks - 2013-01-11

Damn bruh, u got some potential..ur delivery is crack as fuck n it was a nice beat as well..keep that fire comin fam n hmu fa a collab too if u want
Posted By: ADvOcAtE™ - 2013-01-14

Nasty! Gimme some feedback on my battles famzo
Posted By: Denton - 2013-07-04

Hell Yeah Sick!!
Posted By: CaptainBeale - 2013-11-04

beat slaps. you rode it well, flow was sharp and very smooth for the genre choice. i like. dimed.
Posted By: The Prince S - 2013-11-24

Dope beat, Like the dial tone in the bacc. Vocals was there, Delivery, Beats knoccin'...I'll give it a dime. Rate Bacc Yo.
Posted By: UhhMAZING - 2013-11-24

Feeling This Like A Lush One Intro.
Posted By: Lizman - 2013-11-24

dimed fa sho tana said it best. yung nation beats be live
Posted By: CakedOut - 2013-11-24

This was nice as shit.
Posted By: Babylon - 2013-11-24

This was nice as shit.
Posted By: Babylon - 2013-11-24

this aint really my style, never been a fan of this sort of flow. that being said, fuck it ima still dime it based on the fact that i'll probably remember a few of those bars for a minute, plus the beat had me noddin. not to mention a pretty high production value.
Posted By: Dirty Work - 2013-11-25

not my kind of song but u went in...kinda made me wanna try that style out...hit me up with a collab fam
Posted By: OSKAR - 2013-11-25

I think this shit!!! DIMED HOMIE!!
Posted By: BizNasty - 2013-11-25

shit was dope... beat goes stupid...
Posted By: Ray Zeus - 2013-11-26

Very nice. I like the flow, delivery, and the beat. Sick as hell. Dimed
Posted By: A713N™ - 2013-11-26

Appreciate all the feedback... Keep em coming
Posted By: ELOH STACKz - 2013-11-27

cosign phil, not neccessarily my type of song but it was nice
Posted By: stricc - 2013-11-27

Posted By: LiLBearMuahfuga - 2013-11-28

Ha Good shit ~
Posted By: Proctologist - 2013-12-02

Shits nice
Posted By: Subreal - 2013-12-05

Yo this was pretty dope....Should think of doing audio fam.
Posted By: Manhattan - 2013-12-07 callin!! I was feeling the hook on this one. That R2D2 line stuck out the most to me on this track. Good quality vocals on this joint too. I like the joint. Save a spot for me on some upcoming tracks so I can punchline these niggaz to Dime of purp!
Posted By: K$Love - 2013-12-08

Yea money calling! I was feeling this joint. Nice hook on this one and the R2D2 line stuck out this most to me. Nice quality vocals on it too. Save a spot on some upcoming tracks for me so I can body these niggaz with the punchlines! lol. Dime of purp!
Posted By: K$Love - 2013-12-08

Didn't mean to give you no zero kid. Comp fucked up me me
Posted By: K$Love - 2013-12-08

this shit is nice as fuck yo..swaggy everywhere, you got a fuckin sick delivery. its what philly said
Posted By: FiNAL WoRD - 2013-12-13

nice track bro. not really a fan of this type of flow bro but was digging the bars and the hook and instrumental. some nice stand out lines & the beat is dope as fuck. and the intro was nice dude. sick track though bro. dimed
Posted By: Arsine - 2013-12-15

remix w/ tha grizzle tho. im downloadin this bro. Lets get it tho #MURDA
Posted By: GRizzEAT - 2013-12-18

Eloh goes in forreal, murder.
Posted By: AfterThought - 2013-12-19

This is pretty sick, good vocal. n catchy beat.
Posted By: Lord SP - 2013-12-20

bubble gum
Posted By: Craig Low - 2013-12-21

this my shit right here
Posted By: Pugz - 2013-12-26

"enough birds in the crib to star a free zoo" fire bro>>
Posted By: tyco RC - 2013-12-30

Catchy, Nice Beat! G-Shit
Posted By: S|W|I|T|Z|E|R - 2014-01-11

Yeeaaaa Stackz! Get em! (late)
Posted By: Joe MuGGz - 2014-01-28

shit BUMP.. overall composition was tight, feeling a lot of it, delivery was on point, subject wasnt really my cup of tea but yo.. you put in work and that's all that matters, "GET EMMMMMMMM (Methodman Voice)
Posted By: V3numb - 2014-04-12

sounds like some luda type shit...sweet hook and material. nice ft from O. geezy..peace
Posted By: RAW DAWG - 2014-10-21

not my type of music but catchy as fuck, imma download
Posted By: insomnia¢ - 2015-09-25

That Hook, did it's job, was hooked ever since I heard that Ring Ring Ring... Good work on all aspects in general!
Posted By: PeacefulW4RRIOR - 2017-02-02

Pugz: 10
Manhattan: 10
The Prince S: 10
Lord SP: 10
stricc: 10
CakedOut: 10
A713N™: 10
PeacefulW4RRIOR: 10
BizNasty: 10
S|W|I|T|Z|E|R: 10
insomnia¢: 10
Subreal: 10
Joe MuGGz: 10
Denton: 10
Lizman: 10
tyco RC: 10
V3numb: 10
Arsine: 10
ADvOcAtE™: 10
Ray Zeus: 10
AfterThought: 10
Dirty Work: 10
FiNAL WoRD: 10
Proctologist: 9
GRizzEAT: 9
K$Love: 0

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