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2 Gucci vs Yungdaggerkid
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O_G vs Yungdaggerkid
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O_G vs Yungdaggerkid
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Freestyle Session 8.
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Lol at the "Cry Me A River" line. This was nice man. Freestyles always on point and I was feeling the quality too. Good shit.
Posted By: Just C - 2012-06-05

Real laid back. Nothing outstandingly lyrical but the flow and the vibe is dope. Keep grinding holmes.
Posted By: Ticket - 2012-06-05

u kill anything that comes ur way
Posted By: OLDE ENGLISH - 2012-06-05

hell yea!!boo hoo lol dont really agree wif ticket on the lyrical side,hiphop is not always complicated biggie,pac and a million others werent. story telling and like this a cool vibe used 2account for alot more than today!and there were some real nice lines in this anyway!!.... anyway i vibed out to this,nice work my dude.
Posted By: Boss-MC - 2012-06-05

True true.
Posted By: Just C - 2012-06-05

sixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx he sounds like sixx boo hoo! wolverine lline was my favourite draw steal with my right n left hand shitttt distinct, dope beat fucker
Posted By: Stotty Pimpin - 2012-06-05

got my download on here
Posted By: Stotty Pimpin - 2012-06-05

confident as fuck on da mic allways good 2 listen 2 ur ish g !1
Posted By: dbang - 2012-06-06

the beat is fly, lyrics are fresh, dope work twin....
Posted By: KINGRULER - 2012-06-06

forgot te dime rate
Posted By: KINGRULER - 2012-06-06

fresh shit foreal sixx ... cry me a river booo hooo ... no pencil in hand .. right now am jus flowing off the vibe flowin like da tide ... i liked the rhyme scheme you used sixx foreal .. smooth & u seem doin it wit no fuckin effort .. beat is like ruler said .. so fly!! Fly shit bro .. get em Sixx!!
Posted By: ZEE_DA_OUTLAW - 2012-06-06

downloaded too btw .. shits nasty!!
Posted By: ZEE_DA_OUTLAW - 2012-06-06

six is a cool as ninja with a smooth ass delivery ... one of the very few people i listen to on the regular. " no need for a hook i just jab"... i got two live battles coming up in july you should let me choose one of your bars to borrow... lol.. hmmm.. id choose.... that one bar "like a beat box rappers poppin off at the mouth "
Posted By: CountBlackula - 2012-06-08

dope free right here.. dime ez
Posted By: Lyve SCIENCE - 2012-06-11

Damn sixxx... Been a minute man. I miss yah bro. Hope you're still grinding and doing well. Hit me up sometime.
Posted By: Anonymity - 2012-07-23

laid back flow killed this...the effect on the dubs takes it down a notch for me - adds too much echo...lyrics are always onpoint - nice with the punches...great job sixx
Posted By: FreezyCT - 2012-11-29

It sounds official bro. The way you spit sounds dope. I'm not even into this kind of shit yet I still like it so an honest 9/10 goes to you no hate.
Posted By: 2 Gucci - 2018-05-21

Stotty Pimpin: 10
CountBlackula: 10
Lyve SCIENCE: 10
Anonymity: 10
Ticket: 10
Just C: 10
dbang: 10
Boss-MC: 10
2 Gucci: 9

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