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Bearing Arms (GRizzEAT Diss).
By: Bnas
217 Listens
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Nice track bruh .. but only one verse ? why O.o
Posted By: Anti-Virus - 2013-11-30

Posted By: DMK - 2013-11-30

yo that shit is Hot, liked Rihanna on the hook. lol. Grizz is a bitch. Drop 'em in that box. MvH! #HorrorShow
Posted By: UhhMAZING - 2013-11-30

Clear History More ▼ 1:26pm 28th NovBnas waddup grizz no hate dog was just pissed off earlier homie < i guess thats fake too. lmao. i havent listened and wont. *yawn*
Posted By: GRizzEAT - 2013-11-30

this was crack,downloaded this joint,wish it was longer..dope shit no doubt
Posted By: Thugasanti - 2013-11-30

As much as I respect Grizz, it ain't cool to diss people. (That was directed AT Grizz, not you, man.) Anyways, I heard this beat before. It's real good, and you made it fourfold. Great job brah.
Posted By: Arakari - 2013-11-30

*Eating my popcorn*
Posted By: Joe MuGGz - 2013-11-30

beat slaps! but too many pauses? choppy flow. no haymakers but ya energy is coo
Posted By: The Prince S - 2013-11-30

Good diss, good beat
Posted By: Snoopy316 - 2013-11-30

I wasn't impressed by this, at all. Poor flow, and delivery. Even worse production quality. This track was borderline unlistenable. Thankfully Rihanna is hot.
Posted By: BLNK - 2013-11-30

I think this is a good track but needs some touch ups....stay up G
Posted By: EMDUB - 2013-11-30

Posted By: HandWrapz - 2013-12-01

So Much Swagg. wish the Vocals had Been Clearer. *Hats Off* FUCC GRIZZ
Posted By: sMACCed - 2013-12-01

Shots Fired lol, Not a bad diss but I have seen better quality from you fam.. Stay up, Response?
Posted By: D3FIANCE - 2013-12-01

It was ok. Grizz gon put this in a bodybag tho... U kno
Posted By: Tha Czar - 2013-12-01

That Kat hook feel awesome with your rap dude, cool diss
Posted By: monti - 2013-12-02

I'd enjoyed it lol Say you a gangsta don't impress me none
Posted By: Tha Dog - 2013-12-02

not bad b the just couldn't hear your lyrics at some spots no hate
Posted By: Proctologist - 2013-12-02

nice track homie
Posted By: Willy Grubz - 2013-12-02

Posted By: Lizman - 2013-12-02

this man said nothing on the shelf fits haha
Posted By: Leroy Brown - 2013-12-02

I'm tellin u man this is the rawest stuff i've heard in the longest time, this is fricking awesome.!!!
Posted By: Mokane - 2013-12-04

Going at grizz is not a good look dude is an animal when he spits bro if this escalates it'll be an easy body for grizz
Posted By: Murderous Swag - 2013-12-05

i'd download it t it was longer and had more wordplay
Posted By: Stereo-Type - 2013-12-05

MvH. Easy. That hook does no Justice to punk faggots. 1000sss
Posted By: ~YuNg~ - 2013-12-06

Posted By: GRizzEAT - 2013-12-07

GrizzEat if you gonna post a "------------" Blank comment atleast rate it a 10 dude I mean shit bra it ain't that hard took them words right outcha mouth. It's getting a little hot outchea on let's beef huh? LOL MvH
Posted By: ~YuNg~ - 2013-12-09

Posted By: Bnas - 2013-12-27

Aye that was a tight joint, beat was dope and flow was on point. Guess that makes a track a real song. Loved it..
Posted By: monti - 2013-12-30

On the attack.
Posted By: Willy Grubz - 2014-02-19

This was nice hook was cool and lyrics dope good job man
Posted By: Supsie - 2014-04-09

SICK beat, nice flow, good one...
Posted By: -Catastrophe- - 2014-04-11

That was dope
Posted By: monti - 2014-04-12

I thought I rated this the other day, I guess I forgot to press submit. I thought this beat and hook worked well for this diss track and with Bnas choppy flow style. One of the best track Ive heard by Bnas, so props to that. Keep at the good work.
Posted By: FreeK - 2014-04-12

Fucking deadly diss bro that's the shit that's real hip hop right there a 10 for me
Posted By: TPS - 2014-04-20

Not bad dude. First time hearing this ish. No idea if Grizz came back at you. Few things could be fixed with it. But you done your thing.
Posted By: 2FUEL - 2015-01-21

Willy Grubz: 10
Thugasanti: 10
Snoopy316: 10
~YuNg~: 10
-Catastrophe-: 10
DMK: 10
TPS: 10
monti: 10
Tha Dog: 10
Supsie: 10
FreeK: 9
Anti-Virus: 9
HandWrapz: 9
Leroy Brown: 9
Arakari: 9
sMACCed: 9
2FUEL: 8
Stereo-Type: 8
Joe MuGGz: 8
Lizman: 8
Mokane: 8
Proctologist: 7
The Prince S: 5

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