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Fight Music Freestyle (SOLO).
By: Bnas
322 Listens
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1 part glitched for some reason, it aint phasin me tho, stay up LB!
Posted By: Bnas - 2011-10-15

Dope man, nice free
Posted By: Hyppi - 2011-10-15

forgot to vote
Posted By: Hyppi - 2011-10-15

good free, fv
Posted By: Queen Ddizzle - 2011-10-15

Bnaz a monster with the free's!! Bars for days going Savage, flow was dope multis were on point and wordpay was nice..Ez 10 bro
Posted By: DMK - 2011-10-15

this shit is harder dope !!
Posted By: A-JAY - 2011-10-15

very nice fam decent free
Posted By: ~kLyNyKaL~ - 2011-10-15

Im On IT!
Posted By: Doc T - 2011-10-15

take this down Naz ill send u what i recorded!
Posted By: Doc T - 2011-10-15

nice shit man, definitly wanna see this come together completly. dimes bro!
Posted By: M3GATRON - 2011-10-16

this was pretty damn nice for a free..better then some of your battle frees..good beat choice for your flow..i'll 9 it cuz its unfinished
Posted By: SIXX-SHOTT - 2011-10-16

Dope ish.
Posted By: GRizzEAT - 2011-10-16

nice freestyle BNAZ
Posted By: KevɔRkiəN™ - 2011-10-16

not bad for a freestyle i give you props on that..solid 9
Posted By: K Rizzy - 2011-10-16

dope freestyle for dope instrumentals
Posted By: -RED-BARON- - 2011-10-16

Sick free, Keept wit da beat an killed it nice
Posted By: Lil Red Rova - 2011-10-16

Good ish if doc t hops on dis it will be ILL !
Posted By: D3FIANCE - 2011-10-16

good shit my man, you ripped it, there is never a battle or cypher with you where u dont say dog haha no hate, just sayin haha...nice one. kron
Posted By: Kronologik - 2011-10-16

Co-sign Kronologik aha, I use Dog and Yee for fillers, Im not the best freestyler but I am tryin, one day itll just be pure crack soarin out ma mouth
Posted By: Bnas - 2011-10-16

Posted By: Master-Mind - 2011-10-16

Good shit homie except for the last 2 minutes of no lyrics lol
Posted By: INKEDUP - 2011-10-16

cool freestyle
Posted By: sWORDz - 2011-10-16

No question its a 10
Posted By: SJBlazin - 2011-10-16

Posted By: K I L L M I K E S - 2011-10-16

Posted By: K I L L M I K E S - 2011-10-16

Cool $hit here . keep it up
Posted By: Phracture - 2011-10-16

pretty good mc keep up the good work
Posted By: nine7eight - 2011-10-16

that's wat i'm tlkn bout homie
Posted By: Jesta Clown - 2011-10-16

Crackin Joint!!
Posted By: Beyond Lunatic - 2011-10-17

Posted By: TheGentleman - 2011-10-17

on point for a freestyle.. good shit
Posted By: reEFer - 2011-10-17

sick shit like always keep it up fam
Posted By: nine7eight - 2011-10-17

You Went Stuuppiiee'!
Posted By: Yung Devaly - 2011-10-17

damb goin bannas bnaz...dime for da free
Posted By: n e r o - 2011-10-18

Posted By: n e r o - 2011-10-18

Dope track famz flow was nice and crisp
Posted By: Wizdumb - 2011-10-18

The energy an intensity thru the speakers...gotta love it for sure....respect!
Posted By: Tain - 2011-10-18

yep nice
Posted By: KevɔRkiəN™ - 2011-10-18

very solid free here. its def. above par compared to your battle frees. nice little beat to cypher to as well. good shit.
Posted By: Miqueas - 2011-10-18

nice shit yo
Posted By: Ohs - 2011-10-18

Bit on the short side, other than that, not a bad drop. "stop your game like a freeze frame" was probably your nicest punch. Nice freestyle altogether. Diggin the beat too.
Posted By: Mayneak - 2011-10-18

Pretty dope, rode the beat nicely, Rhymes could improve a bit though, still nice for a freestyle
Posted By: exZACHly - 2011-10-19

nicee man
Posted By: Bunny Boy - 2011-10-19

nice lil freestye my dude...10 for this shit nodoubt & sorry bout the late response mad bizzy, but I cosing wit Miqueas
Posted By: IllesTMarX - 2011-10-19

Dope shizzle ma nizzle!! nice beat.. makes me wanna jab lizman in the face..Dope
Posted By: TRIGGERHAPPY - 2011-10-19

Pretty cool lil job here son.
Posted By: Ticket - 2011-10-19

Keep going hard!
Posted By: L-Mase - 2011-10-19

dope shit man! real sick
Posted By: slikkie vik - 2011-10-19

This Is Epic! Anybody know how to download tracks? Please mail me if you do!
Posted By: fireHOT - 2011-10-20

YOU ARE WACK!! TRUE STORY Not a hater just and ur attempt at rap is horrible have a nice day
Posted By: KFLOW WGT - 2011-10-20

Hot You Have Your Own Type Of Flow I'm Able To How A Person Excel At Their Own Flow...That's What Makes Distinct.
Posted By: Sixshots - 2011-10-23

not bad my dude respect
Posted By: Letum - 2011-10-23

very good freestyle yo.. im impressed... you ride the beat well and the beat goes very well with your flow yo...aaah.. if i had my shit set up i would have like to drop on the end yo... good shit man
Posted By: MisterP - 2011-10-26

Posted By: Big-Ez - 2011-10-26

Posted By: ESEMZE - 2011-11-04

10 Dope freestyle you went in extra hard!and the instrumental was sick..
Posted By: kuniiii1 - 2012-02-15

This is fuckin sick. Nice flow and free from naz; GOOD LOOKS
Posted By: Original Ghost - 2012-02-15

i enjoyed this tbh fams.. good shit my dude.. stay up... Peace!
Posted By: 2FUEL - 2012-03-07

pretty dope
Posted By: AyKay - 2012-07-14

this a freestyle, damn homie you went in!!
Posted By: Slen - 2012-07-15

This Was the D12 Instrumentall tha Freestyle was Hot..but i Think it would've Been Better With Sum Multi Syllable,You shouldve Wrote for this..shit still go hard
Posted By: POP-CORN - 2012-07-15

dimed out! good freestyle drop 2 mins straight with the beat and no tripping, that's what i'm talking about. when i get my mic set up i might do one with u man haha, freestyle
Posted By: Snoopy316 - 2012-07-15

Pretty good for a free man, keep it up.
Posted By: Dono - 2012-07-15

if thats a freestyle, shit was fuckin nice dawg..
Posted By: ILLoKWENT - 2012-07-15

dope man, u rode the beat nicely
Posted By: r00k - 2012-09-04

you need to work on not sounding like your taking breath between each word... i mean really each word sounds like your yelling... you flow stayed on point for the most part tho... i would really work on spitting the verse more smooth.. this might sould like a joke but for a tip... sing for a while tell you can get your flow smoother...
Posted By: KING WHUT - 2012-09-05

not bad for a freestyle
Posted By: stricc - 2012-10-08

good shit lil homie, diggin it fa sho... ima get on this yo... look out..... 9
Posted By: Savage Capone - 2012-10-08

love the energy.....rhyme is clean.....think you can put the ryhme together better tho...overall its good
Posted By: BILLBIGGZ - 2012-10-09

love the energy.....rhyme is clean.....think you can put the ryhme together better tho...overall its good
Posted By: BILLBIGGZ - 2012-10-09

Posted By: monti - 2012-10-09

Pretty Nice
Posted By: MAD_SKILLZ - 2012-10-13

Posted By: Negative1 - 2014-03-08

Are me and KFLOW the only people with ears on our head? That actually hear what's coming out of this dudes mouth. I salute you for mustering up the courage to rap in front of people. But step it up man. You rhymed words, yay. I guess we can use this list to filter out who's really serious about the mic. Just keepin it real. How else can you get better ya know?
Posted By: -SMO- - 2014-04-18

This is some deadly shit bro
Posted By: Savage Bangz - 2014-04-20

Best not rate this being an Eminem fan :D lol
Posted By: Saxx - 2015-02-06

still killing it brother
Posted By: C Gilly666 - 2017-10-22

wo the freestyle isn't that bad,ill have to listin to the ole sng and understand the music track,
Posted By: JayDiamondScarFace - 2017-12-20

ya this is good. pretty cool
Posted By: RashDecision - 2018-07-07

i remember this one, dope fam
Posted By: SPEECHLESS - 2018-07-08

not bad ...compose yourself a little more control the beat dont let the beat control you just some straight advice no hate at all frees aren't easy
Posted By: Jdash - 2019-01-29

Posted By: JizzZMastaaaa - 2019-01-29

you choose the right beat dawg...you on it...get 'em.....#props
Posted By: BeyondLunatic999 - 2019-01-29

I'm not going to lie this was pretty fire. Good shit dog.
Posted By: Barzooka - 2019-01-29

this shit is fire dawg....well played mate.
Posted By: Wired Translation - 2019-01-30

holy shit fire
Posted By: BARzErk - 2019-02-05

Posted By: chandubaba - 2019-02-09

dope but lees yeahr
Posted By: fluxy - 2019-02-12

its pretty good
Posted By: fluxy - 2019-02-12

Always a good thing to check a artist drop freestyle audio,text,and enjoyable
Posted By: JayDiamondScarFace - 2019-03-13

Dope U feeling urself bruh good shit nice bars n good flow easy 9 from me as far as freestyles go!
Posted By: ADIDASTAT - 2019-04-12

this had the full POD and Rage Against The Machine feel without the heavier distortions ofcourse, but loved this shit man!! this shit is prolly the illest shit i have heard on this site! godspeed man!! keep at this, you can actly monetize stuffs like these man!
Posted By: The Saaxxx Baba - 2019-04-25

Original Ghost: 10
SJBlazin: 10
Slen: 10
MisterP: 10
Negative1: 10
Snoopy316: 10
Beyond Lunatic: 10
fireHOT: 10
DMK: 10
Big-Ez: 10
C Gilly666: 10
slikkie vik: 10
kuniiii1: 10
2FUEL: 10
Sixshots: 10
Doc T: 10
IllesTMarX: 10
chandubaba: 10
Wizdumb: 9
Dono: 9
Tain: 9
A-JAY: 9
K I L L M I K E S: 9
~kLyNyKaL~: 9
Letum: 9
Lil Red Rova: 9
Savage Capone: 9
Kronologik: 9
Wired Translation: 9
K Rizzy: 9
BARzErk: 9
Barzooka: 9
L-Mase: 9
Master-Mind: 9
Savage Bangz: 9
Hyppi: 9
GRizzEAT: 9
Bunny Boy: 8
BeyondLunatic999: 8
stricc: 8
TheGentleman: 8
AyKay: 8
nine7eight: 8
Miqueas: 8
Queen Ddizzle: 8
Mayneak: 8
KevɔRkiəN™: 8
Yung Devaly: 8
reEFer: 8
exZACHly: 8
monti: 8
sWORDz: 8
Ohs: 8
Phracture: 8
Jesta Clown: 7
Ticket: 7
JayDiamondScarFace: 6
RashDecision: 6
Jdash: 5
-SMO-: 1
fluxy: 0
The Saaxxx Baba: 0

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