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GOt' DAMN-(puLSe aka GodBody diss).
By: Erupt
297 Listens
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Callin himself a god... haha ait Lucifer this for you son.
Posted By: Erupt - 2012-12-07

This drop was fire, lots of personal bars made it interesting, nice track Erupt
Posted By: Bnas - 2012-12-07

no doubt, if you dont know who pulse the textcee is, read the description..
Posted By: Erupt - 2012-12-07

Shit just got interesting....
Posted By: RULE - 2012-12-07

dope shit your delivery works well for audio only complaint here is your vocals are a lil loud for the beat bro but other than that solid drop
Posted By: METH_BARZ - 2012-12-08

cosign wit meth..i dig this hot damn
Posted By: Marty-McFly - 2012-12-08

Co sign meth also lower them vocals a tad and this is mixtape worthy
Posted By: Murderous Swag - 2012-12-08

"couldnt handle mrgoodness" HAA!! co sign
Posted By: Switched Focus - 2012-12-08

Posted By: RELLE - 2012-12-08

hahaha Preciate the love my nigga Relle
Posted By: Erupt - 2012-12-08

Pretty nice bars here.. I didnt really care for the beat but other then that everything else seemed to be on point but I'd also co-sign with Meth...
Posted By: Apollyon - 2012-12-08

Thats a classick outkast beat son haha
Posted By: Erupt - 2012-12-08

D.I.E. sloww
Posted By: Mind Fuck - 2012-12-08

This was a tight diss, pulse my homie and one of the best off the dome freestylers i ever came accross. With that said though, Flow and delievery was nice on this, had some good punches here and there. Good job.
Posted By: LunaticK - 2012-12-08

Woooooooooooooo.Nice fam lol
Posted By: Phoenix - 2012-12-08

Lol Nice Diss
Posted By: Mr-Felon - 2012-12-08

damn bruh yur flow is on that dope shit..keep that shit comin bruh ill bump this
Posted By: ADvOcAtE™ - 2012-12-08

dat boi didnt reply yet? somebody get a doctor to check his pulse... lol
Posted By: Switched Focus - 2012-12-08

lol @goodness, im boutta send out a search party... his tracks been missing in action for awhile now, this might turn out to be a cold case
Posted By: Erupt - 2012-12-09

Nice shit yo. had some cool lines it this one.
Posted By: Letum - 2012-12-09

Lmfaooo, Good Shit This Was Dope
Posted By: D3FIANCE - 2012-12-09

Nice shit homie. The flow and direct personals made it dope and relevant. Dimes up!!!
Posted By: Kold Krhymez - 2012-12-09

Good shit rupt! This really picked up in the second half of the track.. & lol @ Pulse's excuses. D1E > *
Posted By: Phroxen - 2012-12-10

Co-sign with Mr.Rulerrr....Real interesting.
Posted By: 2FUEL - 2012-12-11

Very good diss right here. The adlibs of "god damn" was smart to add in. Shit was a good slap to the face. Production on point too. All around hot shit.
Posted By: John Dos - 2012-12-11

that shang tsung line was dope lmao. shit was funny, true, and overall a cool diss.. but i can't get past that sound quality lol... but with out that i could dime it for some light work shit.
Posted By: Mikey DeNiro - 2012-12-12

Good shit fams keep doing ya thing!!
Posted By: CSKiLLz - 2012-12-13

"Aint the shit jus never been potty trained"; Lol U a fool for that 1 .. Nice diss ; Classic beat;... Good to see beef getting cookin; Site needs more hate. Puffpuff pass the dime bag E; Keep grindin em out
Posted By: -Marz- - 2012-12-15

lol @ ricky bobby phase.. alotta swag & scheme here. dope shit here.
Posted By: Shezso Eu - 2012-12-16

forgot to rate.. dophe shit still.
Posted By: Shezso Eu - 2012-12-16

Style is smooth... vocals is A+, lyrics, is deep for a diss. This shit go hard man... U got a bright future fosho!
Posted By: Saint-Cizzle - 2012-12-16

GOOOD DAAMN- moses my man that was great. Production great, whoever mixed ur vocals did an awesome job, Bars were flame, this is the epitome of a beef track, the lyrics were packed tight with back to back etc-personal and creatively funny punches..My favorite aspect was the the almost "i can't take this guy anymore" charachter voice inflection thru out. You really spit it theatrical and it was a great change of pace to militia , "im gonna fuck u up" style disses, which are all bravado. i persnollay am baffled at the shit pulse says in the chat, like creepy shit .he is dillusional and u just summed it up==godd damn
Posted By: skinEC~RRR~ - 2013-07-21

this is super fresh, killin dude
Posted By: Stotty Pimpin - 2013-07-26

lmao, nigga shit was smooth as fuck.. good ish..
Posted By: ILLoKWENT - 2013-09-16

came thru for one more listen, shits dope as fuck.. a bit high on the vocals but doesnt matter it ice bro bro
Posted By: FiNAL WoRD - 2013-12-24

FiiiiRe .. Co Sign Wit Tha Rest Of Tha Commentz...~1~
Posted By: The Dope Man - 2014-02-01

lol, smooth verse, delivery and beat...
Posted By: ILLoKWENT - 2014-09-16

Dope E! Got this on the next Pugz Playlist
Posted By: Pugz - 2014-09-18

D.I.E. Lets go dope joint fam
Posted By: Doc T - 2015-07-06

Ahhhh snap... shots fired. Great diss track. Production, flow/delivery, and content on point. The beat was the weakest part, which obviously no fault of your own. Ez dime.
Posted By: The Ghost of Freak - 2015-07-06

dope drop
Posted By: DiVyne - 2015-07-12

Marty-McFly: 10
FiNAL WoRD: 10
Apollyon: 10
Bnas: 10
skinEC~RRR~: 10
The Ghost of Freak: 10
Phoenix: 10
DiVyne: 10
The Dope Man: 10
Phroxen: 10
Saint-Cizzle: 10
Shezso Eu: 10
Mind Fuck: 10
Murderous Swag: 10
Doc T: 10
Stotty Pimpin: 10
LunaticK: 10
-Marz-: 10
Switched Focus: 10
2FUEL: 10
Mr-Felon: 10
Kold Krhymez: 10
John Dos: 10
RULE: 10
ADvOcAtE™: 10
Mikey DeNiro: 9
CSKiLLz: 9
Pugz: 9

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