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Posted By: OLDE ENGLISH - 2012-11-19

beat is insane stot came in dope first line was hot... olde english killed this his verse was crazy maybe im more suprised coz this the 2nd track i heard from him but shit was dope relle came in closed it out real nice dope track
Posted By: Phil Banks - 2012-11-19

Dimes!! Good Shit From All Dudes
Posted By: D3FIANCE - 2012-11-19

This was really dope! I listened to it with headphones. I liked the way it was mixed but I felt the synth sound was a little heavy on the right side. Everyone's verses were fresh. Dope track!
Posted By: NOBLE - 2012-11-19

Posted By: Mr-Felon - 2012-11-20

Posted By: Mr-Felon - 2012-11-20

dope track..stotty the verse was tightly wrapped..relle had a nice storyline going..olde murdered every aspect..distinct/rebels/goonz..olde holler at me lets get back on track
Posted By: Marty-McFly - 2012-11-20

TUFF JOINT FELLAZ!! good shit yall Makes me wanna get back in the loop of things
Posted By: DaMostH8ed - 2012-11-20

dope shit fellas, it's official! 10
Posted By: Skilly da Kidd - 2012-11-20

Feelin this shit right here... Good shit
Posted By: Haze_Bandit - 2012-11-20

MG here to support my fellow CSG ya dig... 100
Posted By: Switched Focus - 2012-11-20

Pure hip hop right here, this song was nice
Posted By: $ha-Money - 2012-11-21

Gd Track; Interesting Beat Choice.
Posted By: Lizman - 2012-11-21

best relle verse ive heard to date, my goonie is a beast, oe has been the homie since day fucking one, distinct till i croak
Posted By: Stotty Pimpin - 2012-11-22

10.. ez... flow is rediculous
Posted By: Erupt - 2012-11-22

cool ish yall
Posted By: dbang - 2012-11-23

i agree with NOBLE about the synth being heavy on the right side, alwo the bass could go up just a bit, nothing major. other than that this shit was dope yo......
Posted By: Savage Capone - 2012-11-23

Ain't forgot. I'll get to it soon.
Posted By: Indianapolis Jones - 2012-11-24

went the fuck in..dimez
Posted By: Lyve SCIENCE - 2012-11-24

gota love the beat already,,classik one for sure//i dig the foundation that was created,,goes well with the title,,and hook was bhot,,all on point.keep that shit rocking,,
Posted By: mister jon flako - 2012-11-24

Posted By: Dracula Fink - 2012-11-24

man...stop patrolling. I'm getting 1 votes...hate votes...and you Staff Voted against me and than you blast negatives on my profile page. Stop Chumping foo...
Posted By: Dracula Fink - 2012-11-24

this is toooo sick i love the story good stuff to all all yall bodied this track
Posted By: IllesTMarX - 2012-11-26

shit on sunday i think about friday, lol. like the title. all did it up
Posted By: John J - 2012-11-30

All three did they thing here. Dope shit fellas.
Posted By: RULE - 2012-12-11

$ha-Money: 10
John J: 10
RULE: 10
Skilly da Kidd: 10
Mr-Felon: 10
DaMostH8ed: 10
mister jon flako: 10
Haze_Bandit: 10
Marty-McFly: 10
IllesTMarX: 10
Switched Focus: 10
dbang: 10
Stotty Pimpin: 10
Phil Banks: 10
Erupt: 10
Lyve SCIENCE: 10
Savage Capone: 9
Dracula Fink: 8

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