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Cant Be Assed (J-Reddy DISS).
By: Bnas
155 Listens
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lyrics could be harder, but your agression and being the same tempo as the beat really made this a diss. generous rates.
Posted By: Row - 2014-04-10

dope. 10.
Posted By: RelentlessMC - 2014-04-10

Keep grindin fam...
Posted By: Joe MuGGz - 2014-04-10

Nice track, lol.
Posted By: Arakari - 2014-04-10

Lyrics should be harder. Beat was nice. Hook was decent. I'd say just take more time writing than thinking of the 1st things that come to your head.
Posted By: CakedOut - 2014-04-10

very Solid Diss. a little of everything. bars jokes and a good flow.
Posted By: HandWrapz - 2014-04-10

J reddy gonna duck
Posted By: Evil Stew Beef - 2014-04-10

aggression & energy dope like always. Expected lil more content but still FiiiiiRe. *Propz*
Posted By: The Dope Man - 2014-04-10

Fucking g track bro keep that shit up
Posted By: TPS - 2014-04-10

I honestly cant ass myself to write to long for the dude, this took me an hour to write/produce/edit/mix down and upload
Posted By: Bnas - 2014-04-10

Loved it, especially the waste of lines line
Posted By: CDogg123567 - 2014-04-10

Dope Diss
Posted By: Mr-Felon - 2014-04-10

Lyrics beat are really good... It just hard for me to see past the Canadian... your accent is heavy... but all in all good track bro! keep pushin!
Posted By: ChainsNThangs - 2014-04-10

bro...i feel like you should work on your lyrics but if you made this beat and rap to this in a hour then ima shoot you a higher vote...keep workin at it G
Posted By: EMDUB - 2014-04-10

Dope sick diss.
Posted By: Marz Da Gunna - 2014-04-13

Felt about the same as everyone else. I do see improvement though, and that's the biggest thing. Keep working man.
Posted By: Dono - 2014-04-13

it was an alright diss. i felt like the beat was louder then the vocals alot. it made an impact on the delivery of your track. although u sounded like you were spitting directly into the mic the volume levels made the difference. the flows got to come more naturally you started/ended some of your lines off beat. i look at shit like that alot. but a decent drop.
Posted By: Mob_Figure - 2014-04-13

cool, nice
Posted By: -Catastrophe- - 2014-04-13

Fv for my Canadian brother
Posted By: TPS - 2014-04-13

this was pretty good. not a big fan of J either so i could relate. good work b
Posted By: Tha Czar - 2014-04-13

beat was nice, somethin that 36 mafia, would prob use... the delivery tbh, was really slow and you need to mix up the speed a bit, double time certain areas, otherwise, it sounds sorta noobish.. imo..other than a decent effort which wit some timing issues would really be dope..
Posted By: ILLoKWENT - 2014-04-13

Great diss track fam. Your lyrics could have been a lot harder on this diss track though real talk. I expected a little more aggression and punches but other then that fire track. Keep getting em in
Posted By: D-TrIx - 2014-04-13

This goes hard cuz, real talk
Posted By: BrahRillaKong - 2014-04-13

Very Simple But I Was Noddin My Head
Posted By: Lizman - 2014-04-14

yo you wuz grindin here meng... flows, rhymes, beat... layed out very nice.
Posted By: WHITZ - 2014-04-14

Solid diss track. Beat was good. Lines were solid. More disses couldve been incorporated, but still a solid track.
Posted By: Autograph - 2014-04-15

Not feeling this
Posted By: Jakk Junior - 2014-04-15

Dammm i had to rate this a 10 , you killed it dude and the beat was fire too
Posted By: monti - 2014-04-16

shit was dope homie
Posted By: tyco RC - 2014-04-20

Not to bad man. I agree with illokwent's comment. Keep at it man
Posted By: 2FUEL - 2014-05-01

really? lol
Posted By: Leroy Brown - 2014-05-19

lol this shit is way to mono tone
Posted By: Seany - 2015-07-25

sounds like eminem rapping at age 90
Posted By: Rap Father - 2018-04-08

Posted By: hallow - 2018-04-14

RelentlessMC: 10
CDogg123567: 10
HandWrapz: 10
The Dope Man: 10
-Catastrophe-: 10
D-TrIx: 10
Mr-Felon: 10
BrahRillaKong: 10
monti: 10
tyco RC: 10
Marz Da Gunna: 9
Row: 9
Lizman: 9
Arakari: 9
Autograph: 9
Tha Czar: 9
Joe MuGGz: 8
TPS: 8
Dono: 8
Mob_Figure: 7
CakedOut: 7
ChainsNThangs: 6
2FUEL: 5
hallow: 5
Rap Father: 5

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