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  Custom Beat Tourney 2017 (Continued)

Vote on this battle! Murica vs Dracula Fink
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In Dis Corner.....
By: Battle Forum
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Posted By: Battle Forum - 2010-01-17

Flow was fucking bonkers!!! Holy fuck balls! Lol! Lyrical skill was perfection... Everything was present here... Str8 Hip Hop shit... Beyond 10 fam.... Beyond 10.
Posted By: Saint Chris - 2010-01-17

those pizza lines were crazy as fuck! energy was hyped as fuck! nasty fuckin track!! 10s
Posted By: Boss-MC - 2010-01-18

sick bro nice flow hommie u killed it hommie link me back
Posted By: KingCron - 2010-01-18

i like your flow homie
Posted By: Serious Da God - 2010-01-18

love the flow battle this is a definate ten crazy beat to
Posted By: Cool Hand Kenneth - 2010-01-18

10 easily...this was sick...the calamine line was dope...the ending with kriss many sick lines in this.
Posted By: Syco_C - 2010-01-18

yea yea datz hype...fa sho'... be ble$$ed
Posted By: Memphis Mac - 2010-01-18

get at me wit' a trac...
Posted By: Memphis Mac - 2010-01-18

youssss a monsterrrrrr 401 u kno what da fuck it issss we goin harddddd
Posted By: J-HOOKS401 - 2010-01-19

hold it up battle
Posted By: BMC - 2010-01-22

Battle Forum u kill tracks famm respect fo da link & lettin mi listen lol...nodoubt 10+
Posted By: IllesTMarX - 2010-01-23

gs yo
Posted By: Wrapup - 2010-01-24

Sixxshott signing it..always a pleasure to hear forum shit or throwback it doesnt matter still has a timeless effecg
Posted By: Marty-McFly - 2012-10-28

Killed the dumb it down lupe beat..ez
Posted By: Marty-McFly - 2012-10-28

the truth.....10......fulll blastttt-im from the future i time traveled to battle space.skilled......
Posted By: RELLE - 2012-10-29

Saint Chris: 10
Wrapup: 10
IllesTMarX: 10
Cool Hand Kenneth: 10
Syco_C: 10
Boss-MC: 10
Memphis Mac: 10
BMC: 10
Marty-McFly: 10
Serious Da God: 9
KingCron: 8
J-HOOKS401: 0

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