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newyork-repyour set entry(2013)..
121 Listens
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not bad, i wounder what i'd hear if u had the time. keep that shit g relle, and the goons will follow you.
Posted By: iceCREAMcheezcake - 2013-04-25

jason takes manhattan....this is crazy...repped ur set heavy goonie/ ill drop, i got this as the front runner right now ill have to listen to others still but gonna be hard to match this, wordplay/nameplay everything on point
Posted By: Stotty Pimpin - 2013-04-25

lines were on point...flow was good and the beat was nice..I just feel that the energy u came up with didn't match the concept of the track. I would have wanted to see you come with a bit more energy and passion in ur voice. Other than that shit was hate but i can't dime this either cuz it was to short for my liking...I know u didn't have alotta time but whenever u finish that beat off holla..
Posted By: OSKAR - 2013-04-25

real fuckin short fam but nice as shit, dmxing the competition out!lol that wordplay was crazy nice. no mobb deep mention there a reason for not calling urself out fam?lol
Posted By: Boss-MC - 2013-04-25

Posted By: Boss-MC - 2013-04-25

you know i had to peep this.. sick 90s vibe
Posted By: John J - 2013-04-26

Beastmode homie.. u know, we've never collabed. plz send me a straight east east beat so i can shred it and pay homage to the NYC that inspires me!!!
Posted By: Saint-Cizzle - 2013-04-28

Posted By: TEKPESOS - 2013-04-28

Gud shit famalam, gots ta hand it to ya bruv u tore that beat up jheeze! Relle is like Ironman if he wus a giant haha #GoonzALLDAY!
Posted By: Skilly Pistolz - 2013-04-29

Not much 2 say u already noe ... Nice bars wordplay nameplay dope real g shit...goonz ..!.,
Posted By: Pem~ - 2013-04-29

i'm watching sportcenter on mute, and i look at the screen and it's JR SMITH"S post game press conference at the exact second u said i'm so J.R i stay with the smith...relle! i know that's corny but i thought it was fuckiin, def a hot track i know i like consructive criticism so IMO, the bars were a lil flat, it would be nice if u switched in & out of schemes and patterns, add some charachter and energy as well as some change of pace linger on a word then double up, and bring it back etc..(like biggy..i.e **There's gonna be a lot of slow singing and flower bringing. If my burglar alarm starts ringing.**but overall great underground tune..sad thing is if u trying to sell records u def need to pop that shit out..all love homie good track!
Posted By: skinEC~RRR~ - 2013-04-30

Another one for the playlist..... Bllllaaattt....u just got stole on!!!!!!
Posted By: Interp - 2013-04-30

Not bad at all my dude. Need more energy/emotion on the mic. Need tah get more energetic with the delivery & emotion. Other than that, nice shit.
Posted By: ODIN - 2013-04-30

You got a smooth flow and a catchy voice dude , plus the way you flowed on the beat was total justice to it , loved listening to it...stay grinding you have what it take to be no1.
Posted By: monti - 2013-05-02

mannn i dont know much bout NY blunts fat like jaysss lips shuuun haha relle u went in love the beat new jersey drive haha only old heads gon get this shit bruh JR line was hot IMO one of the doper punches ive heard for you play off season yo... anyway i fucks with this heavy bruh dope track
Posted By: Phil Banks - 2013-05-03

this is hella dope,,reminds me of a wu tang style,,straight hip-hop baby,,id rock this driving the freeway smashing 90,,,diamond,, this is by far my favoriate track by you,,keep em coming,,flak0
Posted By: Flako Boom - 2013-05-03

dam i forgot the rate,buts its a ten
Posted By: Flako Boom - 2013-05-03

Flow was nice, liked the beat, liked the wp..overall was a dope drop. I gave it a dime.
Posted By: UhMAZING - 2013-05-05

yeah i heard the sixshooter line thrown in there..shit was tough..i dont know why people talking it needs more emotion?..i think thats a problem with alot of lb dudes on the mic, they sound synthetic like their trying to much and they arent tapping into their natural self..
Posted By: Marty-McFly - 2013-05-21

Sick beat
Posted By: Denton - 2013-05-30

not Bad
Posted By: V3numb - 2013-07-05

Old School Shit I Like It. Beats Nice.
Posted By: Lizman - 2013-09-08

shit is fuckin grimy bruh, nice work.
Posted By: Crack Money - 2013-10-17

Dope. Dig the style. Your concepts are so deep you could slow it down and deliver it smoother though. But I dig everything you did 

Posted By: Blunt Rapper - 2022-05-08

John J: 10
Crack Money: 10
Pem~: 10
Saint-Cizzle: 10
Phil Banks: 10
Marty-McFly: 10
monti: 10
Denton: 10
Boss-MC: 10
Stotty Pimpin: 10
Skilly Pistolz: 10
Interp: 10
skinEC~RRR~: 9
Lizman: 9
Blunt Rapper: 9
iceCREAMcheezcake: 7

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